How to Ride WES Commuter Rail

Uploaded by trimettv on 20.09.2010

TriMet’s WES Commuter Rail connects Wilsonville, Tualatin, Tigard and Beaverton.
Trains come about every 30 minutes during the morning and afternoon rush hour on weekdays.
You need to have a validated ticket before you board the train.
You can buy one from the ticket machine at the station, using a credit or debit card.
WES requires an All-Zone fare.
A reader board at the station shows when the next train is due.
Signs on the front of each train show you where it’s going.
Stay behind the white bumpy tiles and wait for WES to come to a complete stop.
The doors will open automatically and you can board the train.
Be careful, as there’s a two-inch gap between the boarding platform and the floor of the train.
Be prepared to show your fare.
The conductor may check your fare as you board, or after the train leaves the station.
WES has free wireless internet access on board.
The train will stop at every station, so you don’t need to signal the operator to get on or off.
The station name is announced before each stop and appears on a reader board overhead.
When you're ready to get off, gather your stuff and exit the train.
Remember to mind the gap at the door, and be sure to look both ways before crossing the tracks.
Now you’re ready to ride WES!