Lead Generation - 5 Ways To Use What You Already Know To Create Killer Campaigns

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hi everybody welcome to our webinar: Five ways to use what you already know
to create killer lead generation campaigns
so welcome everybody and before we get started we're gonna do a little bit of
a brief
introduction of Scott Jacobson
Scott Jacobson is an individual who has worked with many many many smaller
and mid-size businesses on their sales and marketing. He's an expert in lead generation
and lead nurturing in all aspects of marketing uh... both from a traditional
and from an online sense. i'm really happy to have him here today
to talk about lead generation. i think you're going to
really enjoy the presentation. It's going to open your eyes really gonna i think open your eyes a
and you'll get actionable things that you'll be able to
put into practice which
make us very happy
so before we do that
one other thing that i wanted to talk about and go through
with you
is Genoo
very quickly.
when we're talking about lead generation the other thing that goes right with
that is integrated tools and why integrated tools are important is
because when you're doing lead generation if you're using a bunch of
disparate tools and metrics it's really hard to know
exactly how you're lead generation
is going and what kind of effectiveness you've got.
So one of things i wanted to do really quickly is just connect the dots uh... very
quickly i'll just take a few minutes and talk about uh... how Genoo
helps you manage your leads
and helps your lead generation process both from a standpoint of generating leads all
the way through
uh... sending them off to sales, etc...
i'm just going to really quickly
walk you through
a couple of views here.
i'm right now log in to do our Genoo account and from a lead management
when you're go and capture leads - so many of you know every one of you that signed
up for this event
came out and signed up for the webinar ready here on early any beijing we have
GoToWebinar integration, so that what happens is
we can build out our landing pages
with whatever content we want no IT involvement required.
Put up a form on that page and everything comes into
our Genoo account.
and then we can automatically trigger out emails we can score your responses,
we can understand how you show interest and respond to some of our marketing
uh... and to that end
we've got
we've got full email email marketing and leave nurturing uh... that includes
lead scoring
and if we were to look at say our webinar reminder to all of you, we created
that within Genoo and if i look at
the metrics just from the reminder email, you can't you get to see a lot of
information about how did that email go uh... how many people opened a how many
clicks regenerated when people look at what interested them
uh... in addition to that use get to see from elite perspective specifically
you get to see
exactly what of lead has been interested in so once you pass that lead us to
fails sales can actually see a all of the fangs
that that lead activity has been so they can hit the ground a running
you have a really easy way to create lead capture forms
uh... and manager of leads overall with a full report dashboard
felt when you look at the report dashboard what you start to sierra how
many leads did you get in the last
how many of these did you get my last month
how many uh... you we can track any of your web
fate c we have tracking code you can put there
uh... and you can start to see ur influence urs who's sharing u_n_ social
wet farms are performing for you know
and and all of that sort of thing as well as your last email campaigns and
what not
c concert if he had just done a little view like that
forth out any further do i know that was really quickly off at salesforce dot com
i know that was really really quick but itis wanted to bring up
the connector point or lead gen and then really doing lead management well
has a lot of small and mid-sized businesses that i work with their leaves
coming from their website and then they go into inbox and if they go into an
email somewhere you can traci can't manage a can trigger
expressed in a manual capacity were mostly they're gonna fall through the
what we wanted to hear is really talked about lead gen so without any further
i and you turn this over to scott
and we'll get started with presentation thank you very much an as we go along
your island newt but there's a questions area and as we go on if there's a
question that you have please enter it and we will be going to your questions
and we'll have plenty of time for questions but as you think of anything
go ahead and put a man and we'll be monitoring that as well
all right scott
fogarty ill
now avenue them so you can park iraq's got
of radio city
thanks kim
all right let's get started five ways to use what you already know to create
killer legion campaigns
but first let's talk uh... just quickly about me
here's the looking very serious for business and then also that's me very
seriously amputation
so uh...
kill already mentioned that i'd use that both traditional
traditional marketing methods to for lead generation as well as internet
marketing methods for lead generation
and this presentation is not
going to emphasize either one of those we're gonna talk more about the
principles than underlined uh...
uh... lead generation
regardless of which
which tactics you're using
and i've highlighted down in the bottom are using new products for lead
generation are creating new
products for military action specifically for that purpose
that's one of the the ones that i've had great deal success with and we'll talk
about that a little
the let's just talk a little bit about uh... surveys that you filled out
prior to coming on the and the seminar
generally it's cues to slightly more difficult that is you've said that lead
generation is a slightly more difficult in the last two years now of course is a
widespread and that some say it was
a lot more difficult some said bad spot the same
also uh... e as uh... as a group
we're spending slightly more time
uh... lead generation that we happened the last two years
uh... kind interestingly
world suspending less money met could be for a variety of reasons uh...
i won't necessarily speculate
uh... all of you most of you actually have tried a wide variety of tactics
with email uh... being the leader by far
uh... so that's great
and then uh... in terms of challenges in lead generation the last two years
content was of the big leader
followed up quickly by uh... strategy of the offer
and then funding and measurement and we're going to talk uh...
one hit
all of those spots some degree
uh... strategies probably the one that we're gonna stop the most about what
we're gonna certainly be setting eight good foundation for developing content
and then also four
improving funding and
in a way less time
but we should be touching on all of those
okay let's start with the first thing that we already know about lead
generation regarding overtly generation is these units files a formula
this is a quote that i pulled off of uh...
in marketing services companies website
properly generation is neither expenses overly time-consuming
uh... nor
proven to produced only a few convertible prospects what it is is
profitable predictable scale
i guess if you get all those right students
and the emphasis is on his and mine in the red they're beaten up
practicals killed all that tells me that insofar
so because of formal
uh... let's take a look at what that formula might look like so cheer
is what i think instead
good representation of allegiant rations formula
as a fairly common cartoon uh... hopefully you can repair but
to professor scientists looking
guys uh...
looking at math equation in the middle of the math equations as then america
llc kurt stand caption is i think you should be more explicit sure instep true
i think it's a pretty darn good representation for what may lead
generations formula
uh... should look like
uh... but let settlers let's expand on that formula a little bit
so here's a lead generation for me
relieves in the l equal uh... ecpi audience that's the problem
uh... times did you know about the are for times the interest
that ease at which the prospect has taking your offer the credibility of how
to making your offer
and that's divided by the risk that the prospect has forty action
and then tech trailing along the back there is frequency
so let's not get too caught up on that details of the equation what we are
going to do is use this equation
to help us keep track of these elements
so each of these elements is important
four successfully generation campaign
so we don't want to lose track of these elements that's we're gonna use this
equation for
uh... in uh... the audience times the problem it's groups all these together
uh... audience in the problem go hand-in-hand uh... if u
at the radar answer if you have the right problem for the radar dance
obviously if you if u are not communicating with uh...
right audience about the problem got a problem there and then out-of-body s
problem comes an offer
uh... and then
who you are the interest use credibility the risk taking action
soldiers we know we know that lead generation files a formula
but that formula that were just started talking about
it's just all that form if you do all of those tactics correctly
dispute still does not guarantee of successfully generation campaign
we we need to have that miracle worker somewhere in the middle so that we
actually get the results were looking for
that happens when we take the formula
put it for me a foundation of experience in sight creativity and a mindset for
lead generation
so let's be clear you have to be talking to the right audience for sure you you
have to have the right probably after the write-offs for if they have interest
in that effort that has the easy please take advantage of it
you have to be credible
the risk for them to take up your offer has to be well
and you have to do it the right frequency
pata mix with that
experience inside creativity and that mindset
and then
you have a chance
of having the miracle worker
all right let's move on to the second thing that we know when you have been
for lead generation
we know that we need to test
and when we needs test well needs test everything
so i could ask a question how many of you uh... actually test your lead
generation process
cardinality answers most of us don't do it
in fact it's kind of like that might be wondering what uh... that picture of the
guy in the park benches for what's kind of like weight loss
if you ask the average person at least here in america if they want to lose ten
they're gonna say yes if you'll be azman haywood good for you to lose one
would say yes
and equipment to do that is actually very straightforward
actually have to do or to have to do is you have to taking less calories
calories they burned out
now i know this is a true for for those of you who are in europe because
you won't be either walk or bike to work or and pete
uh... free range foods
uh... but i think you can appreciate the media comparison anyway
so the point is that there's a lot of roadblocks to doing what we need to do a
special it comes to testing that's been my experience
so it's not just a question of knowing we need to test we need to get over
those roadblocks
that prevent us from actually testing one of those roadblocks is actually the
the number of things we need to test need to test everything that was the
headline timing keywords operates quicker explain it you know you're
winning tickets
color to make a difference on landing pages called action placement a call to
whether or not you should use their oaths there's just
a tremendous amount of things that there are available to test
and i can be overwhelming that alone in my experience can put
put roadblocks in your path to actually doing what we know we could do
close friend break down some of those roadblocks
let's take a look at what an actual test might look like
and sort of spent some some dollars or uros pollens
and we're gonna get thousand names are thousand clicks planning on and whether
using perhaps direct mail
we're doing email or maybe a picnic campaign
and out of that sounds and we're gonna get thirty registration spot three
percent response rate
uh... that can be kind of frustrating
we spent thousand remotely by two thousand names we get a three percent
response rate gives us thirty registrations and let's be clear we're
not talking about customers were just talking about leads generated
so what that did is it gave us the opportunity to continue to spend money
on time
willing these thirty registrants and hopes attorney com
a customer india
and and now let's do the telecast on this
uh... week we weren't s_b_l_ we show forty percent increase in response rate
and animus fantastic i've done this uh...
i've done this several times
but what are we talking about here we just went from thirty people thirty
out of a thousand
two forty two will increase the number of registrations we got liked well
just look at those numbers
that can be very frustrating
at least for me
and i think for most people as well
so that one of things that is clear to slips
let's talk about how we can
how we can improve on that or what what we can do that
to deal with uh...
kind of mindset that occurs right here
i think one of the challenges we have is is were using the run rong metrics a lot
of times we're talking about uh... actions rather than true results
so a simple way to do that would be to say i spent thousand dollars for those
or clicks
as a result
i'd broke and that means that
the result of this campaign is gonna pay for itself this is the first thing i
always do with with clients we're starting
marketing campaigns sarcastic or stall
is not to make
a boatload of money that first goal is for us to break it let's get our
marketing such pain for itself
so that we can get the breathing british room we need
to then start testing
it's really frustrating to run a test for to run 'em elite generation campaign
you find out you got your thirty responses three percent
pretty typical
doesn't matter with its four percent order
or what your actual numbers
if but the problem is is if you're not making money he commanded us you're not
making money and then you run a test in may that you're still not making money
it gets pretty discouraging to continue your test it's much easier just to have
and what you're trying
and then start over the problem is is it or not learning
sort for school should be action breakeven and then a cast
what we're really trying to do is we're trying to break even from uh... or try
to go from a break even point two thirty five percent
are a lot forecast
so course
part of what you need here at this point is you need to understand what the value
of your your customers are
and you need to up understand the cost of her campaigns broken down
by campaign
uh... so that there's a little bit of work that we have to put in to do that
but we do that now it one of the things that came out of the service was people
who are talking about
the challenge of trying to get funded
or their marketing campaigns
i can tell you from experience itself much easier
to work from a position outbreak even than it is from losing and losing and
losing and we're gonna talk about what happens if the first campaign is losing
money and how do we continue to test from that
sp setting the goal will that work for a pretty
uh... is excuse me excuse difference in our
attitude and willingness to continue to find elite generation
let's look at what we need to know uh...
uh... should exhibit number three need we know we need to have a good offer
so now we're going to israel foreign
the lead generation problem
uh... so let's say that you started out here and campaign and it wasn't making
we gotta find the problem
at to find out what the issues before we just start randomly testing something
trying something new or travel different campaign let's see if we can figure out
what happened
why isn't performing
so the first place alot is with our art
is that offer working and we're coming back to our equation here the big o
is are off for work
i hear some of the test offers
we'll take a small group
a target prospects
you know right in your market
and they know you
and the reason why we're doing that
uh... is because
if we go back into our quotation if we
if we have a group of target prospects and they know it's already
we've already identified the right audience
uh... and because they know as we have some credibility with an audience and
their alone
the resistance
the risk they have in dealing with uh... with our offer
so what we're doing is for sport
we're starting to isolate offer
and not confuse it with some of the other
factors that someone is a good lead generation campaign
so that we do that i would find this target
uh... small group of target prospects
start with your existing customers
if you are existing customers
are not going to take you up on your free report for example to rockford
why would you think that somebody doesn't know he was going to take you up
on your tree report
i wanna do a little sidebar here's we
continue to go through this presentation
i can almost guaranteed that
at at some point
most or all of you were gonna react and say well you know that doesn't work for
uh... that saddam idea at that works a different rebate you know how does that
work how does that apply for me
and uh... of getting example
tonight we're talking about this and one other thing she said
with her customers marketing automation customers when they start out as
prospects and they move through the coming customers after that they've been
customers for a while
there much
more knowledgeable
and they were when their prospects berry very uh...
act at the
that they use for a product
remarking on an image of software
they are educating themselves in the fundamentals marketing
and as they go through that process
so what that means then is it that of three report to a prospect it may not
going to be appealing to customer
at a couple comments today
one years
if we're targeting a small group of prospects there's no reason why we can't
have a conversation with them and say
i know that your past this point but when you are a prospect when you were
just thinking about this would you be
this did you find this kind of a report
assuming that offers a free report could be a laminar it could be
corsa could be any number of things
but would you be interested in two point you have found this interesting just
found it helpful
uh... the other thing is is let's not forget to get your offer especially if
you're trying to will somebody early in the bond process maybe before they even
though that they need
what u
your product
industry reports something that is not related to your product but it's related
to their industry chand yet
good way of capturing leads and if that's the case its doesn't matter how
educated your customers found
they're still interested in their own industry
also we can start looking at least in the final solicit you've got somebody
who's been working through
uh... your sales from your marketing final minutes consumed some of your but
your products for some of your a marketing products
and then you come up with a new offer by all means
there is a nice carter group a limited group
offered to them they're not taking it
maybe your offer isn't quite so good
because again these people are
uh... more favorably inclined than somebody who doesn't know you hands
never interact with you
and go back and testing at the customers and leads
and alter this presentation i've got to ask your sales people down here in the
salespeople can be issues resource asher
building your lead generation campaigned as you're searching for a good upper
uh... depending on the sales
person summer better than others but i would
go to a salesperson say what would it take you know with the speed of sort of
uh... could be a free trial
for our prospects you think that would be interesting to them about the
interesting enough for them to give us their contact information so we can
continue to market
those are just some ideas around
selecting that small group of target prospects
okay let's continue with the the team here but let's let's start scaling it
wasn't stealing are
are camping
we went to uh... a small group nolasco of little bit bigger and a little bit
farther afield in that this group may not necessarily know us as well
but while we're network
there's no reason why uh...
winner in networking you can
make your offer
and i particularly like this because
this is face to face a smile on my own amano
uh... inches gunfight music were staring each other and united
and i say to you my company just produced a report that i think you might
find interesting try email it to you
you know you take your they won't but
one of the great things about that interaction is that it's
a lot better than looking at google analytics
google analytics to tell you a lot of things but it can't tell you what
somebody's thinking with their trio
you get a much better chance of getting to that picture fades
i've got the right audience
as per cent of my heart for
and because were face to face
risks and uh... their much more inclined to take me up on the offered even if
it's just that occurs solidify face-to-face and i can't get anybody to
picked me up on my offer
there's probably something wrong with my own
sent in the social media enough
if u
have some people are involved in your social media direct their interaction
with u_n_ m
when we're not it was pretty obvious but here's the other one what's
taking manually build you know what we're doing this for stealing our lips
so we
we already targeted some past customers
may be done some networking and are offer seems to be
source manually build a list of ten the fifty
will build it by web search inc
uh... referrals whatever or retired industry were turning
uh... companies wicket and say hi
there's no reason they're not our customer they should be a customer if
they only knew about us
they would be by
let's go after that that group
put our offer in front of them and see if we can get them to take
i think one of the road blocks here is that were afraid to try to run stat
uh... small statistically insignificant
uh... tax
and i think that's a big mistake
is ten out of ten if you have ten people is that a statistically significant s
but i can tell you that many times i have
i'd i've run tests were at that time out of ten people who have
who had taken my offer
and i've had ten ten people did not take a matter
and i can
i can say pretty confident lee in those cases i learned something
and learn something about it
and other than time which time missus
is were something no question about it but i'm learning as i go along i'm
not wanting someone mentioned to his
remember were ordered
we are not
a lead generation campaign that is going to be
where we're going manually go
a list of ten thousand people that is not what we're doing here
we are
testing our off before we go up a time for we commit more money to it
what we want to do is make sure
believe that we have uh... aka a good answer
okay similar suppose we did that
we found a problem
our offer is not working
now what we did
uh... and and the good news is we found it
before we spent
a boatload of money
uh... uh... a large
regeneration campaign
okay the first thing we need to do is we need to have an attitude we are where we
are gonna be determined
to find an offer that works
until we do that
there's no point
finalist and moving on if we have an offer that doesn't produce
which is to be wasting their money
create an awful lot of activity but we're not going to create
very much results
uh... and this is where we start new we need to start
applying smack creatively we talked about and some of that insight we need
to be prepared to do some outrageous offers
we need to be prepared to
twelve tone in his humor serious pleading
ask for help people on
let's get creative
and then one night highlighted there is a focus soccer
the more focused so if we here
we tried we tried when i would have to try to get get some leads
people not taking this up on it
so now we're we're going back to the drawing board on our offer what should
we do
look for a more focused offered more focused your offer
the more likely
uh... it will be successful question though of course is what we focus on
the focuses entirely on your prospect it's not unusual on your systems its
nine year proprietary process
it's not even on your
on your
uh... proprietary patented product
what it is on is problem
that your prospects have
focus on that
figure out what that is
and then generate enough around that
so let's
uh... let's look at the some examples here so you're offers networking so
which one to solve a real but immediate problem
uh... and in it can be a small problem because all we're asking for an
regeneration stages all we're asking or is uh...
the contact information just looking for the opportunity
continue our conversation with her
this is uh... oh
what i think is a pretty common
number one there's a pretty common uh...
that accounts think i'm taking an accountant's because
preaching eric
and they have a bad stereotypes
and if we can make an offer that works for them
and armed
it seems like we could make up for work for anybody
so here's a here's what i would say is typical we
we put some information up on our web site that talks about three pricing
let's go set up a little bit by talking about that seven percent of all
manufacturers make this pricing stake and it cost them millions
or one simple pricing change
can put money in your pocket
and your customers won't know the difference
again either one of those great headlines that look let's just uh...
cesar headlines for our offer
headlines on email or making an offer and or
it could be wherever it is
this is what we're doing report is not necessarily that these are great
the point is
they are much much focused and they're much more specific
because of that they have a much better chance
uh... getting a response rate offer
rather than just three pricing strategies
so let's go back to
uh... are equation analysts look at
number four
that the forcing that we already know
that we need to do for for lead generation met and is getting attention
aboard talked about this but i'm going to emphasize again when you talk to
people face to face
really focuses
the attention and and v allies are really focus on what is working in what
is not working
in your regeneration
process we are you talked about you but you have the right audience
you also have their attention one of the uh...
biggest things
especially for iim marketing for example
is that you have to be able to get their attention after have them open the email
uh... agreat offer that is never seen
uh... offer that's never seen
and isn't it a much good
but when you're talking to me face-to-face there to hear your offer
but let's scale up again face-to-face is is good for early part-time early stages
of testing but
uh... we also want to have some intermediate tactics we're scale up a
little bit in terms of getting attention
again i think one of the the
when negative consequences of uh...
that focus on internet marketing particularly email
has been that we'd forgotten that there are other ways to actually get offer
infront folks
uh... for example
i'm talking about the national mailers and looking at what's in the national
mailers are things that pop up
uh... they could come into play envelope and when you open the envelope it pops
up in people
uh... he turns into something
will be mail as when you put something inside an envelope slow
for example if you sent
offer inside of a trash can
all of these things have been shown to dramatically
increase operates
so again if we've selected fifty targets
we send them
dimensional mailer lump email that we can be very confident
uh... significant percentage of those adult and and notice
if we do that and we don't get the response for looking for
probably a problem with the offer so by making sure we get the attention
narrow down
where the focus our attention so and when you do these sorts of things to its
getting try to have the time but it doesn't have to be terribly creative so
it's an attraction it's a stop wasting time and money
on something rather and fire product
uh... which one will happen and i actually got one of those in the last
several months but just will plastic armenian talked into
into an envelope so when i grabbed it it was lucky felt something and it was like
a toy prize inside so course i had welcome
now that pat again i'm not saying that you wanna
have you are lead generation campaign be relying on
justice but it's a great way to test to see if you're on the right record
type of a campaign can run from anywhere from
maybe to know stew
about ten dollars
what to do the conversion yourselves
heroes compounds
and the and of course can run more than that as well
but if you run a test like this target fifty people
fifty companies
uh... and you get great response you know that you're on the right track and
you can start scaling up
your regeneration activities
and i've i've won this this can be very effective by the way if you're uh...
if you're selling a physical product if you can't figure out some way to get out
your physical product email it obvious it's too big for that you can't but you
can always
major scaled down version so that or something like that but it's a tangible
way ticket attached
okay let's go back to our old friend the dot com
and let's uh... let's scale up a little bit let's say that we're gonna look for
some email headlines
wouldn't necessarily ask you a call strip
what we're we're looking for is a focus problem with sanitary okay so
our accountants
is going to for a campaign this as a free change of underwear with every
nice tested this as a as a headline as an attention getting headline and i can
say that
one hundred some of the people that
shown this to especially with the cute little up
uh... cartoon underwear there
the smallest response that lease response again it's is a slight smile
and echo range is anything from slight smile to a chuckle now is that enough to
get the email open
i don't know i'd have to test it
but it's whole lot better than just saying uh...
that doesn't get a smile or a chuckle
according to carl you with your pants down and in front of the i_r_s_ special
also mention for those of you in europe if you don't know and i are asses are
revenue service are are taxman
and uh...
you don't want to be audited by them it's a scary thing
perhaps i don't recall japan stone then the offer would be for a free sales tax
if it was a sales tax plotted
and then down the bottom forty percent small businesses over to the i_r_s_
our clients dot
that's one of the things that that that's an example apollo you can
you can present to a client as an offer
and negative benefit if you will
so one of the challenges have forced for service providers
a lot of cases so if you're not arrest if you're a in a uh... an accountant
huge your job really well
you won't be over paying the i_r_s_ well
how do you show somebody that you prevented them from disaster
well you have to reach outside of of your client base and look to the
industry and you have to point to some of his answers that it happened
and then you have to yes to let them know hade you know what that could have
been you but it's not
it's not because of that
because our proprietary process
in this case which is a little bit of research right
i found the statistic behind its forty percent small businesses in a state of
arcadia i_r_s_
our clients
so with a just a little bit of
research i was able to find a statistic now
i found a statistic of wider overpaying or what the issue is
discounting would have to make sure that they were killing dash
going again is not necessarily that these are great headlines
but if u
if we can make a decent headline out of accountants week we should be able to do
with non boring things uh...
light our products in our services
okay let's look at the last thing the last thing uh... that we already know
that we can prove and to improve our lead generation
and that is there's two types of prospects
those who've not yet decided to buy your product and those who already made the
decisions by your product but they've not yet purchased
the guy on the left their is scrambling up paper and uh...
playing basketball within with his wastebasket
so that's a guy who's justice who is not yet decided he he needs your product
in fact in my demand anything about it
and the way
yugi's attention is he's
he's so bored
says you know what
i'm gonna download this free report not maybe i'll even read it
and this is the the realm of a lot of uh... uh...
internet marketers we we start way down again and that's good
but we're willing people whose interest is maybe casual may be curious but
they're they're not terribly motivated when we get them very early
that the other extreme are those that are in a crisis
so some things happen to this prospect
that they went from casual interest too
alright i'd need to make a decision i need something whatever it is a new kind
services i need
i think it's mighty infrastructure
whatever it is
i've now decided to find that could be that that prospect has already been
wooed by somebody else to some resentment argument for the time they
were or playing basketball
to the time they got here but the point is they haven't made a decision
and we want to be prepared in early generation
into the conversation at both
so does that mean
let's go back to work wages
we're square circling back around the world started we started
with the offer
and um...
but now we're we're focusing on the problem
the although offer audience either and maple i'll go hand-in-hand
when you have a great
when you really zero in ahead of focus problem your audiences is obvious and
your offer becomes much easier to make
uh... in the p here is that
is the prospects problem it's not it's not the prospects themselves that's the
problem they have
so let's take a look at some crisis samples
or we could see crises examples
housing new zealand relationship counselor side a client who his marriage
counselor well-equipped relationship counselor
and looking at is business
one of things i said right a way of saying well wait a minute you're not
doing anything for those people who are in crisis what some air strikes slide
this one is
if you just find a cure
spouse it's cheating
i would say
predict crisis
so what we did is we developed a new product specifically for me because part
of what he said here at this point he said you know what
and another one
deal with that
i much prefer dealing with people who
who had let you know many struggling a little bit more marriage but the really
uh... it's not a crisis point
and he said in a nice things about it is and i get to know him a lot more because
it's generally a little bit longer time period that he stays with them
and you can see some real progress
piece of these crises told mindset
intensity is higher
masson take it
but one of the nice things about doing this is you get clients coming in
uh... very quickly and you can polish early generation silky greed to put
uh... your marriage is in crisis package and part of that included um... i think
it was uh...
however many steps
uh... here's the packaging if you just found out your
or spouse has been cheating on you
cures that tempting she need to do in the next two days in two weeks
something like that
and the nice thing about that is wasn't nice streamlined process of getting
somebody who's decided they want to buy
to actually purchasing
get a sense is when you start thinking about it at
uh... crisis from here
from your prospects
once they decided to go
it's they're much more emotionally engaged and once they're more
emotionally in case
uh... large about content and
focus on your on your offer a lot more
so let's take a let's go back to our account we already talked a little bit
about the contents of the things that they could be doing
certainly when they're when there's an art at audit
colossal deal with and sometimes part stealing from them
uh... or they suspect bookkeepers and stealing from so how'd you make an offer
surrounding that
might put together your emergency bookkeeper our ticket
than if you go our way out to summer more mundane things that might be accout
to restate my inventory for some some reason
astonishment consulting
management consultant i've went their prospects
might be a crisis when the
had some bad
public relations they've got some bad press out there and they need to take
again this could be a case for some it says you know i i i don't really want to
do that as hiked high-pressure uh... situation and i i'm much better at
working with leadership development seller some of those kind things
you might choose to team up with
somebody who is a crisis specialist
become sort of a project manager for that and the reason why you do that is
to because once somebody comes in with a crisis appear crisis and you help them
solve the crisis
now in a great position to sell them your longer term
uh... and manufacturers
manufacturers could have been your problems delivery problems they can have
a-changin' gas prices changes transportation cost of there's a variety
of things that could cause
uh... manufacturers prospects
to change their buying but
put them in a buying situation where they weren't before
uh... the more we can figure those things out the more likely we are going
to be able to craft
uh... great offer
and uh...
and a great
and and focus on the right on it
ano add one thing in here to us when we do that
uh... once we have the is up offers we focused in on a tartar problematic us
transfer the prospect has we put together offer
and now we're engaging them in the conversation around that problem
it's much easier to develop content
that if we're just trying to talk about it
the bastard
uh... array of services that we provide
uh... they may or may not be interested in our proprietary process that cares
like a proprietary process unless it solves
a problem provides a grilled
so let's just review here's what we've done
there's the five things we talked about that you are you know
uh... but you can use these two to uh... dramatically improve your lead
generation campaigns
first that lead generation is a formula
uh... but it also requires creativity in insight ticket the
to get that miracle to occur
we talked about uh... how you need to test and we talked a little bit about
some things that you can
employed too
carve out some small plastic that are very manageable
we talked about that
you needed uh... from what to do it
don't happen
when she discovered that you know that's not the right thing we need to do
something different we talked about how to attract attention so that we can put
that offer in from the right people
and then we talked about during the conversation
two points
uh... we still have a little bit of time but let's uh... wrap up here
all right
and i just want to add that if of
as a result of this if you want to have her conversations focused on your
specifically generation challenges or
if you'd like to proceed what works for you
calculating your lead generation breakeven point
and you can go to this uh...
uh... that you are out
we talked about the beat generation
break even point earlier term serves measurements for generation
knowing when you get in
all right well
scott thank you very much and uh... we can take any questions
uh... that you might have
uh... here's one that just came in skype do you have any suggestions for tying
lead generation campaigns and outbound calling together
what yes certainly of
okay i have to do some inference here but outbound calling telemarketing as a
as a can be a stick and still be a very effective
uh... regeneration strategy what i would have those if you do it if you do a
phone call from lead generation
you want to make an oscar so you have to be very clear about what
what issue can offer that person
uh... and that would be also include that in your voicemails
so as an example you might
you got up on calling
camp about campaign
and most the people you have to leave voicemails with
you could talk about
little bit about what your offer is and then send them to a landing
and uh...
hopefully they'll take up your tree report there
all right next question what is the best way departed different type of prospect
in this similar factors
his problems might be different
uh... it's a great question
you'd yet you target them separately that that that one of things he wants it
to any lead generation from the very beginning by focusing in on the problem
you're doing sir segmenting your market
this leads into the following conversation about the merchant
wants to know what to do with your hands you know what your problem is
it makes it so much easier for me to go content
i need to keep you wouldn't
and not wasting your time talking about something that you're not interested
so in
in one respect it's a little bit more work because rather than just having
one message that fits
that really doesn't fit anybody well
you have maybe
two three five ten fifteen messages that are
laser focus
at a segment
and the senate with a particular problem
but the good news is is that especially now when we were uh... this is where
internet marketing stars really shine in marketing automation tools
what's right dot content
that started on that specific focused
uh... industry with that
specific focus problem
now you have it
now you can enter that conversation over and over op-art
uh... next question
which of these points would you suggest is a good starting place for leading
well you you uh... i would start with the problem everything starts with the
problem uh...
that the prospect acts
and until you really understand what that problem is
it's hard to build an offer
them and bill the content focus around so everything starts with a crop
the problem the reason why the next starters
speak eyes
what i've found isn't that many companies don't have the energy to do
that right away or they're here in the middle of the lead generation campaign
so all right let's jump in with what you're doing all right let's start where
you're at
and let's start
building from there
yeah let's look at that
okay beg and i would say one of the things that i feel very diverse people
don't really clearly
understand who they're terry italian says
they haven't done the work to understate may know the demographics
they don't know that motions they don't know that person in my drive that person
uh... and that can be really critical okay i understand the problem in health
problems affect them but also the kind of offer that you might actually put
um so that's what i would say as a little adding to that question
next question how do you gaining interest of a contact via email
that the subject line make a difference
yet well the subject line yes the subject line is i'd consider everything
one of things that bills uh... that is a a truism any e-mail marketing is uh...
how well do they know you if you were
if it's actually a cold email
in the subject line is everything
all uh... medicines that they don't know anything about you your company uh...
uh... than then you have to have a crate
subject martin again what a great subject want something that they're
you can talk about their problem
it's containable but allot more driver then then something else and then if you
put in a little bit attitude it will benefit little bitty humor in it
that's even better
uh... and i would say the subject line can make a huge difference matson area
that you really should test uh... but the other side of that is all that does
is have them up in your email clouded use bhag gaya delegate you inside email
the headline in your email my content in your email all have to earn its place
and keeping their attention and moving them into actually actin
so i think you know the subject line just the first step back
next question how can you link e raphael with the lead generation
uh... megan so exit great question if you have a very specific focus problem
and you uh...
and you can create some content surrounded
uh... in creative are surrounded
then your going to have a landing page that deals with that for specific
problems go back to our accountant again
in accounting who's gonna try to
to claim the search term uh... cpa in and fill in the blank city
and still have a hard time and that but if the accountant has a
a web page that's uh...
that's title what to do
when you suspect your bookkeeper stealing from you at salon turnkey
search for some it ites that in a
that uh...
at cages to show up a lot higher
and so many other pages so it just by focusing in on the problems that makes
it easier to write the content
because of specific
by its very nature will improve the search ability uh... that you will gain
around that problem
uh... came
here's the next one
uh... and i think actually this one goes with what you just answered which is an
ok uses ideas in my social media efforts tell it occurred to me that
you know and if i could search with google now wanting topical
topical fights topical expertise so that you become a reference place that such
can help you and asean that's that's content
uh... similarly with plus a media would you agree
uh... adept deadly agreement and you know once you have the the content and
the problem once you have this figure it out
you can get even more creative it with a so uh... another way to test whether or
not you think you have a problem with the to put it out on social media
how many people have experienced at what was your reaction when you what was the
first thing you can turn your mind when you orphan the letter that said you were
going and i_r_s_ audit sheet
running exp
and then you get responses around
if you've identified
uh... up uh... real problem
for group of people
it makes it so much easier to take in the event
any of the uh... media any of that marketing regeneration tactics an
employee that
right ok here is a good question my clients not to have problems
we felt off memberships into that space
is there a non problem approach to take
at three price on that
and thank you for that uh... you know i just change the word opportunity
uh... and and
and actually
which you look for them is
you want to look for opportunity or benefits uh... another look at this is
one of the mega what you're preventing ecosalon positive one of my jane
stoic could be let's take our membership cinematical person's death when here but
if you have a very exclusive club
one of things you might want to talk about his uh...
uh... opportunities to
offer exclusive uh...
offer exclusive advance where they get to have met with other
uh... people who are hobnobbing with sam i was a long stretch there but uh... e
it is uh... in some ways it's a little bit more of a challenge but uh... the
principles are the same
turning look for benefits and and opportunities is there any reason why
people want to join why would be what causes and the wanna do it sheared
joining a golf club membership because of the reason i went with it sort of
networking hobnobbing idea yes
because i and i know several people that do you have to pick their cult uh...
based time
membership rosters so that's the case
dunno how true that is not for for other people but that's the case there's true
benefit to exploit
right anna and i think that you know how you how you actually
uh... think about problems you know like you may think they don't have problems
and and and i think it's great to look at opportunity
but it's also called to look at you know what what makes you unique and how you
differ from your competitors andy and they're still there's issues with
certain memberships in the way people are members in clubs that they may not
like that you can get people to switch to your club so there would be there
could be some opportunities there as well com and the same goes for event
space you know not all of those cases are created equal sweater some of the
issues the people experience letters from the headaches in event planning
that you that you can help them with their that you could create a package
so i think that that's also something you can think about all right we've got
another question ngo committee staff that just triggered something to and ask
if you go back to the accountant and the one with reaching your underwear with
every uh...
with riyadh
and that's the same sort of thing too if you're selling something that uh... i i
mean i like this
i'd just one run this a little bit
more too is that just put a little bit attitude in what your offering
so uh... if you have golf memberships uh... unite you have to be creative this
is where we have to be created we have to use our business insight
and calamity around
uh... always surprised what
uh... when you put a little creativity into it what you can come up with and
but sometimes likes to work
may recall right but i've got one more question i'm gonna a minute
that paul from here that fee
how can i answer that i get quality leads from every generation efforts not
yet another great questions and what that really does is that leads into the
uh... follow on steps lead generation is only the first part now that gives us
the opportunity to continued into nurturer and engage those leads
and to almon st coming up
our customer and that's where it really needs you have i'm
a feedback loop if you will
uh... the whole process
and i think in the bed leads into
some of the upcoming seminars
so yeah yeah i think fallon are next on webinar which i will get a note it's not
about sent
it's gonna be out about lead nurturing ineffective follow-up
so once you get the leaves what do you do if any do you really have them you
know to build a relationship with them in understand when their sales ready
and are interested in the sales conversation so how do you start
engaging leads really really well and not let any of them flip through the
cracks elk lbnl car next webinar uh... emil
will be sending a notice out about that
uh... the other thing i wanted to thank you scott very much for being willing to
do eleven r and to share your expertise
i'd also want to encourage those of you on the car uh... that are watching fat
webinar i'm really if you'd like a conversation focused i'm your
specifically jen challenges we had some great questions but if you're well and
if you wanna sign up for that it's a thirty minute conversation that is
completely all about your lead and challenges friel so that's all about
your staff just go out here to bag and it's only offered for the webinar
attendees on the other thing is when it came up and we're really talking about
you know when you start to measure and monitor things opti the question that
comes up a lot as well how do we do that what metrics wouldn't really look at how
we calculate that
well if you go from that that the stamp when adding a metaphor percent
improvement which is one way to look at you know i merely degenerated
but what's got brought up this look at your break even in your increase in our
life how about that uh... and that's much more a business measurement and so
the next thing i had was over much show them how to do that lets get on the
worksheet let's give a map at school the actually will let them calculate that
for themselves so if you want that
just go out let us know that you'd like that we can get that's enough d_s_l_
those are those are just two things uh... again thank you so much for
participating in