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Tie its mouth.
Put them in the cages and take them to the yard.
Hold it. Come on, take it. Don't be scared.
You. . . hold this. - No!
Come on, now. - All right, sir.
Make sure it's fed milk regularly. - Milk? !
Go on. - Sure! Milk!
What's going to happen to the boss' business. . .
of trapping young animals and selling them to circuses and zoos. . .
if animals take to family planning? - Moron !
Animals don't need family planning. They don't proliferate like humans.
Population isn't a problem. . . look at the vast forests.
The cheetah is a breed apart. . . between a cat and a tiger.
Like you. Something between a horse and a donkey, a mule. Get the milk.
Hold this. - No! You do the holding.
I'll go get the milk. - Your uncle is bringing your milk.
Maa ( Mother)
Your mother has gone to the temple.
Inside the temple with your shoes on? Take your shoes off.
Will you take your shoes off?
Now say your prayers.
No! Don't touch my feet. Pray to God.
You are my Goddess, Maa. This God isn't any bigger for me.
You're incorrigible. And look at you. You're dirty. Look in the mirror.
Why look in the mirror? I can see myself in your eyes.
Do you know what they say? - What?
That there's no one as handsome as your son !
Handsome! Now come here.
You're hurting, Maa ! Now forget about my looks. I'm hungry!
You haven't had lunched? - Have I ever lunched without you?
Let's go, mom.
Hurry up, Maa. I'm famished !
You're a full-grown man. . . you still can't feed yourself?
Even when I'm old and doddering, I'll have you feed me.
I'm not going to last that long. - Don't say that.
Nothing can happen to my Maa. - You know why I went to the temple?
To ask for a bride for you. I'd be relieved !
I'm going to relieve anyone who tries to relieve my Maa !
A wife might be the driving force behind a man, a companion and so on.
But she can't take a mother's place. - Enough of flattery. Now eat.
What is it? - The baby cheetah won't drink milk.
It's whining for its mother. - I'll take care of it. Now go away.
You're a grown-up, you still can't feed yourself. And this one's a baby.
Doesn't it need its mother? - Just a couple of days. . .
then it'll start drinking milk. - I've told you so many times. . .
not to take cubs away from their mothers. It's sin.
But you won't listen ! - I'm not like the other hunters.
I don't kill them. I don't inflict wounds.
I just trap them and I sell them to circuses. That's no sin.
Besides, this is my livelihood. - Do you need to do all this?
By the grace of God, we have everything. . . properties, estates.
Give it up, son. This is sin. I'm requesting you.
Can I make a small request? - Go on.
Lunch is getting cold. May I. . . ?
You are a mite too clever. You always try to evade this topic.
No point telling you anything.
Best wishes for your new business.
This is Kapoor. From Bombay.
Hello Mr Kapoor, how are you? Yes, I've received your pay order.
But I'm sorry I'll have to return your money.
Now how do I answer this why? Too many takers for too few animals.
I have 8 or 10 customers waiting right here.
I can't sell an arm to someone and a leg to another bidder!
Listen Balraj. . . - Yes?
We have a long-standing relationship. We go back to the times when. . .
you used to be Mr Gopaldas' manager. You must accept my advance.
You didn't ditch Gopaldas because we go back years.
You're here because I sell cheaper.
No matter, but he's our client now. And we mustn't turn off clients.
If you want it, he can pay up double the amount as advance. Right?
Why just 20,000? I'll put up 40,000 for you.
Here you are. - Let's take the order, partner.
6 cheetahs, 2 tigers and a bear cub.
You're taking my order too. I'm doubling the advance.
But. . . - No buts, partner.
In business, we don't discriminate between clients.
Here's your advance. And here's my list.
Mine too. - And mine.
To make a killing, you lead the sheep to the altar.
This game is part of business. Had we not put up this act. . .
we wouldn't have bagged these orders. . . and these advances.
You agree I am a genius? - I've known it all along.
Now that we've taken the advances, where do find the animals?
The only one who can give us all these animals, is Vijay.
I can't sell to you. Mr Gopaldas is my sole agent, and you know it.
I know the whys and hows about your quitting, and going it on your own.
Who doesn't aspire? Every employee wants to make boss someday.
For a man who has lived all his life in subservience it means a lot. . .
to be able to stand up on his own two feet. Ask me.
But for such lofty ideals, you are a rogue.
You didn't work for your money. You cheated Mr Gopaldas out of it.
Doesn't concern you, I'd say. You sell, and I'm here to buy.
I'm willing to pay twice as much as Mr Gopaldas would. Go on, count it.
Who do you think you are? Shut that trap!
I wouldn't be seen talking with ingrates like you. . .
let alone do business! - Mr Vijay! I'm a customer!
One is polite to a customer. I'm not begging you, am I?
Hello Uncle Gopaldas!
You'd rather wish me good morning ! And what news of the jungle king?
The jungle is fine, and so is the king. How have you been?
I haven't yet let you in on news! Nimmi is here. From America.
Nimmi? Who's Nimmi?
Nimmi ! My daughter! Have you forgotten her?
Yes! Went off to America, didn't she? Haven't seen her in years. Sorry.
She wants to film animals?
You're coming with her, aren't you?
No? Well all right, when is she expected?
Say in 4 or 5 days. - Very well, please call me. . .
before she sets out. You're welcome. Please consider my house your home.
200 ! You used to tip 5s and 10s, when you came with Mr Gopaldas.
Hundreds now! Hit the jackpot? - You're about to hit the jackpot.
How so? - Moles are paid a premium.
Work with me, and you'll make many hundreds. Interested?
Anything you say!
Here's my address. Stay in touch. - All right.
Who are you? What do you want? - The cash.
So it's you, my dear?
Had you scared, didn't I? You thought it was a bandit.
Little difference between daughters and bandits.
Bandits come and go on the sly. And what do they take? Money.
But the daughter is sent away. With fanfare, ornaments and money.
Happiness is what she takes away. And what does she leave behind?
An empty house. - Don't you start crying yet.
I'm not yet married and gone. I'm just going to see. . .
that jungle king of yours, to film animals.
But you were to leave after 2 days. - But I'm already so bored, Daddy.
So I want to leave directly. - No problem.
I'll telephone him. - No! Don't do that, Daddy.
Mr Gopaldas' daughter has arrived from Mysore.
Hi Ms Nimmi ! But you were to have. . . - I came over today itself.
Maa, look who's here.
Who is it?
Who is she? - You don't recognise her?
Nimmi. Mr Gopaldas' daughter. - You've grown up so!
I didn't recognise you. - I didn't recognise her either.
Laloo told me she's Nimmi. - But you told me that. . .
she's expected after 4 or 5 days. - Not a bad day today, is it?
I guess I was too eager to see the forest and the animals.
I apologise for not having informed. - Not to. It's nice having you here.
Your room. Do you like it? - Why not? It's lovely.
Your Daddy said you're interested in filming animals in the jungle.
And also the jungle king.
Jungle king? - You !
May I ask for something? - You are a guest.
You may have anything you want. What do you want?
I want a bear cub, to play with. - A bear cub? !
What a thing to ask for! You could've asked a tiger cub, a panther cub. . .
People I was living with in America, had a pet bear cub. I took a fancy.
You'll let me have one, won't you? - Why not?
I'm going to the jungle tonight. If I find one, you've got it.
Tonight itself? ! I'm in no hurry. - I'm going in tonight.
Take rest now. We'll go out in the evening.
Please take care of the lady.
Message for Balraj. It's tonight. Tell him to send in his men.
''Away from the noisy cities, in such gaiety. . . ''
''the winds blow''
''All decked up, like the Spring. . . ''
''the bride sets out''
''On the way, the traveller loses his path''
''The things that happen in one's heart''
''Under the tall mountains, I am restless. . . ''
''in the spring, I fall down and steady myself''
''It's like a bride setting out, in all her fineries''
''To return from such a place, is oh so difficult''
''I feel as if my destination lies here''
''In my heart, something clicks''
''It's like a bride setting out, in all her fineries''
Were you sleeping? - Not really.
Aren't coming for the hunt? - I would've come.
But I'm tired.
Take rest, then. Hopefully, you will have your bear cub tomorrow morning.
Your men are waiting in the jungle. With transport. Anything else for me?
This is a drug. Ingestion results in instantaneous unconsciousness.
You want all the guards in the yard rendered unconscious?
That'd help your men to steal the animals.
Right. - As good as done.
What are these trucks doing in my jungle?
Sounds like animals.
Are you blind? Don't you know how to drive?
Where are you taking these animals? - Who are you to ask?
I own these animals.
Back the truck out.
Who are you?
Tell me, or I'll smash your head in ! - I was obeying orders! Spare me!
I had to do what the boss told me! - Who's the boss?
Tell me! Who's your boss? - Don't! Please!
Why are you beating him? Let him go.
She's the boss.
So you're the one! Come down.
Down !
Well, what is it? - Who are you?
Let go of my hand, or I'll slap you in the face!
Who are you to ask me? - That's too arrogant for a thief.
What have I stolen? - Who was stealing these animals?
Whose men are these? - What nonsense are you talking?
That's what any thief will say after getting caught.
But I'm not letting you go. Come on.
The men ran away. - Cowards!
But never mind. I've caught the gang leader.
I'm no thief! - I know what you are.
Take the animals back to the yard.
You're coming with me.
Let go of me!
Who is this? - The thief. She was trying. . .
to steal my animals last night. - What? !
You bloody thief! - Thief you are!
Vijay! What are you doing? - We go through all the trouble. . .
to catch these animals and she was whisking them away!
Vijay, isn't he? - Yes.
The hunter? - You mind that?
Don't scream!
I was on my way here. I'm Nimmi. Mr Gopaldas' daughter.
Nimmi? Then who is she?
A thief, and an impostor? - What?
Nimmi is already here. - What are you saying?
Mr Gopaldas has only one daughter. That's me. And this is my father.
She just ran away!
She must've been the gang leader! - You harassed her for nothing.
Isn't written on her face that she's Gopaldas' daughter, is it?
Apologise to her.
Go on, apologise. - Never mind. To err is human.
Let me show you to your room. - I'll show her to her room.
Go on. Get back to work.
He's hot in the head. But good at heart. Please don't mind him.
What were you doing at the door? - I was going. . .
Going? - I was coming.
You were humming something. . . - You heard me?
Was it something about not wanting to leave. . . you like this place?
I like this place. - I love it!
What? - The song you were humming. . .
will you sing it again? - Forget it. I was just humming.
Once, please. - Oh no!
Now when are you taking me into the jungle?
That's what I came here to tell you. I'm going on a tiger safari.
Want to come along? - Sure!
What's this? - A trap.
There's a goat tied in there.
The tiger hears the goat and comes in for a snack.
That's the spring.
Touch it and the trap is sprung. Trap the tiger to save the bait.
Great idea.
Lower the cage now. Hurry.
There's more tiger. About a mile away.
Take the other jeep. - Why?
Because you'll be able to film it properly.
Nimmi ! Don't come near!
Put him in a jeep, and take him to a doctor.
I'll fix this one.
Take this beast and dump him in the truck.
V for Vijay. V for victory!
Put the tigers in the cages and send them to the yard.
I'm over here!
Give me your hand. . .
''Something I've always wanted to hear, but never did. . . ''
''whisper it in my ears, quietly, by stealth''
''On a starlit night, let's first listen. . . ''
''what the Moon has to say''
''I'm beginning to hold my breath''
''Heavy with dreams, my eyes are closing''
''That's just how buds go to sleep. . . ''
''when Spring sings lullabies and love is in the air''
''Some flowers, they say, never blossom''
''Just as unlikely as the night and day meeting''
''Night and day meet on the sly. . . ''
''like the maiden meets her lover''
''I came over, when you called me. . . ''
''what will you do when I call you?''
''Whenever you call me, I'll be drawn to you. . . ''
''my eyes fixed on you, with desires in my heart''
''Something I always wanted to hear, but never did. . . ''
''whisper it in my ears today, slowly, silently''
''On a starlit night, let's first listen. . . ''
''what the Moon has to say''
Come inside, Uncle. Why are you standing there?
An old habit. I sniff around before I enter.
But so suddenly, Daddy. . . ?
Good news, dear. You'll be surprised.
Hello Mr Gopaldas, welcome. - Hello!
Vijay, have him seated.
No time to sit around. I'm in a tearing hurry.
I'm preparing for the wedding. - Wedding?
So who are you marrying? - You say you hunt tigers? Or ass?
Youth past, and age catching on, is this any age for a man to marry?
Nimmi is getting married. - Nimmi's wedding?
You didn't say who it's going to be?
Fine fellow. He inherited millions. Makes a pile for himself too.
But Daddy, hear me out too.
I'm not marrying a Mr Moneybags for his money.
She is right. The discretion is hers. - What about daddy's discretion?
Besides, what's wrong with this one? He's rich, young and handsome.
That's a rarity nowadays. You must finalise the wedding fast.
That's why I've come all the way. - This wedding isn't happening !
Why not? No one in the world can stop this wedding. It's happening !
Nimmi, tell your Daddy you won't. - How can I? You say it!
It's your wedding ! You say it! - How can I say it?
Say it! This is terrible! - You say it! Please!
Say it, please!
I haven't a minute! You're wasting my time.
Out with it now, or I'm gone! - This has to do with life and death !
Please! Think it over. - I've thought all I have to.
Daddy, listen to me. . . - Now what is it?
Let me tell you. . . you see. . . Nimmi and I. . . we are. . .
Well, what are you. . . ? - I love Nimmi !
So go on. Who's stopping you? - You want her to marry someone else?
I'm going to marry Vijay. And no one else.
The two of you think you're about to marry someone else?
What else. . . ?
Nimmi, you're marrying Vijay.
What are you staring at? Go on. Seek your father-in-law's blessings.
I'd rather you took your mother's blessings.
She called me with wonderful news!
As of now, I'd like to take Nimmi back with me.
With Nimmi? - Right away?
I'm not letting her go away so soon. Let her stay on for sometime.
Impossible! No more 2 days! We aren't waiting two minutes!
Either the animals, or money back! - That isn't going to be easy.
These fellows are frauds. - Criminals!
Only one way to straighten them out. Let's report this to the police!
Please! Don't do this. This happens in business, once in a while.
Things don't turn out the way they ought to. Two more days, please.
I beg of you !
For my sake!
All right, for your sake. Two more days.
2 days. Either the animals. Or cash. Else, you're going to jail !
We've partied all the money away. What's two days going to get us?
I guess we'll have to stage a getaway.
For every door closes in your face, a hundred others open up.
Not without reason, I asked for these 2 days. Not to worry.
Undo the vice.
Good traps.
Put up a hundred or so in hyena territory.
Terrible news, sahib! - What happened?
Your mother's car. . . - What happened to Maa? !
Her car skidded off a cliff.
What is the matter? - Are you all right, Maa?
Why, what happened to me? - It nearly killed me!
Someone told me that your car has met with an accident!
Nothing can happen to me as long as you are around.
May nothing ever happen to you, Maa !
Hurry up! We must get out of this forest before Vijay returns.
Hurry up! - Give me a hand. Quick!
We risk our lives to trap animals.
You thought it's so easy to whisk them away?
So you are Nimmi, Mr Gopaldas' daughter?
And you ! Ingrate! In it with them?
Take them to the police.
I'm making a film about a jungle, ''My Friend, The Lion''.
It's being made in 3 languages. Hindi, English and Tamil.
I want two lion cubs.
I'll give you a hundred if you want it.
You want the money fully in advance?
My money is as safe with you as in my bank. I'll draw when I need it.
See you then. - Bye.
Welcome, Mr Sharma. Be seated. - After I've apologised to you.
What for? - I tried to deal with someone else.
Forget all that and sit down. Make yourself comfortable.
Now what can I do for you? - I want a baby elephant. . .
for my circus. Available, right? - As long as I have my jungle king. . .
there will be no dearth of tigers and elephants.
Two lion cubs have been spotted. Mr Gopaldas wants lion cubs.
We're going on the hunt now. Go on, I'll join you.
Nimmi, get me my gun. Hurry up, come along.
I want to talk to you about something important.
Now. . . ? - Right now.
Yes. . . ?
You are about to marry into this family.
You have certain duties and obligations.
I don't understand. . .
You can't go off into the forest hunting with Vijay, like this. . .
I do not like all this. - Woman is man's companion. . .
the determination behind a man's resolve. And I. . .
That may be so. But trapping helpless animals as a hobby. . .
and taking cubs away from their mothers is a grave sin.
I try to tell him this often, but he won't listen to me.
In the jungle, he's playing with his life, he's dallying with death. . .
I hoped for him, that his wife would bring him around.
But you are giving him company. You are egging him on !
The one thing I admire in Vijay is his courage, and his daring.
I'd rather be the sword in his hand. Not the chain which shackles him.
How can I tell him. . .
Let's talk later.
So fragile, so weak? A brake, and you tumble out?
Wife like this won't do. - What will?
''I'm a predator''
''Look at the elephants and tigers, my love''
''Come into my arms''
''If you want to walk with me, learn to move like the winds''
''If you want me to love you, learn all the tricks I know''
''Become just like me.
''May we not be separated even in death''
''Why have you been staring at me from such a long time?''
''Look at me in the eye, if you possess the heart of a tigress''
''Decide now, my love, and tell me what you wish to do''
''Don't give your heart to me, expecting a bed of roses''
''We might even have our nuptials in this little hut here''
''Wipe the sweat off your brow, O beautiful one. . . ''
''lest I be laughed at by the world''
''I'm a predator''
''Look at the elephants and tigers, my love. . . ''
''Come into my arms''
''I'm a predator''
Cute cubs!
Give it to me.
In the back.
Doctor, is Vijay all right?
He has recovered fully. - Thanks to your expertise.
The credit goes to the care she has taken for you. . .
and your mother's prayers.
You just got out of bed yesterday. And off you go to the jungle?
The jungle is where I belong.
I've delivered the lion cubs your father asked for.
Now I have to find a baby elephant. - Let someone else do it.
Why do you have to take these risks? - I love playing with danger.
Come, sit in the car. - No. I'm not going.
And I won't let you go. - Why?
Because you might even lose your life doing what you do.
One lion attack, and my tigress chickens out?
Yes. The other day you nearly died.
But I won't have you risking your life day in and day out.
Then stay at home with Maa. I have work to do.
Vijay, you love me, don't you? - Any doubts?
Nimmi, I love you dearly. - Then for my sake. . .
you will give this up. - I can give up. . .
neither you nor my work. - Can't you do as little for me?
My mother couldn't talk me out of it. And she means more to me than God.
Then we've reached the crossroads. Here on, we go our ways.
Nimmi, what's happened to you? Do you realise what you're saying?
Vijay, for your sake, I'd even die.
But I can't live with the prospect of your death.
If you do no relent, I will have to think about us all over again.
So you've gone that far? Very well, you can take your decision.
But under no circumstance am I going to give up my work.
You should not misunderstand Nimmi.
She just wants you to give up a dangerous job.
And stop living?
Only the dead are out of danger. I don't want to live like the dead.
For my daughter's sake, I've decided to give up this trade.
So you won't buy from me any more? All right. I'll find another buyer.
Maa, please don't take any decisions about my marriage without asking me.
I want to think it over too.
I thought Vijay would wilt if I refused to marry him.
But this is getting out of hand. What am I to do now?
Don't worry. God has listened to my prayers. He has changed you.
He'll bring Vijay around too.
You must not mind what Vijay said. He was agitated.
Take Nimmi home with you, and decide a date for the wedding.
Vijay will never refuse me.
Camouflage the pit well. The elephants must never know.
Right. . . over there.
The grass. . .
Where's the herd? They must've come to know we're here.
Back to the tent then.
Just the one I wanted.
Let's get him out now.
To the yard, please.
The baby hasn't been weaned yet. And he wants to take the baby away.
Poor baby, he's crying for milk! - I'll give him cow's milk.
But I won't let a bitch feed him! - Shut up!
Aren't you ashamed to talk of your son's mother like that?
Give me the baby.
Take him.
Every mother is to be worshipped. She is not meant to be abused.
See how the baby reacts to the mother? He's quiet.
Don't you ever take the baby away from the mother.
Thank you very much. - Never mind.
Now get going, and don't you ever fight again.
Bringing mother and son together was good work.
Does anyone take a suckling infant away from his mother?
The poor child was howling. - There's a baby elephant out there.
It's howling for its mother. Give him back to his mother.
Not again, Maa? The relationship between mother and child. . .
is for humans ; they don't hold good in the animal world.
Only you haven't seen it.
Even a bird cares for it's offspring . . . look how they feed their young.
In the jungles, I've seen animals feeding on their young.
I can't argue with you ! But I'm afraid of a mother's curse!
I implore you ! Give the baby back to it's mother!
Maa, how do I explain this to you? I've sold the animal !
Yes, who's it? I'm coming. . . coming.
Get a receipt for the delivery.
Call the boss! Hurry!
Take the baby and get out of this forest. Hurry!
Not safe for us to let the female roam free. We must catch her.
Get me more men. Come along. . .
Take the car, and get some men. Hurry up!
But you. . . - Don't worry about me.
Don't come here, Maa !
I'm not leaving you like this!
Don't worry about me! Go away!
How did this happen to you, Maa?
The elephant mauled you ! And I could do nothing !
I told you not to invite the curse of animals!
But you wouldn't listen !
You see what a mother will do when she goes berserk?
If anything happens to you, I'll kill that elephant!
I'll kill every beast in this jungle! I'll set this jungle on fire!
You mustn't say that! It isn't going to save your mother!
Nothing is going to happen to you ! Nothing will happen to my Maa !
Will you give me a last wish, son?
I'll do whatever you want me to do. Just get well, first.
Give me your word that you'll never take a child away from its mother.
Give me your word that you will not commit this sin anymore.
I'll give up everything ! Everything ! I just want my Maa !
Your Maa is with you, my son.
Did you see her pining for her child?
Promise me that you will return her child to her.
Then my soul will rest in peace. You'll give the child back. . . ?
Yes, Maa ! I'll return the child to its mother.
I worship you, Maa. Don't leave me, Maa !
Don't leave me!
''Maa. . . where will I look for you?''
''A mother's affection, I have known, an infant's pain, I realise. . . ''
''only after I have lost you''
''Maa. . . where will I look for you?''
''Mothers are all alike''
''So are all babies''
''When they are hurt, even animals shed tears like human beings''
''Those who were separated, I have brought together''
''I have repaid my debt to them. . . ''
''only after I have lost you, Maa''
''Maa. . . where will I find you ever again?''
''You were right when you said they would curse me''
''Like the times when one shoots himself with his own gun''
''What hideous games have I played. . . ?''
''I cry all by myself today''
''Now that I have lost you, Maa. . . ''
''where will I ever find you again?''
''A mother's anguish, I now realise. . . ''
''an infant's pain, I now feel''
''All this, after losing you''
''Where will I look for you, Maa? Where will I ever find you?''
Maa left me!
My obduracy has cost her life.
I'm a murderer! I killed my mother!
You mustn't say that, Vijay.
And now I'm all alone. I have no one.
No one in this whole wide world ! - No, Vijay, I'm with you !
Much as I regret your mother's death, no one can undo destiny.
All we can do is pray that her soul rests in peace.
Her soul will rest in peace only after I keep the word I gave her.
Word. . . ? - I promised my mother that. . .
I will give the elephant her child.
I must leave immediately.
I'll come with you. - No, you stay here.
Till I bring the bring the baby elephant back. . .
make sure that its mother is in no danger.
Rest assured, son. We'll take care of everything.
Mr Sharma, it's very important for me to see that. . .
the calf is given back to its mother.
I'll be extremely obliged if you let me have the calf.
Wouldn't be a problem, but for the fact that the calf is in hospital.
What happened to it? - 2 days ago, it fell seriously ill.
What happened to this calf? - It was very ill. It died.
Promise me that you will return her child to her.
Then my soul will rest in peace. You'll give the child back. . . ?
Yes, Maa ! I'll return the child to its mother.
This is too harsh a punishment for an error!
I'm going to repent it all my life! How will I keep my promise? !
Why are you so worried?
I trapped this calf.
And I sold it to the New Grand Circus.
I came here to take it back, but. . .
This calf isn't from the New Grand. - What. . . ? !
This one belonged to Bharat Circus. The one you're talking about is fine.
I'd like to see the calf! Here's the authorisation letter.
Let him have the calf.
This is the one.
Remember me?
My friend, forgive me.
Don't get me wrong. I'm your friend. I'm not your enemy.
I know you're angry with me because I took you away from your mother.
I've come to take you back.
I trapped you in a pit, and now you've thrown me into a pit.
Score settled?
Let's go back now. I'm here to take you.
Help me Lord, that I may keep my word.
Please help me find the calf.
Else my mother's soul will never rest in peace.
The opiate must be strong.
It'll be really strong.
A baby elephant! - He's Lord Shiva's son, Ganesha !
Bless us, Lord !
Have you seen a baby elephant? - It drank all the opiate!
''I will sing, I will dance. . . ''
''I will cry and I will laugh''
''I will do everything you ask me to do''
''Let's forget our enmity''
''Listen to this story of love''
''My friend, my companion, if you do not obey me. . . ''
''I will weep to death''
''I will do everything you ask me to do''
''I will sing, I will dance. . . ''
''I will cry and I will laugh''
''I will do everything you ask me to do''
''For you, I bring news. . . ''
''your mother wants you''
''I'm here to take you back''
''I'll tell your mother if you bother me anymore''
''I will do everything you ask me to do''
''Come around now, old boy. Come on ! ''
''Come on, I say. Be a sport''
''I beg of you. I grovel at your feet''
''Let's go, I say. . . Come on now! ''
Hey, you lost your shirt? Found your elephant?
Have you seen a baby elephant? - Yes. Over there.
There's a baby elephant on the tracks!
Where did a baby elephant come from?
Don't run away from me!
I know I've committed a grave sin by taking you away from your mother.
For my sins, I have paid already. With my mother's life.
Now I want to give you back to your mother.
Come with me, please.
I beg of you ! Come with me!
Where are you? Have you found the calf?
Yes, but after much ado.
Bring the calf as soon as you can. His mother is going berserk.
We must make an emergency landing. Go and take your seat.
A hunter is coming to kill the elephant.
If anything happens to the mother. . . !
Hurry up, please. We are getting late.
Can you drive? - He took the keys.
The keys are here, Mr Vijay!
You. . . ?
Yours truly.
What do you want, Balraj? - Revenge.
For ruining my business, for bringing me to disrepute. . .
and for sending us all to jail.
I'm ready to take you on any time.
But today, I'm taking a child back to it's mother. The keys, Balraj.
Doing a good deed? Go on, then.
Stop! Don't kill her! Please! - Why not? She has turned a rogue.
It's the trauma of losing her calf. Vijay is bringing the lost calf.
The mother will calm down once she has her child. Please, listen to me.
By then, she will have done more damage.
I'll compensate you. - For loss of property, yes.
What if there's a death? - We won't risk our lives. . .
just because you say so. Come on !
Run away!
The hunters aren't going to spare you !