League of Legends - Karma Champion Spotlight

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Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Karma, the Enlightened One
Karma has two main builds as either an AP burst caster or a support mage. She also uses a new secondary resource system called “Mantra.”
Mantra replaces Karma’s ultimate and is learned immediately upon spawning. Instead of learning an ultimate, her other three abilities all have 6 ranks instead of 5.
When she activates Mantra, the next regular ability she casts will have a bonus effect. Mantra may only be used twice before recharging. Mantra charges recover faster with cooldown reduction.
Karma’s first ability is Heavenly Wave. Unmodified, it deals damage to all enemy targets in a cone.
With Mantra activated first, Heavenly Wave also heals yourself and your teammates in the same area for a base amount plus a percentage of their missing health.
Second is Spirit Bond. Spirit Bond tethers an ally or enemy to Karma. Karma gains movement speed, while the target gains or loses speed if it’s an ally or enemy, respectively.
Additionally, units who move through the tether also gain or lose movement speed. Enemies who pass through the tether also take damage.
When amplified by Mantra, the movement haste and slow is doubled.
Karma’s third ability is Soul Shield. Target ally gains a shield blocking a flat amount of damage.
With Mantra activated, enemies near your target take damage the instant you cast the shield.
Finally Karma’s passive is Inner Flame. She gains bonus AP for being low on health. This can allow her to cast stronger shields or heals, deceiving her opponents with more durability than is expected.
Karma’s damage and utility is quite strong. As Udyr comes into the fray, I speed him up with Spirit Bond. After stunning, he walks past Katarina so she takes damage from it.
Immediately I use Mantra with Soul Shield followed by Heavenly wave for some nice burst damage. Notice that I didn’t use Mantra on Spirit Bond this time because I had only one charge available which I wanted to save for Soul Shield.
AP Karma has a ton of burst damage. At over 300 AP, I’m able to drop Vladimir pretty low with Heavenly Wave before slowing him with Spirit Bond. As Udyr comes in to help, Mantra with Soul Shield nukes down Vladimir.
Ability Power makes Karma deceptively tanky. I take on my opponents 1 on 3 as I wait for my team to arrive. Heavenly Wave followed by Spirit Bond gives me some damage and the ability to kite.
Seeing them all low, I run up for a Mantra charged Soul Shield. I toss another Heavenly wave and Udyr comes in as they try to escape.
I break Spirit Bond off of Udyr too quickly, which was a mistake, and as the battle comes to a close, another Mantra charged Soul Shield takes down Shen.
Even with an AP build, Karma is a remarkable support. I Spirit Bond Corki, who is smart enough to walk past Vladimir, making the tether slow and damage him.
The haste also allows him to chase and kill Gragas. Even though Shen gave Vladimir a shield, I’m able to cut him down using Heavenly Wave and a Mantra’d Soul Shield.
As we push into their base, I keep Corki healthy with a Soul Shield. Heavenly Wave damages Shen and I tag Udyr with Spirit Bond, allowing him to not only chase Shen, but nuke him with the tether as well.
Because Karma can support herself while nuking the enemies, she’s actually a very competent 1v1 champion. Here Gangplank goes for our turret. I open with Heavenly Wave.
Spirit Bond allows me to walk into range for a Mantra’d Soul Shield. Heavenly Wave cools down again, bringing him below 1/3 health while Soul Shield keeps me alive amidst his ultimate and Parrrley.
Karma may also play as a support. When teamed with someone like Garen, you want to take Spirit Bond first.
Always remember to use Mantra with Spirit Bond. Right off the bat, Garen is hasted, Singed is slowed and taking damage, and if Garen hadn’t walked out of range of Judgment, we probably could have had first blood at level 1.
While you can’t target yourself with Spirit Bond, you can target minions. If you’re heading back to lane alongside a minion wave, be sure to Spirit Bond one to get yourself back faster.
Maxing Spirit Bond with support Karma is extremely potent. Early Soul Shields help keep me alive for a little, while a Mantra’d rank 4 Spirit Bond brings me to almost 500 movement speed.
As Taric chases through, he catches a massive slow thanks to the tether. When Garen and I get back into the fight, I make a mistake.
I could have Spirit Bonded Garen, which would still have slowed Mordekaiser but also damaged him and hasted Garen, possibly giving us a kill.
Regardless, I’m still able to escape thanks to Soul Shield and the haste I could manage to get from Spirit Bond.
Mixing Spirit Bond with Shurelya’s Reverie allows you to pull off some funny moves. Taric is running away as fast as he can, but a Mantra’d Spirit Bond allows Garen to catch up.
Shurelya’s then helps Garen escape the tower since I mistakenly shielded Ezreal.
AP Karma takes magic penetration marks, mana regeneration per level seals, AP per level glyphs, and flat AP quintessences.
Support Karma takes magic penetration marks, armor per level seals, magic resist per level glyphs, and gold per 10 quintessences.
While flat health or movement speed quintessences may be very helpful in the early levels, Karma’s haste and shields should cover that weakness.
In my opinion, finishing Soul Shroud or Shurelya’s Reverie faster is much more important.
For AP Karma, standard 9/0/21 caster masteries work well with Ghost and Flash.
Support Karma goes 1/8/21, taking Improved Exhaust and Heal for summoners, with Strength of Spirit, Meditation, and Greed as your main focus.
For items, I start with a Doran’s Ring. AP Karma grabs Ionian Boots of Lucidity and rushes Rabadon’s Deathcap, followed by Void Staff, Deathfire Grasp, Banshee’s Veil, and Zhonya’s Hourglass.
This build should give Karma a lot of burst damage, nearly maxed cooldown reduction, and good durability as well.
Support Karma takes Mercury Treads, Shurelya’s Reverie, Soul Shroud, Spirit Visage, and also takes Banshee’s Veil with Zhonya’s Hourglass. This build will max out your cooldown reduction as well as help your allies with auras.
Finally, let’s look at skill order. AP Karma maxes Heavenly Wave as soon as possible, taking Spirit Bond early while maxing Soul Shield soon after.
Support Karma will get one point in all her abilities quickly as well, but maxes Spirit Bond first, followed by Soul Shield and Heavenly Wave last.
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