SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 7.7 is a great eBook Reader

Uploaded by RitchiesRoomTV on 18.12.2011

So we asked for questions about the 7.7, Marissa Cookson asked us about the e-reading abilities
how it looks when you’re reading a book with the customisation the page turning so
let’s have a look at that right now. So we have the Readers Hub just here so let’s
go into it. We’re presented with daily newspapers books by download and also periodicals as
well. So let’s go into news we can see what a newspaper looks like on the 7.7.
So right here we’ve got the Australian from today and there it is. It actually looks like
the actual newspaper itself. We can actually see all of the pages right here but smartly
they’ve got a contents area as well as you can see so we can go straight back to the
pages to the front page we can double click or double tap as it were. You can see the
text gets bigger we can also pinch and zoom so it can come up and you can read that properly.
It actually slides down. So it isn’t like some interactive newspapers
that you see online with media and different types of media and audio. It is very much
like a pdf reader but it’s still very good in terms of the quality of the paper and it’s
a daily download as well. You have to subscribe when you first open
the reader app you do get an option for seven issues for free to give it a go and then for
example if you do travel by train every morning you can then download the latest paper and
have that ready to read every morning. So what we’re going to do now is also look
at books. Because we wanted to look at some of the ways that we could interact with the
books. So it’s a Kobo reader let’s see here so we’ll just take a sample of what’s
happening. There are different ways we can turn pages
simply press here and it takes us across or we can make it feel like a book itself and
you’ll see there the page turn it actually is a nice feeling, a bit more tactile and
for those that do read a fair bit of physical books it’s nice to see the physical interaction
even though it’s all just happening on the screen. There it’s very smooth.
As far as some of the options that we have there? We just press in the middle you can
see the information come up in the bottom then we’ve got some options over here. We
can change the font style the size what font it actually is to meet your reading.
Have a look at the display we have a night mode it actually reverses it it’s white
on black as opposed to black on white. There’s information here about the book
itself. You can actually do annotations as well you can see highlighting areas and noting
to your self for your oen personal reference points. And here we go back to the book again.
We can actually fast forward to another area of the book and then there’s one simply
button here takes you back again to your bookshelf where all your books are. It actually shows
it to you in list format and here it shows it to you in a more graphical format.
So there you have it that’s the book reader and hopefully that gives an idea of what it’s
like to read books and newspapers on the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Until next time.