A Journey to the East series 2 - Mothersday AC Vlog 11 (Rose with Love 爱心玫瑰 2)

Uploaded by AlexCheungVlog on 26.05.2011

You mix the color by yourself?
If I didn't do it then who did? I did the colors by myself.
Then what materials do you need to make it red?
You just make it red.
Red is used for red.
How about green?
Then you find something green.
What is the most difficult to make these roses?
Most difficult is to learn the handcraft. Is not easy to learn.
Excuse me?
Oh, the handcraft, the force control.
Need a lot practise.
It looks easy but it isn't, you can try it out.
It is not that easy to make.
Is it that difficult?
Yes, its difficult, need to learn it then you'll know.
You created this by yourself or did you learned it?
I have learned this in Henan.
Shifu, I want one too. I have donated before and now I'll give you another 20,-
Is that alright?
Thank you.
The roses you make are really beautiful.
I have no options, can't get other jobs. They don't need me.
Are you alone? living alone or with family here?
I am alone.
Tomorrow is Mothersday right?
I just heard that girl saying, I did not even know.
That's why I am here.
So normally you are not here?
No, not often here. I am at Wanchai, Central and Causeway Bay.
You are from America?
No, I mean you study at America?
I've heard you say . .
Not in America, in Holland, you know where Holland is?
In Henan?
In Holland.
Next to Germany and France.
I know I know.
What do you do there? You go to school there?
For study, I'm a student.
There are a lot of people watching shifu.
The country where you live in, is it wealthy or poor?
What do you mean?
Is it better than Hong Kong making these roses? Does it earn well?
Yes it earns.
Then I want to make these roses and sell it. Is that possible?
Then I have to know the durability of these roses.
For example, does it brake very easy? It is very fragile I think. This is a problem.
Can I sell it there?
Yes you can.
This noodle dough and color mixture I can bring with me. Does it earns well? Can I make a living of it?
Is the loan high?
This one is more beautiful than that one. This one is better.
I give you a special one.
I'm thinking if these are sellable as you just said.
You make it there?
It is Europe.
I can't go to Europe. Can I go with Hong Kong ID?
They let me pass?
Well, this depends wheter you are willing or not..
Can I go there with Hong Kong ID?
You have?
Yes, I'm here for 15 years now.
Thank you.
I was from mainland, but now I belong to Hong kong.
Yes, it is possible with Hong Kong ID.
After 2 days if it's dried up, you can put it in a vase for 6 - 7 months or even a year.
It won't brake in a year, it becomes hard when it is dry.
Is it that powerful?
Yes, after it is dry, it is very strong.
If I need another one, then where can I find you shifu?
I'm everyday here.
This place?!
I'm here everyday, yes.
But you live in Wanchai right?
Yes but I come here everyday.
I'll go back home in the evening.
Why don't you make these roses there? People there are more wealthier right.
There are not so many people, here it is more crowded.
I'm leaving now, I'll talk to you later. Bye!