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What did you just say?
Let's go out to eat.
Before that.
At my... house.
All we need to do is eat there.
You're out of your mind, Hyeon Joong.
I said I was dating someone, and my father told me to bring her.
Is that me, by any chance?
We ate together and had o-Deng, so I thought...
I had the smallest hope that you'd consider we're a couple. We made a bet.
The bet was between teams, and the losing team was supposed to buy o-Deng.
I can buy the soda, alright?
Can't we just eat one meal with my family?
The jealousy tactic was definitely not the way to go with such people.
We can only go with the most direct action.
My Yeon Hee was like that, too.
Your first love again. That was your last love too.
You're such a jerk. If you're going to help, do it right.
Are you ever going to get a real job?
I don't know how long I can last on this kind of money.
Are you going to get a beer, Eun Ho?
- Yes, a beer. - Can we get a beer, please?
Starting already?
What do you mean, "already"?
How's Mi Yeon nowadays?
Wow, Dong Jin's going crazy.
She's always coming over, and saying hello to him out the window when he leaves for work.
The neighbors think they're already living together.
He wants to say something, but he's been patient since she's Eun Ho's friend.
Pfft, my friend...
No, really, he was going to say something.
He might not act like it, but he thinks about you a lot.
I didn't know, but she seems weird, always trying to talk to Dong Jin, constantly pulling on the string.
Huh, string?
There's a string connected to her veranda and his room, with paper cups.
You see, it was her daughter's homework assignment...
When he went over to return a pot, she was alone...
Since she's your friend's daughter... He had no choice but to help her...
Seems like he's having fun.
Don't take it the wrong way.
Why are the nuts and popcorn mixed together, sir?
- Idiot. - I specifically asked for them to be separated.
Stupid, what are we to do with this? Really... Just do what you think is best.
Hey, friend.
What are you doing Christmas Eve?
Not even a "hi" as soon as you call?
Oh, shut up. See you at dinner with Eun Ho and Ji Ho, the four of us.
Are you crazy? How can a divorced couple spend Christmas together?
So you must have been crazy last year.
Last year was last year.
Can you just do as I ask and not be that way?
You think she'd say yes?
That's why you have to say it right.
Just say you really want to spend Christmas with her.
Be smooth, and don't be mean.
Something's up, isn't it?
I'm going to tell the world about your embarrassing act, if you don't express it right this time. Hang up.
Going to work? I'll give you a ride.
It's alright; just go on ahead.
Just get in. It's in the same direction.
I like you more and more, Dong Jin.
What are you doing on Christmas Eve?
I have plans.
With whom?
My friends.
I was going to invite you to our party, how sad.
Yeah, I know.
It's a Christmas gift.
You've been so good to Eun Sol.
All I do is receive. I don't think I can take it.
Please, have it.
What's wrong?
Should I go over there?
That's alright, I have to go.
I'll just be patient, patient.
One minute you say she's weird and the next minute you're out on a drive with her.
What are you doing on Christmas Eve?
Oh, I don't know.
I know you don't have plans. Joon Pyo says we should go out for a drink.
You too?
The four of us, with Ji Ho.
No, thanks.
Stop trying to act like you won't go. Just say yes while someone's still offering.
I wasn't going to say anything, but to tell the truth...
I was planning on meeting Hyeon Joong's parents that day.
Are you out of your mind? You haven't even been dating that long.
I know, but Hyeon Joong keeps insisting that I go.
Wow, you're really... Wow.
How can you lie like that?
Jeez, don't act surprised.
I'm serious.
Do you think I've only known you for a day or two?
You're not the type to meet his parents that quickly. You took forever meeting my parents.
As for that guy, you think it's going to be easy for him to introduce an older, divorced woman to his parents?
If you're going to lie, do it right.
How's the 24th at 5 o' clock?
Hi, Hyeon Joong. Is Christmas Eve okay for meeting your parents?
Hi, Ji Ho.
Yeah, that day's good because the club is closed.
What does your father like?
What the...! Why isn't he picking up?!
Have you seen Min Hyeon Joong?
I can't hear you.
Have you seen Min Hyeon Joong?
A bit lower, yes.
Eun Ho, what are you doing here? Are you here to see me?
Why didn't you come to exercise or pick up the phone?
I was busy. If I knew you were so worried about me, I would have gone.
About the phone call earlier...
Thanks so much for that! I thought it wouldn't work out.
About that... I was in a situation where I had no other choice.
I'm really sorry, but can you forget I ever said that?
I'm so sorry, I know I shouldn't do this, but I was crazy for a moment.
But I already told my father.
Why'd you tell him that quickly?
Because I was so happy!
No, no, just this once. Please cancel it!
My father said he cancelled an important meeting for this.
I can't tell him.
The presentation, presentation...
Get a hold of yourself, Lee Dong Jin.
This is a time to think. What am I going to do about this?
Is this guy crazy?
They haven't even known each other that long.
Wait a sec... The parents would never approve. She is a divorcee after all.
I worried for no reason.
Wait, Eun Ho has a certain charm that can overcome that.
Even with my parents.
Before they met her...
I don't like the fact that she teaches at a gym.
Her mom passed away early?
After they met Eun Ho...
She seems so healthy because she exercises.
She doesn't have a mom, I don't have a daughter. It's perfect.
What is wrong now? He was quiet for several days.
This is evidence of someone without a lover.
Aren't you eating lunch?
Aigoo, long time no see. What are you doing here?
- At the bookstore? - Yes.
To buy a book, I suppose.
I'm giving it as a gift for people where I work.
Like they'd like a book as a gift.
Are you leaving?
- Yes. - Okay then...
I have something to ask you.
I heard Eun Ho was going to meet your parents?
One more thing.
Do your parents know she's a divorcee?
As the person who introduced you, I don't want her to get hurt or anything.
Just be sure to get everything straight.
Ah, I see. Yes, I understand. I'll be sure to do that!
- Thank you! - You're welcome.
- For sure... - Yes...
Wait, this isn't what I wanted.
Should I do this?
Unni, that's too nice. Get a piercing and a tattoo.
Just think of it as going to eat out at your friends'.
Yes, it's not that big a deal nowadays, right?
Well, it's not that, either.
Lee Dong Jin... Aish!
Don't I look a bit weird because I haven't worn such conservative clothes in a while?
I hope Hyeon Joong's dad likes it.
Why are you here?
Did I make you angry?
Didn't you say that I have to report to the middleman?
You already did that last time.
Oh, right, right. I forgot.
I'll see you after I get back.
What do you mean after you get back? Just live there.
A thought that only came to be at a later time...
It would have been better if I had been honest. For me, and for someone else.
This doesn't mean anything. We're only eating one meal, right?
Nothing else?
It's not going to get serious all of sudden, right?
Yes. I swear.
A thought I had at a later time...
If only one of us had been honest with each other. For ourselves, and for others.
Where am I going? Why am I here?
This way.
Yes, hello.
Would you like some tea?
- Just a cup of water, please. - Yes.
- A cold one. - Yes.
I can tell this is dangerous. Get out of here now!
I'm sorry, but I don't think...
I'm sorry.
I'm a bit late.
The only thing he has to offer is that his father's rich.
He isn't joking.
I'm not joking.
He is very stubborn, so he refuses to receive my help. Is that alright?
Isn't living here help in itself?
Exactly. He even rebels in an odd way.
Yes, yes, keep putting me down.
How'd you two meet?
We met a few years ago at a hotel, and got introduced again.
Really, by whom?
A hotel guest.
You're a health trainer?
We have a fitness center at our hotel, but we don't have many guests.
Do you have any ideas? Have you been at our hotel, Miss Eun Ho?
Excuse me?
Jeez, we're supposed to talk about your interests, but my father doesn't know anything but his work.
I apologize.
Where's your hometown, Miss Eun Ho?
It's Choon Chun.
Is your father there?
Before that, I have something to tell you.
Eun Ho...
I'm a divorcee.
I've heard.
I told him.
You lost your mother at a young age?
Where am I?!
Why are you like that?
I don't want to.
Just call Eun Ho.
She will, in time.
The time is now.
One who has a busy life is one who lives where time flies by.
You like kkochi, right? I'll order it for you.
I ate ramen.
Just make one phone call.
No, I'm thinking about writing a book about you, Dr. Gong.
"Dr. G's Life of Butting in." What do you think?
Even though your fear started from there, aren't you trying two hard to get them together?
Can't you see it? They're not separated; they're just apart for a moment.
They're going to get remarried. They have to get remarried.
Exactly where is this notion coming from? Dr. Gong, do you know something I don't?
Never mind.
There is something!
Hello, Dong Jin, where are you?
Taxi fare?
Am I your dad? Why are you living like this?
Why am I even worried about you?
Are you mad?
Why should I be?
I ate great hotel food. And those... what do you call it? I drank red tea made in England, too.
I mean, why didn't you tell me you were rich?!
And you should have told me what you told your father about me.
You're mad about that?
Well, not exactly.
Did you go jogging on Christmas Eve?
None of your business.
Go do what you need to do.
Can I borrow 5000 won?
Ah, I told him to come out here.
Now you're asking for all sorts of things.
The owner's son?
The first son at that?
Why did he dress like that?
That's called fashion.
If a poor person wears something expensive, that's called extravagant. If a rich person dresses poorly, it's fashion?
Unni, there's something I've been meaning to tell you. You shy girl...
Unni, I'll just tell you now.
Unni, I love you. You have to help me out too!
Oh my, rascal... You sure know how to pick them. Why didn't you just buy lotto since you have that kind of ability?
Does he own a house?
He might, since his house is so enormous.
Any servants? Are they wearing uniforms?
He had two. They didn't have uniforms, but they're dressed nicer than him.
They definitely have a chef. The food was amazing.
How are his parents?
Right, usually moms like that offer you money and say, "Leave my son."
His mother passed away early.
And the father does not seem to mind those things.
The words "mother" and "father" seem to be coming right out, since they're so rich.
I can't call them "ajuhma" and "ajuhssi."
That's true. Let's stop this.
It's Christmas Eve, and Jesus would be sad if we're like this.
Yah, honor in heaven, peace on earth.
A chef isn't that big a deal. Is it your first time in Seoul?
Dong Jin, what's wrong? Stop being like that.
He's mad because he introduced him to me so I'd have a hard time, but he turned out to be a rich son instead.
Why? Does the truth hurt?
Just because you met a rich family, do I seem like nothing?
Since it's great after a meeting, it must be incredible after you marry.
Good for you. I wish you the best.
Don't worry about me. I'll try my best.
I don't think you're in the state to be worrying about me.
Dong Jin, wait, wait!
So the days you spent with me were terrible? Unhappy?
Who's the one who ran away first?
Today I looked so bad and was in such a difficult situation...
Do you know?
At that time, I shouldn't have continued seeing him after the divorce.
You two, better reflect...
Give me 5000 won.
No, give me 10000 won.
Nah, give me back 5000 won.
Why? You don't have small money? It's okay then.
You can give me the 5000 won.
Not thinking of mom?
It was more difficult when mom first came, right?
Grandfather, grandmother and the aunties...
But she wasn't worrying.
Then was Eun Ho worrying?
That's why I said you are still young.
All throughout winter you kept looking at my face.
Looking at how angry I was.
If you had brought a woman you really like, it wouldn't have been like that.
It doesn't really matter, does it?
No matter how much you like your marriage partner...
It'll still end like you.
If your motive for getting married is to condemn me...
Just think of who's going to lose more.
People living in this world sometimes do lose a lot of things
So for starters, it's good to do a lot of running.
Doing that kind of exercise will make you sweat a lot in just 10 minutes.
After that, if you do exercises to build your muscles...
Team leader...
You need to sort out the machines that we are going to order tomorrow.
Ah, that's right. There's an extra step board.
Ah, yes.
How's your swimming coming along?
Excuse me?
Ah, because I see that it's hard for you.
That, that...
When we get a lot of stress...
You can really dream of those difficult times you had, right?
Me, for example... I'll dream of the time I almost drowned as a kid.
Sickening dirty water... The pain of water entering my lungs in my dreams.
And because it's so real...
Even though I know it's just a dream, it still feels really difficult.
After learning how to swim, I stopped having those dreams.
I'm still in the process of overcoming that trauma.
There's a really effective method...
- Team leader. - Yes?
There's a guest for you.
I'm going first.
Team leader, are you giving personal lessons?
It's weird. It's the third one today...
That's right.
Mr. Kim Young Suk.
There's no special kind of training that you want to do.
You wrote down that your tummy is big and that's why you came. Excuse me...
Rather than running exercises, it's better that you do muscle training.
Wait a minute...
Yes. Hello. This is Hotelier Kim Young Suk.
And there was a very rich-looking auntie.
That one who's tall?
She's our auntie.
Manager Kim is the one taking care of that department.
Why did those people come here?
No matter what, our family has only one heir, so...
They wanted to see you, so they came here.
We definitely live in 2 different worlds.
It's all the same, the heir and his wife-to-be.
Why do you seem like you are talking about someone else?
If I think of it as my own problem, I'd go crazy.
Even though I don't look down on myself...
But I'm older than you. I'm divorced and I don't have anything valuable on me.
I even graduated from a bad university.
Since you have such a background, you should know that we don't match.
If you are aware of that, you shouldn't do this to me.
In life, people sometimes say untrue things and there'd be times when we lie to other people.
But still that first day we met...
It's the truth that you saved my life.
And it's also true that I was amazed by you that day.
You shouldn't be like this to me.
Ah, at times like this, there should be some tears.
Ah, really!
30,000 won.
Ah, you are here too?
It's fate meeting you like this.
If this is fate, then all people living in the same neighborhood are meant for each other.
I want to ask you something. How did you meet Eun Ho?
Why are you asking that?
For someone in the lake of love, he'd like to know a lot of things.
Don't you think that I have a bad temper?
It's okay.
Talk! How did you meet Dong Jin?
I don't want to talk about it.
Why? Afraid that I'd get jealous?
I met him when I went to buy some books.
Excuse me, can you help me find a book?
And that person just had to be me. What bad luck!
And how was your first impression of her?
We were still innocent back then, so it wasn't all that simple.
But she was like that, blank expression and wearing an old dress.
I really don't know if she had a mirror at home.
First impression?
I can't remember.
There were notes written on his palm.
Just like those kids who're not in good in their studies pretending to be smart, unlike people who don't do anything.
So it ended just like that?
I still needed more books, so I made an appointment.
It was 3 days later.
On the phone she said she'd come straightaway.
And I was waiting for the phone call.
He was waiting for me.
I didn't know how much hair gel he had on his head.
Even the light from above was blinding my eyes.
Who made the first move?
Of course it's him.
It's hard for me if we keep doing this.
Can you have a cup of coffee with me next week?
I'm sorry.
If you want to ask who was more straightforward, of course it was Eun Ho.
There's no name.
I don't know if there'd be any problem, so please write down your number as well.
Even her ears were red. Just looking at her, I knew she was really nervous.
I don't know who was the one who was so nervous that he forgot his own number.
I wasn't sure from whose throat the swallowing sound came.
Ah, it's so long ago.
I can't remember.
It's all in the past.
So to say, Dong Jin and Eun Ho fell for each other at first sight.
This kind of love can't be separated.
Didn't you learn that all things go back to the starting point?
Real love won't change!
It's because of the circumstances that they got separated.
But they'll be reunited anytime...
Just like fate.
Just like Dr. Gong's first love?
Of course, of course.
Joon Pyo!
You are really Joon Pyo, right?
What a coincidence! I'm Yeon Hee!
Hey, we came from the same neighborhood!
Wait a minute...
Ah, you are a doctor now?
You used to skip classes a lot. I thought you didn't go to university.
Which department are you in?
Ah, that's good. I think I want to change my doctor to you.
You should be doing real well, right?
You should do it well!
Let's find a time to have a meal with my husband.
Yah! How much do you earn a month?
This is so funny. How did you become a doctor?
You really became a dragon, a dragon.
Is this a dream?
It's not a dream.
It's like in my dreams where my flowery first love asked me how much I earn in a month.
It shouldn't be like this.
Everyone has emergency situations.
I loved her!
Where did my love go?
I was afraid that if I said it out, it'd run away, so I kept it in my heart.
Why am I like this?
You can't keep sighing like that.
Don't be like that. Come here and have some noodles!
No, it's not love. It can't be love.
Is it "Welcome to DongMo village?"
I changed that!
You should turn it off before going.
Excuse me, can you help me with this?
I'm coming.
Make it move.
Mi Yeon, next time we should...
Do you want some chocolate?
When you are heartbroken, eating sweet things can make you feel better more quickly.
Dr. Gong, do you want to listen to something that will make your heart better?
Mi Yeon unni hurt herself.
I don't have the mood to joke around now.
She has to stay over at the hospital for a night so she wanted my sister to take care of her daughter for the night.
Mi Yeon unni's house is right in front of brother-in-law's place.
- Always like that. - Really busy.
- I don't want to talk about that anymore. - Okay. We'll talk again next time.
- Then you should buy the meal today.
And we should eat something real good.
- Think quickly! - The bus is here.
Eun Sol!
Don't worry. It's only for a night.
Tomorrow your mom will be out of the hospital. Teacher can do a lot of things well.
What do you do when you get home? Where should we start?
I'm going to listen to some English for about an hour.
Good, good.
It's so cold outside.
Today's impression is good.
We should make a toast now. Alcohol is only good if we make a toast!
You should drink a glass too.
This year it's been hard throughout the year. Today we have to drink until we get drunk.
Die after eating!
Come, toast, toast.
Wait, wait.
The party is for the new year.
For the new year.
The toast should be for the new year.
For a new year!
Dong Jin!
She's not that type of kid.
The kid is so scared, she can't eat anything. She won't stop crying and wanted to see you.
Shouldn't be that way.
A 6-year old child is still a 6-year old child. What do you mean she's not that kind of kid?
So she's alone at home now?
She's not that type of kid.
Unni, brother-in-law and Eun Sol... It'll be like a 3-member family.
Plus the fact that it's a closed place.
What are you looking at?
But you did you come all the way here just to tell me that?
Since when did you start becoming such a nice person?
I've always been a nice person! Am I not a member of the Obstetrics Subsidy Association?
That's why I have the responsibility to take care of children.
Okay. Live as a nice person! Okay, I'm going.
I'm really a person who is not fated for meal gatherings.
We should wait until it's not too hot before eating.
Otherwise you might get a tummy ache.
Now Eun Sol have a bite!
Here, ah...
I'll eat well. Thank you.
You are stronger than what I thought.
Ah, Joon Pyo this guy!!
You think you are doing it right?
Just mind your own business. Don't mind other people's business.
It's right in front of my eyes, so I can't pretend I don't see it.
People who can't do their own things well normally talk a lot.
What's this?
A car.
Eun Sol! She said it's a car.
Eun Sol, it's a car, right? There're also wheels here.
Then what's yours?
Eun Sol, what does this look like?
- Dolphin? - It does, right?
Not going? How come you don't seem to have any intention of going?
I'm not going for Eun Sol's sake. She must be feeling insecure now.
Her mom is not home and she has to be here with a stranger.
Not interesting.
Why? Don't want to make a little more?
Eun Sol, how come you don't call me?
I have nothing to say.
But still it's a pity that it was difficult to make.
She slept?
I'm sleepy. I need to go.
It's not that I don't understand the feeling of Miss A who lives in UhSan.
But I think...
Being patient till the end, keeping all the anger...
It's not going to work by suppressing your anger.
Keeping your anger inside can make you sick.
Miss A in UhSan, the most important thing is not to unconditionally keep your anger inside.
But how to cool your anger...
Someone else is waiting on the line. Please wait for another 10 minutes.
Eun Ho...
Don't tell me to pray.
Eun Ho...
Don't say that it's God's arrangement.
Maybe you can't understand it now.
Don't say it's FATE!
There's no such fate to be born just to die away like that.
Don't say it's God's arrangement. I can never understand it!
I don't understand such arrangements.
Are you really hurt and angry because of your child?
Or is it because of you who had lost your child?
Now, please just cry for your child!
Crying for yourself, later...
So you didn't cry when mother passed away?
Were you not hurt because of mom?
Don't you know how much mom cried because of you!
How hurt were you who lost mom?
That was my last conversation with my father.
Even though I was angry, I calmed down a lot because of his words.
The number you have reached is currently busy. Please try your call again.
Now... I'm not too sure of the type of comfort that I want.