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there's more than a fifty percent chance will see record flooding in the days
and as we avoid the river
some creatures are seeking out right now
in the cities
those hundred year floods we shouldn't see until the next century
are expecting again next week you don't have to be an old-timer remember the
record floods of nineteen ninety-three nineteen ninety-seven two thousand one
and twice back
wave back in ought eight
that's five of the top ten floods in less than twenty years and
this one could top them all well they're really being much of an impact after
we've been waterlogged so many times
let's find out
joining me now is the mayor of the city of davenport
how you doing young man good generally ohio just fine as well as bob cause who
is the director of public works for the city of rock island mayor gluba let's
start with you
davenport has seen this time and time again
why is
a flood of two thousand eleven so much different than what we see in the past
because they're predicting uh...
twenty four twenty six feet possibly
the worst we've had is about twenty
two point seven
so when you add two and a half would have to let that could be a serious challenge
for the city we're getting to the point where it's sixty five x ninety three
and those were floods that have major impact and lasted a while that's right
and apparently there's as much or more snow and ice up north
northern minnesota canada
then there is in the past
and that really issues how quick it's coming
and i've talked all code experts and so forth
and i really don't know they can give you an educated guess
but no reality only the good lord knows
how fast that snow's going to melt and whether we're going to have any more
rain in between and let's be honest if if floods in the spring in
davenport it's a page three story when they're starting at worried rock island
that's page one bob tell me about rock island the fact that you're a little bit
worry about flooding in this city as well
we start are flood preparation in feb
uh... what's different this year
is that uh... as the mayor said the long-range outlook
actually had a probabaly originally uh... topping our levee
um... the most recent outlook does put out no longer has that probability
but that was completely new to us
and and cause us to take a little different looked at me we have in the
past will probably you always look at the best guess scenario the best
possible idea book it happened but you know
the river
speaks for itself it'll decide how high is going to go
was correct in that as the mayor said it depends a lot on the snow melts
how fast it melts
how much rain we get the second flood that you mentioned the two thousand eight
because we had a spring flood that was in nineteen
um... the river and didn't have enough to go down and it just started raining
rain for
six weeks in a row so and i think in june of that year we had a even
larger flood yeah
that was no longer really associated with snow melted had to do with the
amount of just rainfall the fell in the basement levels for those who remember
it was in april and then almost secondary crest in june as you said
that's the thing about flooding i mean if you have a a severe storm it's over
in a night like what happened with the uh... the ratio that hit that should be
cemetery butterfly can last quite a long time but wish you a chance
to prepare for it
right the uh... what was the river is full and the watershed is full
it's gets very sensitive to
large amounts of rain
uh... right on top of that that crest and particularly the river extremely
but in those conditions you can move a couple feet in a couple days
and when your are you
at a certain point eleven system that gets to be a real problem
natural number in quad cities is always been fifteen feet for the mississippi
river that's when the river
actually just starts to uh... bob over the uh... floodwall leclaire
park is that most people look at
rock island doesn't see it that our downtown is lower uh...
uh... flood level for us is actually eleven feet so today we put in
are startup response
as the uh... water comes up till we get our design level of twenty five feet
uh... we just had more punch put in more gates ruptures and by the time it's all
done if we would get to that level we would have
in excess of twenty temper station set up which have maned
around the clock
and and they're just throughout the whole downtown area or how far they
stretch in rock island or to follow the river essentially from sunset park
around to the uh... botanical center
that's where the level is it's about three point miles
so rock island
what what
what's the best case scenario not to get a hold of back completely
but i would assume the marino's sunset park
you can see some sort of damage as the water not only is on the mississippi but
also kind of backing up on the rock
right the rocks the rock is more of a problem for moline not us.. sunset park in
sunset marine are actually outside the flood protection
so the flood
they they have no flood protection
so uh... the marina goes underwater about eighteen feet
they have to uh...
sandbag all fo the buildings to protect them and of course the marinas closed
power goes off at about eighteen down there
mayor gluba we've that we've seen flooding what has that hundred year
floods we've seen five the top ten
uh... levels than just the last twenty years in davenport
say that it's almost like crying wolf in davenport but were almost
getting used to this as being on with them
biannual or every three year type of uh...
to the credit of our public works department city staff in general
have dealt with floods pretty pretty well in the past
you know national recognition for having it but these flood management program we
don't try to fight the river generally we work with it
uh... we've been recognized by the corps of engineers is having sorta having a model
and and it really didn't cost as much last time it was pretty insignificant
this time
nearly if it reaches twenty four feet that's different story because our
levees your
here do about twenty to twenty four feet now twenty two feet we've got ahead
potentially if you know three four feet too much is expensive and that's why
we're starting early and we have to prepare early and unlike some cities we've
got to get ahead of the curve
and so that's what our staff for doing it
s doubted chen the old saying it you plan your work in your work your
plan and that's what we're
the biggest concern is the drinking water in davenport
the iowa american water plant right along the river
correct me if i'm wrong the army corps of engineers that it was not
cost-effective to build a flood wall to protect the city of davenport but it was
cost-effective to protect the iowa american water plant to make sure that
the uh... drinking water was safe before devonport iowa american is waiting for
latest national weather service projection of the hydrologist predict
how high is going to go
before they determine if they have to build up their flood walls anymore is
that your biggest concern
that's one that we've been told they their preparing for twenty nine footer
something situation
they haven't said they're gonna there
really alarmed about it they seem to feel they can deal with it
and they will have a new flood wall in probably next year if all the paper
shuffle takes place next here's one year late
right well with many years and found that uh... and they got bogged down a
little bit i guess and so they're still working out of it
uh... of what that means seems to be
feel that they can deal with it uh... are sewage treatment plant will go out at
twenty three fifty if it gets that high interest free flowing into the river
everyone understands that
so uh... again we think we are
pretty much preparing for it but these old dikes for example the old i think
that covers the area protection area around
uh... the garden addition west davenport
that has its problems structurally so
uh... the worst case that could build up
we did have a huge amount of water and and that could start to move to caused
problems giveaway that there is fear for their garden addition mine because if
you go back to ninety three or or even the fears that we're going on in two
thousand writing two thousand one as well
nineteen eighty seven is that
you're holding back the water in the garden addition
and its big the flood is slowly rising
but the fact that it
breaks through a flood wall is very quickly for the garden addition
it's night and day when the flood waters come
minor tsumani down there minor
effective right now i don't make a comparison but it's very similar that
the water's gonna come crashing down very quickly in the garden addition
in the worst case scenario best i can imagine these other foods i was
active in nineteen sixty-five when we have
i thought was the worst flood ever
and i remember going down in the garden addition
with former black shareef blackest relatives will remember
former congressman judgment hauser who was a congressman and riding around
concord nh all those streets in boat the whole area was under a lot of
success and for the water at the time that was before the dike
but that's always a concern dike is issued on the deteriorate they where
they have problems we're trying to shore it up as best we can right now
so what's going on in the garden addition right now because of that a
number of bu out plans after all the other floods asking people to move on to that
area but there are still people who live there
and it's going to be people in the davenport as you well know we're gonna say
all come out you a chance to live a long time ago
well we've bought a number of house through fema right several actually couple
street fulls down it but there still a lot of people
by people rent down there thats all they
can afford
but uh... to
you know we've we're telling them ahead of time in a meeting last night in the
garden addition and i said i am not uh... issue some evacuation order and i think
the mayor did in nineteen ninety-three got everyone mad
cuz you know people less than a very resilient they're hardworking
resourceful much take care of themselves at least adults can the guys
and i get their boats parked out back
but i warned them and i said those who have small children and and and senior
should perhaps look at some alternative living situation to be prepared to
evacuate in a reasonable period of time
this time like it
new orleans is going to happen overnight this is a gradual build-up so everybody
has proper time to prepare
and and ultimately
you're responsible for yourself i mean your public safety is your
responsibility to expect the government to everything
and i made it clear to them so i think most of understand it
their you know they're gonna have to prepare properly and you know we don't
want to have to run down of which will have to we had to save a lot of people
do that if we are forced to do it
we warn them ahead of time
you know look out for yourself
make alternate plans to be prepared for the worst pray for the best
bob let's be honest in rock island as well as tourist on the flood
what can see what they have davenport suffering through
this time what can rock island residents expect i mean this is gonna be a change
in their lifestyle
if the river creeps up to some levels are projected
we were having meetings we've had one already there are three more scheduled
well we do
tell people
what we know
right now wants the the let is designed for uh... twenty five-foot flood with
for for the free board show once all buttoned up
popular visa twenty nine feet
and right now the top of the flat out well twenty eight point eight
uh... theoretically is not over the top well we'll have still to close at all
because it is too close for comfort so
uh... people behind our levee have become used to it for forty years so
they don't
probably pay much attention to a flood forecast
so we ought to share that information with them
on the city has that they can change your plans for how we put up secondary
protection around our buildings
uh... not something we're going to do now given the current forecast
but if the one that comes out in the next few days uh... would get
worst dramatically
then we would revisit those things and we want
the people who live in that area to know that so they can make their own
decisions about whether they want to use
secondary flood protection which essentially would be sandbagging right
or trust levy were gonna fight the flood at the levee we paid
million dollars for it
uh... then that's was therefore
but everything has a limit and and we don't want people to not have this
information in davenport discussing is the garden addition there
are residential homes that meant are threatened for rock island
it seems to be more commerical
then residential or governmental is there a large areas
residential areas that you're concerned about the rock island well if the flood
know if the levee wasn't there the flooding is far greater than davenport
rock island downtown actually goes down from river
uh... so
ola we published in map and all have a few wispy handy but it's probably
three or four thousand properties
would would go under if the levee wasn't there and we got a a record flood
has long has the levee is there
none will be a flood
that uh...
we just want to share information with
so people have the opportunity make their own decisions is that if they
choose to to get ready we have some information handout
which on the maps
so we give them contacts for sandbags in sand
if they want to get some uh...
try to contact for them to get all of us anytime they want
to see uh...
you uh...teach them how to use the national weather service website
so they can look for themselves but while the problems is if you look that
national weather service website
it is probably the lease for
river stages
it also gives a crest prediction or a prediction for seven days out
but that there in stages so if the if you don't if it says it's going to be
nineteen feet u
probably have no idea what nineteen feet means to you
so we're trying to get enough information out that people can
understand that and and make their own decisions mr mayor once again it's gonna
be does iconic pictures of the networks going to show
uh... modern woman park
being out was that there was called the jew amoung the mighty mississippi
uh... but we've also got the sand bags that are going to be around the older
train station the tourism bureau that's located there
the doc is gone now
but of course you still
have on front treet brewery that's affected you get the figge that's built high end
up but the whole basement garage here is to be flooded
what's the best case scenario for downtown businesses
well first of all uh...
davenport over the years through flood plain management has been able to have a
lot of buildings relocated out of the flood plain we don't have
like these two many buildings that are affected
passed by plan design
secondly the structures that have been builders mention
actually flood walls
radison floodwall and traing station we have a
flood wall just back further
i normally we fill in the gaps in the streets and it works out pretty well
uh... but again there's so much potential under the ground people to see
the top of the ground but when you get that much water all the hydrology
hydrologist in engineers tell us that it kicks back underneath the sewers attend
cut a lot of these old buildings especially down on second
uh... further down scott warren that the water can get in their basements because
static pressure so we can
do too much for that and keep pumped up
but that overall uh... we should be ok again
twenty four twenty six feet we've never had that we don't know what could pop up
best plans have been in men and mice often go a strained because you
just don't know of a lot unknowns without much waterr so again we're going
to prepare for the worst and pray for the best
so far you've in pride devonport citizens they've rallied to help always
and sand bagging for volunteering
what what do you ask for the citizens in the days ahead well we ask for citizens
to purchase take students to help our dropping off sandbags and that that
some of the high schools we've got sent down in the garden addition sandbags
done on a credit island
so public christopher we need a lot more and we'll also put in a request for
these tesco boxes it's
from the corps of engineers more pumps more equipment at that's what i've been
working on today and that it with an extracurricular committed work would
have helped us allot prepare better and quicker we just have to be prepared but
they keep you given us these get a new report on saturday
and it is an overnight thing if you recall this could go up in the june could
be may affect the figures most of the floods are usually in may the high-water
or it could go up
go down and then go back up again right because if there is a third-crest so
there's a lot of variables and announce that i'm very proud of our city staff
and all of the doing really great job i think preparing
bob what message would you give to your your fellow residents in rock island
really haven't faced this kind of a crest before
crest right
i think that's it for us is to make themselves aware
uh... because they haven't
had to pay attention for a number of years uh... we hadn't anywhere close to
the top of the levee with an actual flood yet and take it seriously yes
definitely n is not a concern of yours bob is that people may not because
the crying wolf syndrome
yes it is concerned will find out more tonight by how many people come to
our first meeting one last week with people in southwest rock island had twenty
five thirty business was a and an eighth
they heard the message and and have the information you need
and this is a lot bigger area when you talk about the was actually behind the
we'll see how many come but the people getting there's a lot of uh...
by the information out from many different sources
uh... so chamber of commerce is has is putting out the website now
for their members uh... to get information and it really is just a
matter of sharing information
and making the decisions when you have the information
problems director of public works rock island mere bill gluba
thanks for joining us and really do
make yourself available to all the information that is available and do
take this seriously in the days ahead
each week we also showcased local musical talent in the quad cities
but here's another guest this time we're gonna be talking change
at the putnam we're going back in history as the titanic arrives at the
and your chance to see if firsthand
how do you do I'm captain EJ Smith
well welcome aboard the titanic
the artifacts exhibition
no doubt you already wrote i've recently announced my retirement from the white
style and
maiden voyage of titanic will be my final crossing a ship's captain
my wife eleanor will clarify that
it's been many good years since i first went to see at age twelve
as a common biy where reagan
started off with white star seven
since that time i probably would forms of traveling with many fine people with
whom i admire
as to how best to describe my experience of nearly forty five years it's the
not merely have to say it's been nothing out of the ordinary of course there's
always been the okay so winter gail's storms forming a line when
sea trials for titanic took place april the second round of
we lived twenty bothers images vis-a-vis tingle
spirit of quite a weight down to everyone
this ship on those beatiful
it is designed for performance
i could not conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel
moderates ship building it's gone beyond
so please if you get a chance to go to the putnam it's an incredible shows
showing the titanic
right now in the quad cities will coming up next you'd expect to see them on the
warm coasts of the gulf of mexico but in the quad cities
we'll talk about the flight of the pelicans in just a moment but first a
look at upcoming events around the quad cities lora adams has the details
and she travels out in about
this is out in about from march twenty fourth thirtieth i'm lora adams
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thanks lora there are only two types of pelicans that call north america their
home the brown pelican
often seen on the east and west coasts and the white american pelican one of
the world's largest birds
those are the ones that you'll get the easily skies right now
and joining me now is the army corps of engineers park ranger michael mckean how
you know it
pretty good job for tr this is an amazing time because we're so used to
being on the eagle watch but there's a palate can walk to the quad cities as
well and we're pretty lucky only
aren't we
uh... we're gonna be seeing on last saturday and sunday with the pelican
at lock and dawm fourteen and mentioned there's two different kinds of pelicans
that we see and the ones that were in the most another with on this area are
the american white pelicans
they are
a majestic creature me i i remember getting phone calls when i first got
here about fifteen years ago from people like
i can't believe it but i've seen a pelican is that possible
and twenty thirty years ago probly was last possible but
why is the migration coming to the quad cities now in the last fifteen twenty
well it's a good question come we don't have a definitive
reason why they're upcoming their just couple uh... theories changing weather
pattern um...
heating up in the area
but we're seeing a now uh... their numbers are improving since the nineteen
sixties so simply i might be more of them and they need more area desperate
out in uh... look for food ever and always these big eagles arriving in

three to six weeks and last for a period of time
is the pelican migration to the qualities about secret timer
when is the best viewing
well pretty soon here will be we will be seeing more pelicans
spotted in the area others on flying overhead
they'll stay
throughout the summer for the most part out we we are seeing them down at
lock in dawm fifteen uh... where visitor centers
and they stayed with us still
probably around august september and then they slowly started the uh... migrate
for those who are not familiar with the quad cities area lockheed and fifteen is
the rock island davenport lock it in fourteen
is pleasant valley le claire area and that's where you be hosting kind of the
uh... pelican watch over the weekend why that location particular is there a
certain uh... of viewing area that like thatslocated right there
well that says that uh... very itself is very user-friendly as a large parking
lot there's the boardwalk that walks
write-up smith's island which is their has more let's let's be honest
it's been three its morality worlds more woodsy out in that area that it is in
downtown rock island davenport
yea thats right
simply more
more of nature i has many you know large buildings in such uh... not as
many disturbances the pelicans
they really like to be disturbed if they can't help but especially when nesting
my understanding the american white oelican is not exactly a human friendly
no that wouldbe about right uh...
it's hard to see him when their nesting think that if you go up
obviously it scared off you know from in a large people coming in
become so disturbed that though actually leave their nest and they'll
abandon their egges there are some their and
so at times there there
that don't like to be view sometimes if you are and when we think of the eagle we
figured the majestic american symbol
part there are different eagles... golden
uh... but the pelican was also at a time are somewhat endangered what's the help
of it now
uh... it's looking pretty good the numbers are coming back up
and i really nineteen hundred up until about nineteen sixty's their
numbers were gone down for
various reasons i a loss of habitat uh... they're being uh... shot a lot of
times unfortunately
uh... but now they're there come on their way back
and it's it's looking pretty good where were pretty excited that there in our
area where historically they really weren't just in the last uh... about ten
years or really see more so we talk about the american white pelicans
through the quad cities area
uh... what's your favorite part when you're at pelican watch i mean what do
you tell the people that are out there spotty for the very first time
what uh...
this will be my first pelican watch
i was with the corp last summer and you know people eventually see more work
basically if they're if they're fishing of any kind they're pretty uh...
pretty ensuring that they actually fish in packs what they'll do is
they'll be you know maybe a dozen of them kinda work like a net does
though in a push fish in a certain area if it's shallows
it's against may be a lot wall
and others they take turns
grab them fish out of the water and by the most interesting part for people's
seeing actually though this wall of the fish head first hole
because i think that of the more of a pack animal
of a flock in one in the eagle
will swoop down very independent will fight other eagles but the pelicans are
a lot different uh... in their hunting or fishing uh... uh... the way they do
it right usually fish as a group and it's it's more effective for them that
this bird you know it's a pretty big bird these can stand four feet tall
they can be between ten and twenty pounds and so this large bird is trying
to catch maybe the small little fish
and so has
you know if he has his other fellow birds helping him out
you know roping in this one area it just it's better for the whole
group in that sense his most people think of pelicans
basically ends on the gulf coast and here we are in the quad cities we get to
see them
him migratory flight through in some ways she said stay for a while how long
will reveal its actually see in a quad cities area
the largest concentration of pelicans
it's it's hard to say saying that there
you know still new new area you know lasts about ten years as i mentioned so
uh... more hopeful that they'll stay
through the majority of the summer and it's kinda interesting with all the the
high water coming up to see how that might affect their where they're being
seen at or how long they stay real quickly market game fourteen twenty nine
one o'clock doesn't buy until one on saturday and sunday and it's very
expensive is it
oh real expensive ...its free
ranges will be there will have scope setup handing out pamphets
answering a lot of questions that sort of that therefore there today
thank you mike that something they wanted
take advantage of the go see these pelicans were actually lucky to see the
white pelicans in our area each spring they spend their summers from southern
canada in minnesota
all the way to northern california
they begin their start early migration of the gulf coast
in the early fall
by the way you may know
or some college students who are migrating home to the quad cities for the
summer for a lot of the earlier students interested
in taking part of the w_qpt_ p_b_s_ ambassador program the volunteers will
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