Dark Horse Comics - Hellboy: The Fury Part 1

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NARRATOR: Hellboy, after quitting the BPRD, traveling
to Africa, being captured by mermaids, and spending several
years lost at sea, was invited by the witches of England to
become their king.
HELLBOY: Screw you guys.
NARRATOR: He declined.
The witches then reluctantly agreed to accept a new queen--
Nimue, the sorceress who had seduced Merlin, stolen his
powers, and entombed him alive.
Who at once so terrified the witches of England that they
betrayed her and murdered her, who was cut into pieces and
hidden away for hundreds of years in a cave.
Nimue accepted the title Queen of the Witches, but shortly
thereafter declared herself Badhbh Macha Mor-Rioghain,
Goddess of War.
With the aid of Gruagach of Lough Leane, she has gathered
an army-- the people out of the dark, those who have lived
in dust with only hate to sustain them.
An army whose ultimate purpose is the destruction
of all life on Earth.
Hellboy, meanwhile, has learned that he is descended
on his mother's side from King Arthur, and is therefore the
rightful king of Britain.
Hellboy has also fallen in love with Alice Monaghan, who,
in 1959, he rescued when she was abducted by fairies.
The noble dead of Britain have now risen from their graves to
follow their new king into battle against
Nimue's army of monsters.
But Hellboy has decided he must face Nimue alone, leaving
Arthur's sword with Alice.
Hellboy has given his left eye to the
Russian witch Baba Yaga.
And in return, she has promised to get him past
Nimue's army to the tower where she prepares for war,
unaware that even at this moment, she is undergoing a
horrific transformation.

And now--


WITCH: Is this our doing?
WITCH: We set it in motion.
WITCH: It was the pig.
His doing, not ours.
WITCH: But we could have stopped it.

WITCH: Wait.
Who's there?
WITCH: See his one eye.
It's Odin out wandering the world.
WITCH: No, look to his hand, you see.
He carries a hammer.
WITCH: Thor, then.
HELLBOY: Where is she?

She alone up there?
WITCH: No, Ganeida is with her.
GANEIDA: I don't want this.
NIMUE: Want?
You prayed for this.
NIMUE: You called, and they answered.
Not like this!
The worlds turns one way.
Even the great Nimue cannot turn back the world.
You called and they answered and soon they'll tempt your
heart and drag them from the beginning of the dark.

HELLBOY: Enough of this crap.
One way or the other, it all ends here.

ALICE: I can't believe this.
After all Hellboy went through, all I went through to
get the sword--
to just throw it away?
BARKEEP: What did he say?
You heard him.
BARKEEP: No, what did Arthur say?
KING ARTHUR: Alice Monaghan.
ALICE: What?
That was just a dream.
But he said that my life was bound to the sword.
What does that mean?

BARKEEP: Dear, come and have a look at this.
That's young George Washbrook, 1814, right before he shipped
of for war.
ALICE: He looks nice.
BARKEEP: Oh, but he was troubled.