СтопХам 26 - Морячок

Uploaded by StopXAM on Feb 29, 2012

-Your town is your house, get order in it, don't wait for someone else to do it for you, take example of the guys from Astrakhan, they didn't made excuses for themselfs and just went out on the streets, see the second video of this wonderful city
-You will get a sticker on your windshield. -Don't you believe it?
Do you know what I'm gonna do to you?
What you gonna do?
Don't shoot the vehicle! What you're shooting?
I don't shoot you. I'm shooting him. Relax. Not you.
Are you f*cking now?
Guys, listen. Keep the hands steady on first place. Move the car, please.
Don't shoot on ***
What about me, come in your house and scr*w you?
Don't swear please. 0:00:46.000,0:0046.500 I'm gonna shove that camera right in your a*s.
Don't swear please.
Thank you for your understanding.
You guys park somewhere else. We have a social movement called StopHAM.
Take it away! I'm telling you again?
Take away the camera, I'm telling you.
Guys, take guard.
Give me that camera.
Listen to me, you don't walk you don't walk to me.
Don't put sticker there.
Park the vehicle somewhere else. You don't park it here and it won't be with sticker on, it's that simple.
I'm waiting for the owner of the vehicle to move it.. you hide that camera, take it away.
Guys, move it. You're just making it out now. Move the vehicle.
There is no owner.
Well, it's not OK, I'm gonna put a sticker now.
Aster dialect.
All OK. Good.
All, all.
You can leave now, we put sticker on you, we will put stickers to all the other guys.
It's not your car
Then I will put sticker on you.
Put it.
Based on what you are putting stickers?
Remove the stickers.
Based on what?
You're violating...
I'm not violating the law, you are.
Then go and put sticker on them.
They have already.
You don't want to move the vehicle?
Why the hell are you shooting this хню? Shoot your a*s, then shoot his.
I'm leaving, all you go away.
Remove your hands from his arms, don't touch his arms, don't pull in your direction.
Remove the hands from me.
Remove the hands, he's filming...
I'll brake his own hands on ***
Why are you showing off for?
AAndrew Andrew Andrew
You are an officer, senior lieutenant.
What? I know who I am.
And how do you behave?
What? I'm moving the vehicle.
How do you behave?
I am telling you to remove the stickers.
Didn't get you attention at first.
You put it - now remove it.
I warned you, but you didn't get it.
The question is not about me. The question is not about me.
Remove, you у*
The question is not about me.
You, move the vehicle.
Don't you see, I'm moving it.
Don't you see, I'm moving it.
Move it.
I'm moving it.
Move it.
I'm moving it now.
Move it.
What right do you have to touch me? Do I touch you?
I'm not touching you.
You don't walk to me.
Don't walk to me.
I'm defending myself.
Defending..Am I talking to you now?
Then go away and take care of your own things.
You all go and continue doing your own things.
You move the vehicle.
It's called stopham.su, you can watch the video.
What actions will be taken against him for parking, for violation of traffic rules?
Very rapid speech.
I'm writing 100 rubley(3.5 $) ticket.
Do you understand, that you don't have right here? And that you swore for no reason?
I understand it all. I calmed down, I don't have any complaints.
All? Realized? I'm giving you my phone number, just in case you still have any complaints.
If I have to find you, I'll find you, trust me.
YOU will find me?
Have a nice trip.
Astrakhan is practically the first real franchise of our project, but hopefully not the last one, open StopHAM in your region.
Sen us a video and it will also go on our channel and on TV. For all inquiries please contact me. Your host was Дмитрий Чугунов. See you next week.