Deep Space 69 - Shipphylis (Ep #4)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 11.11.2012

[Hamilton:] We're totally frakked, man!
Our shields are depleted, we've got nowhere to run!
[Jay:] What's that up ahead?
[Hamilton:] Are you crazy? You can't go into a black hole with no protection!
[Jay:] It's our only chance!
Universe... prepare your anus.

[Jay:] See? We're fine. [Hamilton:] Dude! Space pirates!
[Pirate:] Dis be Blob Marley.
Hand over ya ship, lest me missiles be like, "Bluck! Bluck!"
[Jay:] Did you understand anything that guy just said?
Y'know- I don't have time for this.
Ship? Launch- wait wait wait. Wait ship.
Do you have any space weed?
[Blob Marley:] No. [Jay:] Launch all the rockets!
[Blob Marley:] Ja. We not gon' board that nasty ship, mon.
Your ship got da ras clap-clap. Samson. Come round, point us back to the beach.
[Hamilton:] Um. We got a problem.
[Mechanic:] You've got Shipphylis.
You been going through any dirty black holes without protection? Hmm?
[Jay:] What? Rodrigo, come on.
Me? No. Never.
[Man:] Yeah, the guy told me I had to order some kind of flux capacitor thing- I said, "No, buddy,
YOU gotta order a flux capacitor, and you gotta do it now." I got a space tennis lesson right-
Oh what's happening aah I regret nothing glurrgh
[Hamilton:] All right, what's the damage?
[Rodrigo:] *mumbling* We're looking at about 600 duckets.
[Jay:] What? That's crazy.
How about three hundred, and some sexual favors.
For your daughter perhaps?
Dat ass.
[Rodrigo:] How about six hundred and I punch you in the face.
[Jay:] Okay. How about five hundred, and I punch Hamilton in the face.
[Rodrigo:] Deal. [Jay:] Sorry bro, it's just business.
Hey - don't cry.
Hey girl, you lookin for some paper? Because...
I have a roll...
of paper...
No. Wait. I can do better than that.
Oh, what is wrong with me today?
[Girl:] Uh, are you trying to have sex with me?
[Jay:] Yeah, that was the, uh, general gist of where I was going with that.
[Girl:] Okay, let me see it.
[Jay:] My pleasure.
[Girl:] Yeah, that's pretty good, I like that. Let's do this thing.
[Jay:] Nnnnnice.

[Rodrigo:] Where is Mr. Jay?
[Hamilton:] I dunno. When I can't find him, he's usually up to his nuts in guts.
*sex sounds*
[Rodrigo:] You son of a bitch!
[Jay:] But I threw in the sexual favors for free!
Ow. Still totally worth it.
Ow. Okay. Still kinda worth it.
Ow. Okay, that hurts.
Ow! My face!
Okay, not worth it anymore.
Ow. Please stop. Totally not worth it.
So much punching!
I lied.
Still totally worth it.