How To Get the Film Look on DSLR Video

Uploaded by drumat5280 on 24.09.2010

I am an expert in movies, why? Because my wife and I go on date night once a week. Well
all right maybe I am not an expert in films and all but I can help you by providing some
tips by turning your DSLR footage in to more of a flimic look.
The first item I want to talk about is Setting your camera to 24 frames per second. To be
honest this is probably provides the smallest value to it, of all the items I am going to
tell you about. Most people can not tell the difference from 24 to 30 fps, it happens more
on a sub-conscious level. People can't tell the difference between 24 and 30 frames per
second The reason I shoot at 24 frames per second is not the look, it is because it creates
smaller file sizes.
Shoot with a shadow depth of field This new canon cameras and I think and some of these
other manufacturers they have these huge large sensor on them which help you creates this
shallow depth of field. If you watch any movie or good TV show and you are going to see this
used over and over again where the background is all out of focus and all your focus goes
the subject or the person telling the story.
aspect ratio, this is the second most important. Normal people notice this right away when
their TV is letter boxed when it starts. This is a dead giveaway that this is a film. So
shoot your movie with a similar aspect ratio.
Shoot in 720p or higher, to match film you are going to need all the resolution you can
get. However many will not notice that much difference between 720 and 1080.
Use a tripod, a monopod, use a rig on your shoulder, most important keep it steady unless
shakiness adds to your story.
Use a slider or a dolly at least a few times to reveal something, you see this over and
over again in just about every movie.
use a gib, most films use an establishing opening shot and most on done on some sort
of gib where the camera glides up from street level into the trees to give you a different
Shoot your videos flat and then Color your video in post. The in camera settings while
very good can be a bit over saturated or have too much contrast. There are many tutorials
on how to color your video to look more like a block buster.
Don't zoom in or zoom out while filming, instead shoot far away then close up with a cut between
shots. Zooms are super fun on a camcorder but I would bet that most film crews just
own prime lens and don't use any zooms unless it is a very special shot.
This last one has nothing to do with video, but if you audio sounds like cr*p because
the mic is mounted on the camera, or you are missing some inportant background music that
completes the scene or missing foley noise, even if you did everything else right on this
list the audio which 50% of your video, and if the audio sucks it is really not going
to help you get that film look.
Alright I hope that helps, again I am not an expert on film but these are the things
I need to work on myself and talk to you guys later. Bye.
Tell a good story. Tell a good story.