Texas A&M: Wildfires Scorch Texas

Uploaded by AggieMedia on 27.10.2011

Over three three and a half million acres
more land than the entire state of Connecticut
completely scorched
nearly three thousand homes gone
consumed by fire
in the most destructive wildfire season in Texas history
hundreds of millions of dollars in damage
but it could have been worse
much worse
In fact, over 35,000 homes
were saved
the Texas forest service from the Texas A&M University System is on the
front line leading the heroic efforts to stem hundreds of blazes
and they're winning
when the worst wildfire in the state's history erupted the governor enlisted the
help of two additional A&M System partners; Texas Task Force 1,
the elite search and rescue team from the Texas Engineering Extension Service
and the Veterinary Emergency Team from the College of Veterinary Medicine and
Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M.
Joining forces with Texas Department of Emergency Management
Texas Parks and Wildlife, the National Guard and more,
thousands of brave men and women created an
army of firefighters in the field and in the the air
day after day,
in suffocating heat,
they battle to gain control of even the most devastating fires
no matter what type of disaster,
the Texas A&M University System team stands ready to respond and serve
the citizens of the state of Texas with courage
and determination