Dart Paperplane [tutorial]

Uploaded by tavin15 on 06.04.2012

the dart is a simple paper plane
you can use printer paper A4 or US letter format
fold the paper in half along the longer edge
so both edge are aligned
open the fold
fold the corner to the middle line
but leave a little gap to collapse the model later
and align the edge with the crease
repeat on the other side
edge to center line
repeat the same thing
but now with the new edge
edge to center line
repeat on the other flap
the new edge to the center line
so you get an arrow or date shape (hence the name)
fold in half again (just like in the beginning)
fold down the top layer
to form one of the two wings
make the crease parallel to bottom line
about one thumb away
turn over and repeat
to form the second wing
that is the basic dart
fold up the wing in an Y-shape so the are even when the plane flies
I like to add 2 more steps
some small wings on the side
on both sides
it is optional you don't need to do it
then I push in that corner with an inside reverse fold
again: totally optional
and that is the dart!
I hope you enjoyed the video and have fun with the plane
to fold more planes click one of the annotations in the video