How To Make Stuffed Baked Cucumber : Chopping Celery For Stuffed Baked Cucumbers

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hi, this is Rich Buccola here in New York City. And today, on behalf of Expert Village,
I'm going to show you how to make stuffed cucumbers. All right, I'm back. I just want
to show you nice and how finely chopped I got this. Just working it and working it.
So that's it. Going to take your onion -- I took a little bit. I've got to be honest,
though. I thought it was too much onion for your mix. You're going to have to use a small
onion, not a medium one, okay? And just add that to your bowl. See how nice that's starting
to look? That's going to be our filling for our tomatoes. And again, just give it a little
mix together. Look at how nice that's coming together. All right, we're going to come back
now to our cutting board, and we're going to take our celery stalk and give it a nice
washing under the sink. All right, so lastly, I'm here, and I'm just going to clean up a
little bit of my mess. I'm here with my celery stalk. I'm just going to chop off that end
that we don't need. And earlier, I said our tomato. We're going to stuff our tomatoes.
I do a beautiful tomato stuffing here on Expert Village, so check that out. That was one of
my grandmother -- that was one of my favorites, I'll tell you. That was really a good video.
But here, I just cut this in half like so. And to chop it up fine, I'm just going to,
again, have big pieces like so. And it doesn't matter because I'm going to chop it down to
the consistency that I want. So I've got some of them cut, and you'll see they're big. Point
again in front, bringing the knife up and down, back and forth, chopping our celery
to the consistency and the size that we would like.