How to make doll outfit 11 T-shirt

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 20.02.2011

I had a lot of request to make a tutorial for a simple t-shirt
So here it is
You can use 1 or 2 kinds of fabric for this
I prefer not to just jersey, it's kind of hard to sew
Velcro for closure
First, cut the pieces following the pattern
Fold the longest side of the sleeve piece
Sew a line
Sew the sleeve to the body piece
Same to the other side
Sew the back pieces to it as well
It should look like this
Fold the collar in and sew a line
Sew the two sides up
Now fold and sew a line on the edges
Turn the sleeves out
Add velcro for closure
This is how it should turn out
I like to wear it slightly off shoulder
It's more trendy
This is a long t-shirt
you can also make a short version for normal t-shirt
This is all for now, see you