Face/Off (2/9) Movie CLIP - We Both Know Our Guns (1997) HD

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(gun clicking)
Give up, castor! Your time's up!
Well, you better hit me, sean,
'cause you only got one bullet left.
So do you.
We've got somethin' in common!
We both know our guns.
What we don't have in common
Is that I don't care if I live, and you do.
Sean, that hurts.
You're not havin' any fun, are you, sean?
Why don't you come with us?
Try terrorism for hire. We'll blow some shit up. It's more fun!
Shut the fuck up. You watch your fucking mouth!
I'm about to unleash the biblical plague "hell-a" deserves.
But I'll give this shithole a break if my brother and I walk.
Oh, no, I see, y-you think I'm bluffing.
Maybe I am. But then, maybe I'm not.
More importantly, what would you do with me locked up?
You'd drive your wife and kid crazy.
Say, how is your daughter anyway? Is she ripening by now?
Your darling janie, your little peach, is she ripe?
Whoa! I'm ready!
Please, man, don't shoot me.
(weak laugh)
I'm scared, seany.
(castor laughs)
Well, I think you better pull the trigger.
Because I don't give a fuck.
♪ I'm ready
♪ ready for the big ride, baby ♪