Alive Inside - Alive Inside Pilot Episode (Minecraft Machinima Series)

Uploaded by AvengedOutcast on 01.11.2012


I'm a scavenger.
I find and take whatever keeps me alive.
In a place like this...
It's the best I can do.
They call them zombies. You get bit...
you get infected.
Simple as that.
How long it takes to turn depends on how bad the bite is. I knew a few who were
The woman turned in 4 hours...
It took the child 3 days before he turned.
Animals can't get infected. Don't know why.
Just can't.
The city is empty.
I'm the only one here.
Everyone else, well...
They are around
just not alive.
I call myself a scavenger,
but honestly
I'm nothing more than a survivor.
This world
is a rugged place.
I escape that reality by carving my own.
I come here every so often to find books I haven't read.

It hurts to see our loved ones pass on...
but in these times,
It's kill or be killed.
You gotta do what you can to survive.
This is our extinction.
It's survival at all costs...