Jimmy Wong extended interview from Wits & Wagers - TableTop ep. 13

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 20, 2012


Hi, my name is Jimmy Wong.
I run a musical YouTube channel.
I also host a cooking show called Feast of Fiction, and I
act in and around Los Angeles.
I started YouTube last February, so it's been
about a year now.
My brother whose channel is FreddieW, or Freddie Wong, on
YouTube, inspired me to sort of do my own thing and I
decided to go with music.
So I do a lot of covers of popular songs, as well as my
own variations on songs as well.
I've worked with my brother a couple of times.
Mostly I'm just the nameless goon or thug in the background
that gets shot down by him.
I don't know what our mom actually thinks about that,
but that's the extent of my work with him.
Some of the best comments I think I've gotten on my
YouTube channel are whenever I do have Freddie in my video.
Half the comments are usually wait, how do you
know Freddie W?
Or it's like, is Freddie W his brother?
And then the list of other people who are replying as
though they know the answer is always hilarious.
It's like no, they're just really good friends.
They both live together in Los Angeles.
They're like no, they're brothers.
Or, no, they're cousins.
It's hilarious, just the range of facts that people think
they know and our lives.
It's definitely a little worrisome to try and pursue
something like music, or just any art, really, on the
internet where you're not making what seems like a
viable amount of money to live on.
But music, like a lot of other things I picked up in my life,
was just one thing that I was particularly enthusiastic
about or had a lot of passion for.
So when it came to doing it on YouTube, it was a very natural
extension of myself.
So in addition to all music stuff I do on YouTube, I also
pursue a lot of acting.
And the film I was just in was at Sundance.
The name of the movie I acted in was called
John Dies at the End.
I definitely consider myself a gamer.
Freddie and I grew up playing video games all the time.
Some of my fondest memories are playing video games and
having Freddie watch me, or vice versa, when we are in
middle school and high school and stuff.
So a lot of our childhood revolved around that.
Gaming is a part of everyone's life, regardless of whether or
not you realize it.