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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Hey, everybody.
I'm Sheena DiMatteo, and it looks like the great weather
is finally here to stay.
It's gorgeous out here in Union Square.
And you're watching Just Dance, el cinco de Mayo.

Oh my god.
The crew killed it on Katy Perry week.
What were your guys' favorites?
Comment below.
We want to find out what your favorite routines were.
I know my two favorites were definitely Phunk Phenomenon,
"Waking Up in Vegas" and "Peacock" by I aM mE.
I aM mE is famous for it's brain-banging technique, where
they kind of blow your mind as they make
these crazy, cool pictures.
So making a peacock, they were all up to that challenge.

Phunk Phenomenon really brought something cool with
the roulette wheel, because they brought they're break
dancing, and they had the head spin going on the middle as
the wheel and all the other break
dancers around the sides.

Unfortunately we said good-bye to Request, my
girls from New Zealand.
I love those girls.
You guys are still going to go far.
I went backstage and chatted with all the crews about
Rihanna week.
And let's check it out.
MALE SPEAKER 1: Our song is "Only Girl in the World,"
which makes no sense.
It doesn't even fit us 'cause we're all boys.
We're an all-boy crew.
There's seven of us.
MALE SPEAKER 2: Everybody is so good, and I think it just
comes down to obviously, heart and who wants it the most, but
who strategically pre-planned before the show and has
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Calling all Gleeks.
Calling all Gleeks.
We need your opinion on Fleetwood
Mac and Kristin Chenoweth.
How was it?
What happened?
I'm hungry for comments.
Me want comments.
We're going to feature the best comment on our next
episode, so you guys better tell us what you thought.
Our next episode on Glee is entitled "Prom Queen." Who is
it going to be?
Will it be Lauren Zizes or Quinn Fabray?
Maybe it will be Sue Sylvester.
Who knows?
With Glee, you never know.
If you guys were trying to get tickets to Lady Gaga's Monster
Ball Tour this year, you already know that it was
pretty darn impossible.
I mean, it's Gaga, she sells out in a second.
But luckily for us, HBO is finally bringing it to TV, so
we can watch it from the comfort of our own living
rooms eating Cheez-Its.
Laurieann "Boom-Cat" Gibson, directed and choreographed the
HBO special and I had a chance to sit down and talk
to her about it.
Check it out.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: I was actually in the truck with 17
live cameras.
And I came out, and I was like, oh my god, I'm high.
That was so amazing.
We collaborated from the beginning.
And it was a theater in a arena.
And there were so many things that only I could understand,
so many details in the choreography, in the story, in
the layers.
To be able to direct it and tell it from a movement
perspective and catch the dance was freedom for us.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Last week was so much fun checking out what
all the Gleeks around the universe had to say about
Glee, I decided to do it again and check out what everyone
around the universe and YouTube is saying
about the Gaga tour.
KEVIN: What's up, YouTube?
It's Kevin and Makael, and we are here to talk about Lady
Gaga's Monster Ball Tour that comes on HBO this Saturday
night at 9 o'clock.
Any concert that you watch on TV is nothing
like being there live.
MAKAEL: I went to the Monster Ball Tour twice, and she
doesn't just put on a show-- she puts on a full-out
KEVIN: The people that don't like Lady Gaga, I wish that
they do watch it, because they will get to--
MAKAEL: A new-found respect.
Just like he did.
I'm not saying he didn't like Gaga, but he
wasn't too big on going.
But once he went, he respected Gaga a whole lot more.
MAKAEL: So make sure you guys check us out--
That's skorpion with a K not a C.
MIKEY BUSTOS: Hi, everyone.
This is your boy, Mikey Bustos, indeed a
Gaga fan and monster.
Stop calling me.
As a recording artist and performer myself, I can fully
recognize that you can't really get a full scope of an
artist simply by watching detached, single performances.
The broadcast of her entire concert, especially for an
artist like Lady Gaga--
just put your paws up--
will give the world a new perspective on Lady Gaga as an
artist all around.
And with 10 backup dancers backing her up along with her
ever-improving dance moves-- oh, ha, ha--
the show is bound to be a ball-- a monster ball.
Good luck, Gaga.
I love ya.
Thanks, DanceOn.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: So I was already a huge fan of the
Queen Bee, Beyonce.
But now I love her even more.
She's totally taking steps towards getting kids involved
in dance through a program started by Michelle Obama
called Let's Move.
The Let's Move campaign was developed by NABEF, AASA,
Say that five times fast.
So I checked this video out in my apartment in my monkey
sweat pants.
It's a really run work out, and I got to say, it reminded
me of my Zumba classes because I'm a Zumba instructor.
And it's so much fun to dance and work out, you don't even
realize you're working out.
So way to go, Beyonce.
Way to go, Michelle Obama, and let's move, kids.
Being single and living in New York City, I've got to say,
I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy.
All I need is my tub of Ben and Jerry's.
This season, Something Borrowed is definitely a movie
I'm going to be checking out.
And my girl Kourtney got the luxury of spending an
afternoon with John Carrafa, the choreographer from
Something Borrowed and learned some sweet dance moves.
I'm Kourtney Richard with DanceTube, and I have John
Carrafa with me, who choreographed Something
Borrowed with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin.
JOHN CARRAFA: All right.
So let's do Roger Rabbit.
Step, step, step.
Now, you just sort of step behind yourself.
Step and, step and, step, step, step.
Now, do this.
It's all in the ribs.
There you go.
Five, six, seven, eight.
And one and two and three and four.
KOURTNEY RICHARD: THANK you so much for coming in, John, and
showing me all of these wonderful moves.
I had so much fun.
Me too.
And don't forget to go and watch Something Borrowed
coming out when?
Go check it out.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: All right, guys.
That's all I got for you today.
Thank you so much for hanging out with me again.
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