Defender Series iPhone 5 case features | OtterBox TV

Uploaded by OtterBoxTV on 01.10.2012

So I finally got my hands on the new iPhone 5 and...
I have to say it's designed absolutely beautiful. Inside and out.
Hi I'm Brian, and I'm a proud member of the OtterBox customer service team at OtterBox.
As incredible as this iPhone 5 is, and for how hectic my lifestyle can be,
I wouldn't dream of putting anything other than
the Defender series on it.
Whether I'm exercising, typing emails on the go...
or hiking, the Defender series definitely does this phone justice.
With its multi-layer design,
This case gives me added confidence that it will protect against
nearly anything that might happen in my hectic life.
When you take a closer look at this case, you see that it's much more than just case.
The designers at OtterBox studied every aspect of this phone
to create an innovative, protective solution that will keep my iPhone 5 looking great and working flawlessly.
The robust, three layer design features our improved outer rubber layer that has
added strength to withstand heavy use and hold its shape over time.
The solid plastic interior shell completely surrounds my iPhone 5 protecting it from drops and damage.

One of my favorite features is the built-in screen protector.
It requires no added installation steps and prevents scratches on my new touch screen.
This case also has doors and tabs that block dust, lint, and dirt
from accumulating in the ports and jacks. And with a custom camera opening...
the case isolates the camera and flash to preserve the quality of every picture I take with my new iPhone.
All put together, I feel like the Defender series was made for me and my iPhone 5.
Every Defender series case comes with a swiveling, belt clip holster.
With our improved holster design, when carrying the phone face-in to the holster...
it provides additional protection.
The design of our belt clip is also new and improved,
featuring a smooth, ratcheting motion,
streamlined locking function, and a hooked clip for a tight hold.
Just like your new iPhone is not just a smart phone,
Our Defender series is not just a case.
It's a multilayer, protective solution for your most prized possession.
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