interview with Haim Saban from the Israeli news about the Power Rangers (EngSub)

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Haim Saban, the man who's connected to the American politics, to the Clintons and Obama,
Made his big fortune from the Power Rangers.
10 years ago he sold the rights to those colorful characters for Millions,
but now Saban and the Rangers are back together.
The story began almost 30 years ago.
Business man and producer Haim Saban stayed in a hotel in Japan and watched the TV.
He didn't understand a word from what they said but something in his stomach said that this is exactly what he was looking for.
I was watching and I saw a group of guys and girls fighting some kind of monsters,
and it looks like... something like...
let's say really funny and full of action, it was really exciting.
After a negotiation with the Japanese he bought rights of the show,
but than came a new problem.
I made a pilot and for 8 years I tried to sell it in the US and I failed.
They told me "Listen, it's not gonna work, what's that thing?
"What are they fighting monsters? What they are wearing some kind of pajamas with boots?
"What's that? Are you making fun of us?"
but I believed that it's good.
Until I found a woman who loved it and she managed Fox Kids and she bought it.
And from here it's history.
after a week the Power Rangers, those teenagers who morphs into super hero and fight evil
became a hit in the US and from than all over the world and even in Israel.
no one believed, even Saban himself, that it'll be that successful.
In 1984 I bought it for half a million Dollar, that's it,
and all the merchandise that sold until Disney bought the rights made 6 billion Dollars...
making money, you know.
All the toys were sold out.
In the US people woke up in 4 AM,
waited in lines in front of Toys R Us in hope to be first to get those toys.
10 years ago Saban sold the rights to Disney.
The product was slowly disappeared. they didn't take care of it. They did nothing with it.
For 8 years the show was trudged and a year ago Saban bought back the rights and started shooting new episodes.
And again, after a week, the show has high rating in the US, the UK and Canada.
It has 19 million viewers in the US.
Soon it's coming to Israel, and the guys who is in charge of the business here is Gil Saban,
Haim's nephew
I was growing up watching Power Rangers so for me it's like the dream come true.
When we see everything that's going on around the world and all the great responses we're believe that it can work here too.
Is this the next generation?
We're the same generation, what are you talking about?
What, what next generation? What, you think that I'll quit?
On his visit in Israel, Saban is checking everything, searching where he can invest,
and mostly impressed by the Israeli productions.
I'm impressed how they can produce those great productions on hard market like this.
But now he is focusing on the Power Rangers, the TV show and the movie that'll come after it.
He's trying the recreate the success with the same love from 20 years ago.