『How to fold a straw heart』

Uploaded by daporcupine on 06.08.2008

Hi everyone! I’ll be showing you how to make a straw heart.
I would like to thank metamorphosisme for showing how to do it in her video.
It looks something like this.
You need two straws
And you need to straighten them out.
I’ve labelled mine 1 & 4 on one straw and 3 & 2 on the other straw
Just to help with the orientation.
Hold 1 & 4 horizontally and placed 2 & 3 behind it.
Turn 3 over 1 & 4
You'll want it to be roughly the same height.
A key thing to note when making the straw heart is you’re always moving the right most straw.
So in this case it’s 4
Take 4 and go over 3, aligning it next to 2
The next two steps are over and then under:
Take 3 go over 4, underneath 2
Take 4 go over 2 & 3, under 1
Alright now you got this hexagon shape, which is great!
The next two steps are under and then over:
Take 2 go under 3, over 1
Take 3 go under 1 & 2, over 4
The next two steps are over and then under:
Take 1 go over 2, under 4
And take 2 go over 1 & 4, under 3
We’re almost near the end now!
Take 4 turn over itself, and likewise take 1 go over itself.
To secure the heart, place 1 into this loop in the middle of the heart.
This might get a bit tricky for some of you.
If it doesn’t go through just take it out and try again.
Alright the last step is to cut out all the loose ends.
Ta da! You've made a straw heart!