[eng sub] Hyoyeon at DWTS-2 Press Conference

Uploaded by HyoyeonSubs2 on 30.04.2012

Hello, I am SNSD's Hyoyeon.
It's a different genre of dancing from my usual favorite style -
a dance that emphasizes the feminine side.
Most people were saying that because I dance well,
I will be able to do this (kind of dancing) well too
But it's not the case at all!
If I was learning this without knowing anything (about dancing)
I would be able to do it more easily,
But because of the dances that I've learned in the past, it was more difficult.
So just like everyone else, I'll work even harder
and show you a more feminine side (of myself)
Please look after me well.
Q: What do you this is the reason for your casting on DWTS?
The reason for me being chosen?
Well.. among SNSD, I dance a little bit well..
so I want to say that it must be the reason I was chosen.
random fellow contestant: You're pretty!
thankyou n_n
Q: You're having "hot" (??) practise sessions/ friendship with your partner (lol idk if this is what he said!)
So far there are no things like scandals - At all!
But since we have skinship, even though he's not my boyfriend,
I feel.. how should I say it... flustered/nervous
I think there's a bit of that.
We will be watching out for it in the future!