Christmas in America

Uploaded by ahlearning on 23.12.2011

Santa Claus – it’s very mean to call him fat. We don’t call him fat, actually. We
call him “jolly”. This is a word that means he is always in a really good mood.
He actually has a special laugh, he says “Ho, ho, ho” and that’s his way of laughing.
He has got rosy cheeks. He is always in a good mood, so he is jolly. But “jolly”
you use for people who have a big stomach.
Rudolph – The story is that Rudolph used
to be made fun of by all the other reindeer and nobody liked him. And then it was foggy
one Christmas Eve – so, Santa must have been in Austria – and he found Rudolph.
And he put him with his other reindeer and he shows the way through the fog or bad weather
because his nose lights the way. That’s why Rudolph is so important, but there are
eight other reindeer. So, he has the magic flying reindeer pulling his sleigh. He comes
to your house, he comes down through the chimney. He lands on the roof with his reindeer and
his sleigh. And you can know that he is coming, sometimes you can hear the jingle bells – just
like the song. So if you are not good you don’t get presents, instead you get a lump
of coal. Now, this is more of a threat that parents use to make their children behave.
Usually even bad children, I think, still get presents. So you put up a stocking with
your name on it and then Santa Claus will come. If you have been bad he will put coal
in your stocking. But also, if you have been good you get stuff in your stocking. Usually
stuff like sweets, maybe gift cards, jewelry – something like that. Little presents.
I always open my stocking first and save the big, good presents for last.
So, every mall
usually has a Santa Claus and he’ll sit in the middle of the mall. Children will line
up and wait for him. And then they’ll sit in his lap and he will ask them “Have you
been naughty or nice?” And if they have been nice he says: “What would you like
to have for Christmas?” So, then you don’t have to mail him a letter.
Christmas meal is actually very similar to the Thanksgiving meal.
So, turkey, vegetables and potatoes.
And for dessert – any idea what we eat for dessert? Not just cookies. Apple pie, yes.
Apple pie is at almost – I think –every holiday. I don’t like it very much, but
it is a very typical American dessert. Apple pie is something you will find on a lot of
American holidays. There is all different types of pie. On Thanksgiving we talked about
pumpkin pie. You won’t find that on Christmas so much anymore, because the pumpkins are
not so much in season. But sometimes chocolate pudding pie, or things like that. You can
find all different types.
The next very important part that I want to talk about: presents,
yes, and decorations. What’s the most important decoration? The Christmas tree, exactly! “Ornaments”
is more of a general term. So, we have the ball shaped ones, but ornaments are actually
something you collect. And it’s usually… you collect ornaments that reflect something
that you like. For example, since I was really, really little my family got me Barbie ornaments.
And even though I am grown up now they still buy me Barbie ornaments, because it’s a
tradition. And even though I don’t want Barbie ornaments anymore, it’s the tradition
and that’s what I have collected since I was little and that’s what I’m stuck with.
The next very important part that I wanted to talk about which is … the Christmas tree.
And what goes under the tree? Presents… of course very important. What other decoration
might you put underneath the tree for Christmas? It’s called the “Nativity Scene” and
the nativity scene is with Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the animals and the kings.
Jesus in the manger – it’s called. We also do this in America. But there is some stuff that
we put under the tree, other than the presents. First of all we put a kind of a rug, but we
call a “tree skirt”. And you do this to protect your floor from being covered in pine
needles (or the leaves from the tree). Sometimes people like to decorate the tree, so it’s
not just useful, it’s pretty. Any idea what we put on the tree skirt? Aha, so maybe a
toy train that goes around. And then sometimes people will also make a little Christmas village
and it will light up. It’s usually made out of ceramic and it’s something that you
pass down from generation to generation. So it’s a nice thing to have underneath. It
looks really cute when you plug it in and all the lights are on. So, have a very merry
Christmas - I won’t see you guys until afterwards – and a happy New Year. And I will see you
in 2012.