Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Part 07/15 (Eng. Subs)

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Then I thought to myself... I love only Jessie... not him!
Jerry listen to me...
Don't hit me while I am talking to you
You used foul languagefirst
He called me...
If she hadn't come to your rescue...
I would have sent you to hospita
I'll rip you to pieces!
But I didn't tell you something
Ifyou noticed theway I hit Jerry
you will see a boxer's style!
Ya, I am a boxer
In school I learnt boxing along with cricket and footbal
My coach called me 'light foot'
Now you'll seewhy
This is for hitting me...
Fal at my feet, apologise and get lost
otherwise you will get smashed by everyone here
Come and touch my feet
Jerry let me closethe shutter
Where are you going?
That's not the scene now! Come back
Ifyou had caled me I would have come...
why unnecessarily bring al your friends
and create a ruckus
I shouldn't have hit you
There's nothing between Jessie and methe way you think
I'll myself closethe shutter
Is that theway you want it?
What the hell!
Don't, Jerry...Iisten to me
Iisten to me
Ok come...
I told you not didn't listen
It's your fault
Did you hitJerry? What's your hasslewith him?
His dad came and yelled at me
Why do you put me in such a spot?
Let's go in and tak...
His dad will ask us now to vacate
You won't bethere to help me house-hunt
Why did you hit him?
I didn't hit him dad
He brought some guys to hit me
You want meto get hit and keep quiet?
He came down and yelled as if you wereto blame?
Did you try anything with Jessie?
Nothing likethat... He misunderstood...
Let's go in...
Dad got angry 'cos he got yelled at...
You said he hit you but it is Jerry's facethat is bruised!
Karthik, tell me the truth
Ma, I was talking to her generally
Her brother made a big issue out ofit
Hetried to get my girl...
Won't her brother get angry?
Ifmy son came after your daughter... won't you get mad?
Does thatjustify ganging up to hit him?
I should be the oneto give a police complaint!
Ask dad to just keep quiet...go
Your son is the rascal not mine! You think my son is jobless?
Complaint to police? Go ahead, we'll see what happens
I know he is jobless... trying to be a director?
Is that a profession?
He needs to be properly quaified to marry my daughter
Your daughter parks herself like a car in my house...
and you want a qualification?
Ask her...shewould have said something
My son didn't go up to your house
Your daughter is the one aways in our house
You give complaint... so will l...
I will book him on eveteasing charges... he will get thrashed properly
Let the court decide who is wrong
This is my house... This is my daughter...
you live down
I don'twant any more problems
You vacate immediately
Mr Joseph I know the law too... I have given 10 months advance
I should be given 3 months prior notice
I will go to consumer court
I thought it's al over... she said "Don't THlNK! It is over!!"
You caled me?
I thought you loved me?!
How can you hit your loved one's brother?
How can you fightwith him?
Or did you listen to what I said and now you've stopped loving me?
And so you went and hit him with that frustration?
You think I should have taken the beating for your sake?
You want me to grovel at his feet?
I can't
You know how much I love you Jessie
They are arranging my marriage
Because of this?
Fixed the date now... they were aready planning
Did you know that when we were on the train?
No...The day I met you here... told you I liked you... that morning
They confirmed it today
I knew this would happen
But I thought I could somehow convincethem about you
But now after this fight I know what they think of you
So...the wedding
Next month 23rd is thewedding
in the same church where you met me
What do you want me to do Karthik?
Go get married Jessie!
You didn't cometo ask me permission
You just wanted to inform me, right?
You havetold me...go...
I saw her just once after that
She smiled...
it was poetic...
and made me mad too
And then they al left for thewedding
Needless to say weweren't invited
I wantto go for her wedding
What? Keraa has big men in colored lungis who will beat you to pulp
We can't even enter the premises...
I have to go sir...
Give me one good reason why?
I love her
I haveto go for her wedding!
I have to see her face wedding climax now
in your life aso... Iike manyfilms
I feel this is harakiri!
Junior Baldie has seen us
He is Jessie's cousin
You are Jessie's classmates? Aren't you? Get into the church
Shake hands with him...
Wewill come in...
All of her friends arewaiting inside the church...please get in
What is he saying liZard... blizzard...????
Pleasetake your seat
You must eat before you leave
They are all looking at us like aiens...
Oh shit! Her brother... don't look that side
Do we need to go through all this?
Of al the women in the world why did I fall in love with Jessie?
However manytimes you ask me, I have no answer to that