Manymoon - Free social task and project management

Uploaded by ManymoonInc on 25.05.2011

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\f0\fs52 \cf0 Manymoon is social productivity app that helps simplify your worklife - allowing
you to manage tasks and projects with co-workers, customers, or anyone who helps you get things
done.\ Thousands of teams around the world use Manymoon
everyday to stay up-to-date on \b what
\b0 they need to do and \b how
\b0 they need to do it --in real time, in a private and completely secure way.\
Let\'92s take a look.\ Your Manymoon homepage shows an overview of
tasks outstanding and updates that you need to see - like what's been completed by your
teammates and any questions or comments they have.\
You can update your team on what you\'92re working on, share a link to a great article
you found, comment on other people's updates or drill into a project to see more detail.\
In each project you\'92ll see all the tasks that need to be completed and who's working
on what. Let\'92s say you are planning an office picnic and want Tim to pick up snacks\
Simply create a new task and assign it to Tim. He\'92ll get a notice about the task
and can comment if he has any questions.\ Manymoon takes task management one step further
allowing you to share tasks and project updates with people outside of your team. Simply enter
an email address to securely add anyone to a project. There are no new users to create
or complicated security settings to worry about.\
Everyone who's working on the project can post updates, answer each others questions,
share files, and more.\ Sharing files or Google Docs is easy with
drag and drop functionality. With Manymoon, you\'92ll never lose track of your files or
which version your working on.\ \
If you use Google Apps, Manymoon becomes \ul even\ulnone more powerful. You can create
and share Google Docs related to your tasks.\ \
Update a shared calendar to keep everyone in the know.\
\ and even assign tasks and create projects
directly from Gmail.\ All of this is accessible with the same login
you already use for Google Apps. So you and your team don\'92t have to remember more passwords
to be more productive.\ \
Manymoon is Free for unlimited users, projects, and tasks so \ul try it out today\ulnone and
see how Manymoon can simplify your worklife.}