Vlog: Friedensnobelpreis für Obama?

Uploaded by rewboss on 23.10.2009

Hey, it’s me. I’m back, I was away last week in the Netherlands.
It’s a very interesting country:
...and so on.
tromaggot wrote to me. I found it very interesting.
It was on the subject of Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.
He did say I should vlog about it in English,
but since I usually vlog in German and many English speakers do watch my vlogs,
I think I can just mention it here.
He says: “Many people are getting upset because Obama has already won a Nobel Prize.
“He’s only been President for a few months and he has a Nobel Prize. Isn’t it an award for a life’s work?
“Who says it should be?
“Isn’t the Peace Prize especially more of a burden?
“Before Obama goes off course, like many other US Presidents,
“he’s given a Nobel Prize from the start.
“It’s more like a strategy. Because now we have something that we can take away from him
if he doesn’t act like the Messiah of Peace that so many have declared him to be.”
He adds: “Basically, this time round the Nobel Prize is performing the duty of another string
“to control the presidential marionette.
“How can you punish somebody you’re not allowed even to touch or talk to
“if you have nothing you can take away from him?
“Now we can take something away from the President.”
I haven’t researched this yet.
I don’t know if it is possible to take back a Nobel Prize.
But it’s an interesting thought.
On to something else:
leowulffan asks:
“Why do you have a YouTube channel? What kind of motive did you have?
“And what are your videos about? Is there a single theme, or many different ones?”
Here’s the story: My wife bought a video camera for Christmas 2006.
As you can see, I joined YouTube on 25 December 2006.
Well, at first I had no idea what I was going to do with it.
I created the channel because I thought, “OK, now I have a camera,
“what am I going to do with the videos I make with it?”
At first they were travelogues.
Then I added a few more things:
A little comedy, a little satire...
Previously I had been on stage a couple of times, in a comedy club.
I can’t do that any more. I live in a little village — in those days I was in Berlin.
YouTube was for me a platform on which I could continue what I had only just started.
Then I started thinking. At the time, there wasn’t so much German content on YouTube:
so I thought I could try doing something in German.
And that’s when I really started getting noticed:
I’ve even become a partner.
A colourful mix, really.
All a bit confused, with travelogues, comedy, a bit of politics from time to time:
I have a lot on my agenda, so to speak.
What I’m trying to do here is, let’s say, a kind of cultural exchange.
OK, the same question for you all:
Many of you are very active, and actively make vlogs and other kinds of video;
Why do you do that? What prompted you?
Comments, as always, down below and very welcome. Thank you.