Real Love, Episode 5, Chapter 3

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Why are you screaming, damn woman?
Oh, dear God! You don't know what I heard!
It wasn't Doctor Ismael who take care Matilde!
It was Manoel!
He take off her clothes! He touched her!
Did he touched her?
She just told me!
He told her he is a doctor
The poor girl is so embarassed! She said when she wake up she was wearing just her underware!
But she told me he raised her underware to see the cuts!
Are you not going to do nothing about it?
Wait for me here!
Now you have to marry Manoel Fuentes Guerra
Why are you asking me?
You were alone with him in a bed and no clothes on!
I was fainted, mama! It was the made who took off my clothes!
Besides I wasn't completely naked! I was wearing my undderware!
He had to raise your underware to see the cuts!
But he is a doctor!
This is what he says!
I don't want to think he was taking advantage of you but now it's done!
If you hadn't gone to the quarter to look for that bastard this would never happen!
Unsconscious or not you had a indecent behaviour and only the marriage could fix it!
So thank God we won't need to be embarrassed about it because he asked to marry you already!
He wants to marry me?
Yes! it's better you say yes or everybody will know that he took you to his house and saw you naked like when you born!
Mama! Mama!
Don't say a word!
or your father will know about this whole story including your romance with that bastard Tenent!