The Xypher : Session 04

Uploaded by xs1tv on 27.07.2012

[Intro Music by Ralph]
Peace be upon you
Welcome to The Xypher
Shoutouts to Sup Clothing
and tonight we got beats by The Ilohshix
First and foremost
You know how we do this man...
bring the beats in, man
It's the lyrical cannibal, I'm eating up your syllables
The just incredible, rap attacks just like an animal
Dangerous, venomous, got you rappers envious
At the sight of me, I make u fucking faggots nervous
Yeah, Recognize the real deal
Coz Ilbril still kill for the cheap thrills
Style so surreal, harder than the man of steel
Your crews my daily breakfast like an extra value meal, Yeah
that's why I roll with anonymous flow
Keep changing up my style, so u cats cannot follow
You carbon copies, try so hard with your blows
But the feeling ain't real, you just fake like a dildo
Wait! I never said I was done
I'm bringing up the heat, steady shining like the sun
your only light source till the break of dawn
Appearing once in a year, like the month of ramadhan, What!
I am so loco loco, Call me Mr loco
I'm the one that keeps lightning in a fragile glass bottle
I am the one hiding behind the mirror, reflect your inner self
My heart is cold...
You are the victim as I appear from your mouth
Smokey appearances shaking the soul
Sharp gazes like ancient poisoned bamboo shards
Falsafah Pendekar collaboration of two giants
I tease and play with lightning
I suck up a typhoon storm like it's water
Into a vacuum like vacuum suction
I take it out, you suck on it
You shout doing it, you lick me up
I let it out...
Yeah, dogs barking heard from the distance
Your songs so cool, I shit all over it
Empty sounds echoing the drums I act on it
Rifle molded to rob you of your spirit
You are like stories that rumours in the air
I am the storm that made the evening news ...
I really like to bite and chew
The taste of fake emcees in vinegar
You're like an old book that I could burn
I'm like an ancient story when present is heard by all
because im different, not affected by anyone
and when i spit, my verses are rough
One rises the other gets infected
Although I have kept a long silence
It does not matter if I talk less, I will still win
If real recognize real...
If real recognize real...
Let's go...
If real recognize real, then real recognize me
How could it be possibly they don't know Maddie?
You're a rapper? But I'm an MC
That makes me an artist, I understand what this art is
And what this art means, is what this heart speaks
Truth on the lips, whatever rhyme techniques
I disagree when Haikel said it's not about the lyrics
If I can't spit some heat, fuck it I'd rather quit this music
But I fucking love her, that's why it really hurts
WHen rappers mistreat HipHop like the fucking girls
This is my fuckin' world, I 'd die for the mic
I'd kill anybody if they try to take my wife
You want beef? We serve it in a cuisine
We stay young so the kids always surreal
Fly, like Ilbril, Non- cliche rhyme skills
Hamburger hill massacre, I kill with a free will
While The Kids Are Surreal
It started out like, 2 heads on one mic
Crossover genres for wonders in one night
Have you ever wondered why you ponder so God-like?
6 man band under take you furthur on our songwrite
Right, if it sounded documentary
To intro 4 guys, a girl drummer and a silly
I know it's kinda redundant like advertisements on the TV
It kinda get relevant when you put us on a CD
So don't you pause on this like toilet breaks on your DVD
You see we, kinda off the chains call us Houdini
Kinda got 6 brains in 1 that's when you see me
Doing alternative HipHop, This cipher's just my pitstop
like when the Ferrari doing tiptop
No eardrops till your ears drop
It won't be long till I make the years talk
And you know we be sharing something real
This is WTKAS's tale, WhileTheKidsAreSurreal
and out...
Let's go...
Now check it out, I'm bringin in that catastrophic feeling and
I'm forging in on a panther's back, I'm riding in
Watch the seconds go by, do I gotta testify
whose family take it sky high, like ganja, check your radar
Young be on the altar, when I converse, I'm all star
When my fist flies, its all scars, I'm hyper dash
All these other MCs they burn and crash
Get serious, who be the imperial?
XS The Regiment is the family, period.
The legacy, see eye to eye you gon' see whose the enemy
Summon the energy from my intellectual anarchy
You wanna go, toe to toe, come bring it to the dojo
I played it down for a while but I never lost my mojo
Psyko, flow hydro, I summon the fires like Pyro
Young the @localboyxs, I'm here for u to follow
Rage of dead soldiers on deploy
I'm a one man army, man, I need no convoy
[Beats by Ilohshix]