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BETH HOYT: It's glasses day.
BETH HOYT: Says me and my owl, my shirt owl.
Hi, you guys, how are you today?
How was your weekend?
Were any of you in New York at Comic-Con?
Uh, if you were, did you see Mega-Beth there?
She was there.
well, you'll find out on Wednesday's show, when we show
you our footage.
It's very exciting.
Also, I went to a wedding this weekend.
It was last night, a Sunday night wedding.
Those are always really great for my Monday shows.
Feeling good.
I did a lot of dancing last night, which for me, at
weddings, it's a lot of like, jump.
I just, like, jump and I do like Tae Bo is what I--
Watch, I need a big radius so I don't hurt you, if you're
dancing near me at a wedding.
I was in Pittsburgh-- that's where the wedding was--
and there was a cookie table.
Do you know this tradition?
Have you heard of this?
I never had.
I guess in Pittsburgh, there's this big thing women used to
do to save money instead of buying a wedding cake.
Everyone would bring home-baked
cookies for the dessert.
I love this tradition.
There was a table with a thousand cookies,
and there was cake.
(SINGING) Feeling good, feeling great
about myself today.
What else happened?
Did you hear about the lion that
adopted the baby antelope?
Did you hear this?
And everyone was like "Aww" about it because he could've
just-- the lion could've just killed the antelope like he
did the antelope's mother.
I feel like they might have a tough mother-daughter
relationship from here on out, you know, like--
"You go to your room." "Wait, you killed my
mother" kind of thing.
You know what I'm talking about?
What are you guys talking about?
Let's get into some comments.
OK, I've got one from OurStorySoFar.
"Random question.
What is your favorite/lucky number?" I like
3, and I like 18.
And I will go for 318 as well.
So any combination of that.
I didn't get to be that in basketball though, when I
played when I was a kid.
I was like 22.
But that holds nothing special to me, except
22 used to be HBO.
And that'd be like the first channel I would go to when I
was in high school, and that's uh-- that's way more than you
ever needed to know about me.
You guys are getting real deep here right now.
Next-- good question.
Next comment is from gmplatz. "I bet Mega-Beth is faster
than Wolverine!" We'll find out on Wednesday.
We'll find out if she is.
Is Wolverine fast?
Or is he just--
I think that's what Wolverine is.
Mega-Beth has all of those things as well.
She's uh--
she's got a lot of powers.
Wednesday, guys.
OK, next comment is from IAMCSMDJSMOOTH.

"First time virgin to the show yeah me lol!" OK, wait.
So first time virgin, woo yeah, to this show, yeah, and
then you're just laughing.
That's a good way to go.
We like that.
First time on the show!
Just keep it coming.
Just keep laughing at--
I hope you're not at work.
That's fine.
Keep-- welcome.
To the "My Damn Channel Live." How do you feel?
Isn't this exciting?
Anything could happen.
I was gonna hit myself.
I'm not going to do that for you.
Next time.
Someone else will.
Next comment is from misssavetheicecaps.
"Oh, oh, oh, I have a good question.
If you could only eat one thing and drink one thing for
the rest of your life, what would they be?"
Two different things.
Eat one thing, peanut butter.
Drink one thing, peanut butter shake.
Wouldn't that be heaven?
If you're like, this is all I can have.
That'd be great.
It's what I'm looking for.
OK, you guys, I'm gonna let a dude take over for a second
while I gather my second wind for more of your comments.
Keep them coming.
It's "McMayhem" Monday.
This one is called "Mannequin."
STEPHEN SEIDEL: Some girls are manic.
Others are mannequins.
This is "Mannequin Girlfriend."
MATT MCMANUS: Come on, girl.
Let's get out of here.
You look so pretty today.
MATT MCMANUS: Hey guys, we're getting married.
Want to celebrate?
She had too much to drink.
I mean, she's just a flooz, you know.
It's her birthday.
We're going to go shopping, but she practically lives in a
store to begin with, so.
Can I get a water?
She's parched.
We've been out here all day.
She's wasted, in the middle of the day.
At least--
I mean, I can't take her anywhere.
She's hot, right?
You want an afternoon delight?
You want me to put-- you want me to smell your dirty spot?
Are you laughing at my girl?
Get into it.
Dude, I can't--
I didn't think you were gonna do this.
This is my girl.
She loves--
she loves Collective Soul.
Can she get an autograph?
It's not that bad.
Bad girls get--
bad girls get treated like bad girls.
Excuse me, sir?
Are you looking at my girl?
You guys can have her.
I don't want her anymore.
Hey, lady, could you-- what head looks great on my girl?
No, that's not how it's going to work anymore, all right?
Can I talk to your mannequin really quick?
Hey John.
This isn't gonna end up on some porn site, right.
She's a tasteful woman.
Where are we gonna go from here?
I can't bring you back to Macy's.
Macy's closed.
I had a really nice time with you today.
Maybe I'll see you next time.
Could I--
I don't know, you wanna go see "Titanic?"
BETH HOYT: I'm back, and I'm ready for any
and all of your questions.
Except about you-know-what.
It's math.
Don't ask me any math questions.
No math questions, please.
But what are your other questions?
Do we have one from you guys?
Here is one from trghudson.
"Beth, how was New York Comic-Con?
Did you have a good time?" I had such a good time.
We were there for so long, and I ran--
I mean, it's sort of like two avenues long.
We all ran like miles and miles going back and forth to
do different things to different people, which--
it was amazing.
I mean, costumes are-- it's better than Madison, Wisconsin
on Halloween which if you know anything about that, people
are-- they get into it there.
But this was intense and amazing, and um--
do you wanna know what I looked like?
I looked just like this.
It's a-- it's a total-- it's exactly how I look.
But that's-- anyway, wait for this and all I've--
I'll also show you the footage on Wednesday.
But we had an illustrator and a colorist do this for me.
This is Mega-Beth in all her glory.
Looking super bad-ass.
I wish that--
wish that was a little more real, but it's not.
It's fine.
I feel great about that.
Here's another comment from you guys.
It is from Jukelispukelis.
"Which is the most dangerous thing you've ever done?" Well,
considering I'm afraid of everything, this list is very
extensive, and not a lot of them are very scary.
Like, just going to like, the second floor of a balcony.
That's up there on the list.
What was it?
Sorry, the scariest or most dangerous?
The most dangerous thing I've ever done.

I flew in an airplane this morning.
That happened this morning, you guys.
I made it here.
There's thunderstorms happening somewhere in the US,
and I still flew in an airplane today to get here.
That was pretty crazy of me, right?
Um, I took the subway--
I dropped my phone in the subway rails, and then, the
subway was coming, but I wanted to--
I grabbed my phone, but that wasn't a big deal.
I got out in time.
I just got a little dirty, though.
But um, the plane ride, that was pretty thrilling.
Also, I did a lot of crazy stuff at Comic-Con.
Am I-- am I getting you guys excited to watch that video?
Because I'm really excited to see it.
Another comment is from ecarroll96.
"Did you wake up this morning and decide to match with your
owl?" Um, no, I decided that a little bit
ago, but I was like--
as soon as I saw this t-shirt, I was like, it's on.
Today's a glasses day for me.
Wedding last night.
Then I saw this t-shirt.
I said, that's what's happening.
It's Monday.
It's glasses day, says me.
I'm getting my arm workout in right now.
This morning when I woke up, I thought, like, a lot of
thoughts because I had to check out of a hotel.
I had to travel.
So that was--
now, I'm back.
I'm totally back.
Can you guys tell?
Here's another comment.
This is from Veralock.
"Danny DeVito, Willem Dafoe, Brendan Fraser."
What a weird list.
I'm assuming you'd like me to choose whom I'd like to fuck,
whom I'd like to marry, whom I'd like to kill.
Danny DeVito, Willem Dafoe, Brendan Fraser.
Which Brendan Fraser, of the then or the now?
Or the in-between?
Let's not do the in-between.
Willem Dafoe.
I like-- he's sexy to me.
Danny DeVito is obviously not, but I don't want to kill him.
This is a tough one.
I like all of these guys.
None of them deserve to die.
They don't all deserve to--
to, you know, get it, you know what I'm saying, either.
I'd go with--
Willem Dafoe is a little too weird to marry.
Maybe I'll marry Brendan Fraser because you know--
yeah, let's do that.
And I'll have sex with Willem Dafoe.
He has shoulder muscles still.
And Danny DeVito's got a--
I gotta roll him over that-- roll him over the side of
the-- you know, the edge of the cliff.
I'm just gonna-- roll.
Maybe he'll roll all the way down the cliff
and he won't die.
see, I'm looking out.
Here's another one.
This is a comment from jarajelly.
"That shirt is amazing.
Where did you get it?"
I think it's--
I got it as a birthday present from someone who--
I didn't always used to wear glasses.
I wore contacts all the time, and then it kind of occurred
to me later on when someone drew a picture of me, and they
drew a picture of me with glasses.
And I was like, I'm someone who wears glasses.
And then my friend gave this to me for my birthday, and I
was like, I am-- because it's like, it's like you.
And I was like, is it like me?
Now, I split the difference--
I split the diff.
But I really, this t-shirt told me I was becoming a
glasses wearer.
I'm OK with that.
I like it.
Glasses day.
Anyway, I think it's from like Urban Outfitters.
Go for it.
Did that make it less cool?
It's fine.
Here's another comment.
This is from GemmaYM.
"I want to see Beth blinking as fast as she
can." You got it, Gemma.
I have actually a trick.
I can do this.

I'm gonna throw up.
That's not--
I don't recommend that on a day after a wedding.
Uh, I'm OK.
I'm OK.
That maybe fixed my headache.
I like blinked that out of there.
Thank you, Gemma, for that suggestion.
Really knocked me back-- right into-- oh nope,
there comes my stutters.
Nope, still--
I'm still where I am, which is a great place.
I'm glad you're all here to witness this.
Here's another comment.
This is from misssavetheicecaps.
"Bradley Cooper, Michael Phelps, the Cookie
Monster." Oh, man.
If Michael Phelps, if I could just cover up his face.
I mean, I like his body, you know.
But just the mouth, there's too many teeth.
It scares me.
Too many teeth.
It's just like--
they just kept coming in.
Were his parents worried?
Were they like, oh, you're so cute, little boy, and then
like the teeth just kept, like more and more just kept-- and
they're like, what-- get back in the pool!
I think that's what happened there.
He's so sweet, though.
I think he's--
I like him.
I was gonna say he's very smart, but that's just
compared to Ryan Lochte.
He seems like a genius, right?
Compared to his interviews.
Bradley Cooper just was-- he seems like he would be looking
in the mirror the whole time, right?
He just would be like--
he just seems like one of those guys.
He's gonna die.
He's gonna die.
I'm gonna marry the Cookie Monster for-- uh, well then,
would he eat all of the cookies?
I'll make the rules.
I marry the Cookie Monster, I make the rules.
He listens to me.
That's how it's gonna go.
I will definitely hop into a bed or kitchen table with
Michael Phelps.
We have another one?
This is from KingofMCmodify.

"Beth, what's your favorite thing in the world?" Holy
crap, that's a crazy question.
That's very--
shoulders, men's shoulders, peanut butter.
These are two of my favorite things coming
right off the bat.
I love to dance.
Last night reminded me again, I really love dancing.
Especially when it's like a no-judgment
situation, which is--
you couldn't make that all the time.
I recently went on this booze cruise boat, and there was
definitely judging happening, but I just
decided not to care.
I danced.
So dancing with abandon is one of my
favorite, favorite things.
The neck is feeling great.
With the dancing with abandon leftover-ness, but I recommend
doing that at any and all times, and I
work for Ellen DeGeneres.
And I support dancing.
Here's a tweet.
This is from YouTubeNathan.
"Tips for YouTubers starting out?" Yeah.
I feel like I'm still learning all of these things.
Watch as many videos as you can, and comment and talk with
everyone else on YouTube.
And that's such a-- it's just such an awesome community that
we're all in, right?
And very friendly, and like, that's--
they're begging for it and asking for it, and you are
too, and let's all just give each other--
give to each other.
That's a big tip, is just to get involved with the
community and be yourself.
Because everyone knows when you're faking.
Including Michael Phelps.
That's our show.
Thank you for watching.
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Tomorrow, our BFF Trish--
Trish Nelson is hosting.
She's my BFF.
I know her name, you guys.
Don't worry about it.
It's bound to be a good time.
Trust me, I know it will be.
A few things you can trust with Trish, that it's going to
be fun is definitely happening.
You should totally watch.
Wednesday, I have that fun Comic-Con stuff to show you
that I've been talking about, and my guest is Seth Herzog.
And Grace will host on Thursday this week.
We OK?
Have a nice night.
Goodbye, my pumpkin faces.