America's Got Talent 2012 - Season 7 Week 6 - Performances & Howard Stern - PsychoSoprano Recap

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Hey, I'm Colleen Ballinger, and welcome to this week's
recap of America's Got Talent.
So tonight's episode was the final round of auditions.
I have no idea what city we're in, because
they didn't tell us.
And right when I started wondering where we were, they
just showed a pig in a tutu and I got really distracted.
I think that was their plan.
So Smooch Piggy started off her audition in the mystery
city and was really lazy.
She just laid there and didn't do anything and kind of honked
a horn a couple of times and it was not entertaining.
Yay America.
And then there was a montage of acts that didn't get
through including a karate guy who just smacked his
buddy in the face.
A girl rapper money, money I'm so hungry for your money.
And this really weird dance group that did really awkward
moves that looked kind of sexual.

But then Liliana walked on stage and stole my heart.
This six-year-old tap dancer was fierce.
She had attitude for days.
Let me tell you, I loved her.
I don't think she needed to tap dance.
I think she could have just gone on stage and made the
faces she was making, and she would have gotten through.
And then, the 23-year-old comedian, Jacob
Williams, came on.
He was so awkward.
He was so nerdy.
And he was like [LOW AND MONOTONE]
I'm a stand-up comedian, and I don't like
being in front of people.
Just one of the most boring people I've
ever seen in my life.
But he came on stage, and he was so funny.
I was laughing out loud.
I loved him.
He was one of the best acts of the night.
So way to go boring, surprisingly funny man.
After him was this dance crew that I just loved.
They were 787 Crew--
I think that's what they called themselves.
And they were amazing.
They were so good.
They did a lot of flips.
But the choreography that I did see I really enjoyed.
I think they're one of the best people in the
competition so far.
Definitely one of the best dance crews we've seen.
So excited to see them in Vegas.
Loved them.
After them was Trish.
She claims to be a rapper.
She looks not like a real person.
And she came on and said this, [SQUEAKY VOICE]
some people think I'm like a stripper or a porn star, but
I'm like I'm not like that I love Jesus.
It turns out she's not a rapper at all.
She was only there to meet Howard Stern, and she did, so
good for you, I guess.
The entire evening ended with a very long and emotional
segment on a girl name Mary who was a singer.
And she was good.
She was fine.
The audience was acting like this girl was Beyonce and she
was fine, but she wasn't that good.
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