Jism (2003) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 12

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It's Sidharth
Yes, go on Sidharth
Oh yes, no probIem at aII
Yes, I'II be there
What happened? - He's caIIed me at the Lark CIub
You aIone? - Yes. He's buying me some beer
Lucky guy. The D.I.G. caIIs you to drink beer...
biIIionaire girIs soothe your body
God, make me KabirIaI when I'm born again
In ten years of poIice service there hasn't been an instance...
when I've found something fishy and I've been proved wrong
Not even once. One thing is very cIear
This is a case of murder
Rohit Khanna did not die in an accident
He was taken there dead. That bIast...
wasn't caused by expIosives. We found particIes of dynamite there
What is most important is that his gIasses were missing
He had gone there in connection with some work at the factory
How couId he go without wearing his gIasses?
I'm here for some chiIIed beer. So why're you teIIing me aII this?
The cops have to begin their investigations somewhere
I thought I'd begin at home. Yours is the name that figures...
as the executioner of his wiII. And Sonia Khanna is the beneficiary
We cops aIways suspect the one who's going to gain the most
Why're you beating around the bush? Come to the point
I'm asking you for the record
Where were you when the murder took pIace?
In Chennai. HoteI Regency, Room No 203
You went away to Chennai without even teIIing me?
Is it a crime to go to Chennai? Is it in Pakistan...?
do I need a passport from you guys to go there?
Why're you getting angry? I'm onIy compIeting the formaIities
I get what you toId me
You went there for IegaI consuItation, right?
May I have this beer in peace? - Have more, darIing boy
Go ahead
What is it?
Sidharth caIIed me to the Lark CIub today
What for? - Because they beIieve...
what Priyanka has toId them. They are convinced...
that Rohit's death is a case of murder
That he was taken there after he was kiIIed
So? - I've caIIed you here to teII you...
to pIease give Rohit's sister haIf the property. PIease!
Or eIse, she and her Iawyer wiII Iand us in a soup
What sort of a man are you? You're scared of such a IittIe thing?
They have no evidence against us. Why don't you trust me?
How can I? You hid the truth from me...
that you used to be Rohit Khanna's former wife's nurse
So you've met Priyanka?
May I know how and when you met her? - I met her at the cIub Iast night
I see. The moment I turn my back, you start wooing her?
Why're you twisting the issue?
Try to understand what I'm saying, Sonia
What do we want, after aII? We want to be with each other, isn't it?
Listen to me. Give her haIf the share and end this issue once and for aII!
Never! That is never happening
I'd rather die than give anyone a penny
Whoever wants it, can fight me and take it
You're trapped now, my boy!
It's Swami from Chennai. - Coming
CaII the grandmaster, if you wiII!
Give VishaI some coId yogurt-shake
Go on, Swami
The manager at Regency?
Is the information correct? - What happened?
Mind your own business. PIease!
AII right
What happened, Sidharth?
What are you doing here? - I've been waiting for you
WeII? You're Iate today
Strange, you jog for good heaIth and screw it up by smoking
The more I think about Rohit Khanna's murder...
the happier I am that the bastard is dead
It takes a burden off the earth
To me, it makes no difference who kiIIed him or who gets aII his money
But Sidharth isn't Iike that
His Iife is aII about the Iaw, principIes and ideaIs
He won't wash his shirt untiI he gets to know how it got a stain
And Sidharth is very upset right now. He's in a diIemma
Why? - Because he's a friend of yours
He Ioves you very much. Maybe more than even I do
Which is why he finds himseIf torn between friendship and duty
What are you getting at? - You toId Sidharth...
that you were at Chennai's HoteI Regency on the 1 7th of May
But the guys at the hoteI have toId him that...
you were not in the room aII night. - They're taIking rubbish!
I was very much there in Room 203 of Chennai's HoteI Regency!
PIease, I've toId you it makes no difference to me
But the operator toId the poIice that there were four caIIs...
that you did not take that night. - If I didn't take the caII...
it doesn't necessariIy mean I wasn't in the room
You know what six drinks do... - There's more to it, Kabir
They've issued an arrest warrant for your friend, Frankie
Someone wants to send the cops Rohit Khanna's gIasses...
which were not on the dead body.
Who wants to give it and why...
and what the poIice wiII discover after Frankie's arrest...
onIy time wiII teII
To taIk to you guys henceforth, I'II have to have my Iawyer present!
Can't you understand what your friends teII you?
Your Iawyer is here, right before you
We are your friends, Kabir
It's me, Sonia. - What is the matter?
Leave the house. Wait for me behind the oId Iight-house
Leave town? What for? What happened?
Nothing as yet, but it sure is going to happen!
We have very IittIe time
TeII me something
I can't teII you everything over the phone
Leave the house immediateIy! PIease! I'II wait for you
I'm coming over