iPhone 3Gs explodes in man's face, Apple retailer refuses to cover cost of repairs

Uploaded by NMAWorldEdition on 30.04.2012

iPhone 3Gs explodes, Apple retailer refuses to cover cost of repairs
How did this iPhone 3G get so messed up?
‘Would you continue using the same kind of phone that had exploded on you?’
Liao, of New Taipei City, bought an iPhone 3Gs from Japan two years ago
The phone exploded on him unexpectedly when he was listening to music last month
‘I heard a funny sound. Then there was this tingling sensation coming from my ear’
‘The phone was hot, and I smelt something burnt’
‘Liao sent the phone to an Apple retailer for repairs. The Apple retailer said the accident was caused by the phone’s aging battery and said Liao had to pay $3,000 for repairs
‘It’s written here that they suspect the battery inflated, which led to the explosion’
‘I didn't modify the phone. I didn’t download illegal apps or damage the phone’
Liao looked online and found there had been more than one incident of an iPhone 3Gs exploding. Apple retailers usually provide a brand new phone unconditionally
Liao questioned the attitude of employees at Apple retailers in Taiwan. He thinks they ignore the rights of customers
Apple Daily called Apple’s branch, but no one answered because it was a holiday
A New Taipei City customer protection official said the accident indicates the possibility of major design flaws. Apple should fix the problem and provide new iPhones to customers free of charg�