[GALAXY Note 10.1] Multi-tasking - Official Hands-on Video

Uploaded by SAMSUNGmobile on 31.08.2012

Hi we, here at Samsung Mobile, would like to go in detail with some of the exciting Multitasking features of the GALAXY Note 10.1.
One of my favourite things about the GALAXY Note 10.1 is that it allows you to actually ‘DO’ more compared to the average tablet.
You’re probably used to a tablet being great for enjoying videos, such as this one.
But sometimes you’ll find a video might inspire you to do something else, which can be annoying if you don’t really want to stop watching.
So we created Pop up play which you can launch by pressing this button like this.
This means means you can carry on watching your videos in however way you want to, while doing anything else...such as launching the email app.
Now if you thought this was amazing, you definitely have to check out this feature.
I can have two different apps such as the web browser and email running at the same time, side by side.
Here I’m browsing through the list of emails while referring to the webpage opened on the right side of the screen. Now let’s open up an email.
This email is from a colleague of mine about a meeting that we had with a bunch of attachments.
Also it has a link which I can open all in one screen by opening it right here.
Now I can check that the points in the email match up with those in the webpage
which saves so much time when you can have them side by side rather than having to go in and out of different apps.
Also with this email here I can open a document that’s attached and quickly review it and I don’t even have to switch screens to open another application.
I can also open an image of a map and zoom into the place I’m supposed to go tonight for a meeting.
Now let’s open this last file. We can see that they’re notes created on a GALAXY Note using the S Note app.
Another great benefit of multi-screen is being able to cut or copy from one app, and paste it into another without any hassle.
Here I can just crop a screenshot of the website and paste it into S-Note on the other half of the screen to add some annotations and thoughts to share with like this.
Now I’m going to adjust the size and put it where I want to so let me adjust it and move it over like so. Now I’m going to write, this is great.
Now I’ll export it as a PDF file and send it to my friend so that she can quickly review it. It’s that simple.
That’s an overview of some of the great multitasking features of the GALAXY Note 10.1.
You can see even more exciting capabilities of the GALAXY Note 10.1 at our Samsung Mobile Youtube Channel.