Geek & Sundry's Google + Hangout 12 Hour Subscribathon Trailer

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Apr 13, 2012

FELICIA DAY: Just to be clear, we're going
to be taking questions.
There's a [INAUDIBLE].
FEMALE SPEAKER: OK, you guys, we have a really, really fun
day set up.
And we have a ton of guests.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Reach up and breathe.
FELICIA DAY: I haven't moved this much in weeks
TONY V.: We do it because we are not
afraid of the wild west.
We're not afraid of creating our own
identities and our own content.
TINA CESA WARD: I think you have the opportunity, first to
tell fun, episodic stories.
But you also get that chance to take certain risks.
WILSON CLEVELAND: Creativity is the same, good writing is
the same, no matter what the medium.
FEMALE SPEAKER: It's a pirate mouse.
MALE SPEAKER: All right, cheesy, bearded pirate.
FEMALE SPEAKER: We've got a cheese hat and a cheese beard.
STEVE DENGLER: So I got a vicarious thrill by getting
involved in people's projects.
Plus there's a lot of passion involved.
Is there some commonality in these characters that it is
the essential element that would make a good character?
AMBER BENSON: Aloysius Pendergast from the Lincoln
Child, Douglas Preston books.
And I kind of fell in love with those
books because of him.
JOHN SCALZI: But that's why the fan fiction works is
because they are so well drawn.
RYAN HIGA: That's the whole idea behind these networks is
to make content that we have in our minds, but we can't
create by ourselves.
MATTHEW LEE JOHNSTON: If you develop and you're good, you
will get a job.
DAVID GAIDER: I think that the best choices are the ones
where the player doesn't automatically know what's
right or wrong.
GREG KASAVIN: I was spending so much time playing games
that I felt like I wanted to do something
productive with it.
FELICIA DAY: Plattsburgh yellow.
MALE SPEAKER: Plattsburgh yellow.
CHRIS HARDWICK: Soaring out of the sky and lighting them up
with fire breath, which is how the dragons communicate.
That's their language.
ROBERT HURT: It's a group consensus of what do we think
are the most important science topics?
What are the things we think we can answer?
FELICIA DAY: So here's what's going to happen.
For about 30 minutes we are going to write
something with you.
I don't know how this is going to work.
I need you guys to give me two adjectives for geek.
Rick Mystic says lonely.
Timothy says he's brave.
Oh good, [INAUDIBLE].
Oh, it's not good.
FEMALE SPEAKER: We should go to the stables and confront
that centaur.
MALE SPEAKER: And you rubbed one out.
MALE SPEAKER: One of these days they'll give me a
pitchfork for this.
FELICIA DAY: Anyway, how do you say, [INAUDIBLE]
what you could, how your clothes say what you couldn't
say what you're gonna sit down?