V&A Friday Late 'Get Physical' Samba Street Soccer Tricks

Uploaded by vamuseum on 18.09.2008


One of the favourite street moves at the minute is this move here.
It’s called ‘Round the world’. While you’re doing kick-ups
the legs will go round the ball and back underneath and keep control of the ball.
And most players can do it with one leg but then when you are talented you’ll be able to do it with two.

And we do little moves like this.
This is one of the other little moves that we do where we block over
and bring the ball away.
We do basic little toe-taps and ten.

The famous one that you’ll see on a more Premier League basis
where the ball’s rolling and you’ll see players fling it round and roll over it.

Most of the tricks that we do are all named after Brazilian or South American players.

And we’ve got Maradona’s.

This move was made famous by Diego Maradona
used in more modern-times by Zinedine Zidane.

Another one that the kids use.
Go through the legs.
You fling it back.
Fling it in there.

And this one was made famous by Ronaldinho where you just flick it and bring it back through the legs.

This one will be more in the air where we pick your ball up here.
You get him in there, lean on the player
and you just flick it over him.

If you’re junping in the air.
Flick it over.

Ooo, there you go.