Slender Man Speed Painting w/ Commentary and Music - SeeBonnyDraw

Uploaded by StreamingBonnyjohn on 18.09.2012

Hey everybody, what's up? My name is Bonny John. I'm new to Youtube, been a long time lurker
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disarming and idea recording audio commentary will be discarded so please
bear with me michael as are crazy wins outside could responded and that worked
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oman ji this is my first year
my first video new teaching go easy on me let me know how i did transplants
commentary let me go hide in terms of court google feedback on both
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think that's what makes this
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fit in as a human being
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now the seeds of violence and terrorism
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the eyes to show maybe i should go through the men's should go here but
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and i'm overwhelmed really happy with the way this turned out sunday man it's
lombardi looking at uh... unit together paid and that's just something awesome
that we can actually see the planet
you know all of us at one time but
were contributing that's
maisie that's part of the reason i want to do this is my first integrated
entrances sentiment which is mostly but i'll be doing first regards doesn't want
it to your guys suggestions slender then as we see it as a finish product is our
creation and this case dismissed the indictment takes hope you enjoyed that
please follow me on twitter
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