Time for Bipartisanship is OVER, Obama/Dems Should Realize; Rally to Restore Sanity

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bjbj Announcer: Welcome back to The David Pakman Show. David: Welcome back to The David
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website, MidweekPolitics.com, is going away. Today on the bonus show, Louis and I are going
to have it out. He hasn't told me yet whether he's voted or not. He will reveal that; if
he has not voted, it's not going to be pretty. We'll talk about have we found a cure for
the common cold, and a lot of other stuff. So make sure to get on DavidPakman.com/membership,
especially since Thanksgiving day, we're giving away an iPad, a bunch of different CDs, it's
fantastic. OK. Here is my last thought on this election. The time for bipartisanship
is over. One question that the Democrats have to be asked as they think about their plan
for the next two years is how did that bipartisanship work out during the first two years? You know,
during the first two years of Obama's administration, the Democrats really had no need to be bipartisan,
I mean, they controlled both houses and the White House, except for the fact that Republicans
simply did nothing, they just stood in the way. The entire 2008 election was talking
about bipartisanship and Obama will work with people, and it didn't help get a single piece
of legislation through. In fact, it helped the Republicans, because it was Republicans
who were able to rebrand the Democrats as not having done much and it worked, as we
know. And it left voters very unclear about what is the argument, what is the case, for
reelecting these Democrats or electing new ones? And they didn't, as we saw, Louis, did
we not? Louis: You're right. David: Now, as we now know, bipartisanship does not win elections.
The Republicans very cleverly determined this when Barack Obama took office. So my suggestion
is, listen, repealing health care is not going to happen because Barack Obama is not going
to sign any laws that would repeal any parts of health care, and then two thirds of a vote
would be required, and the Republicans are not going to get a two-thirds vote. So forget
about that idea. Forget about bizarre ending the Department of Education, none of the mainstream
Republican Party is going to want to do a lot of the things that the Tea Partiers have
promised. So what needs to happen? Democrats need to start passing legislation. Forget
about being bipartisan. As we saw, it just doesn't work. There's no upside, especially
now, to being bipartisan, that I see. Louis? Is there any reason to do it? Louis: Not that
I can see either. David: I mean, is there a media, a media-friendly component to it?
It didn't work if there is. Louis: If there is, it's negligible. David: Yeah, in thinking
about the results of the election and the leadup, it actually has now, it has me more
behind Barack Obama than I was before. You know I've criticized him a lot, Louis, about
a lot of the things he hasn't done. Louis: Oh, yeah. David: But the reality is, in thinking
about the choices we had for this election, and this may be going on with other progressives
as well, the economy is not doing nearly as bad as it was, as it would be had Barack Obama
not done what he did. If it were up to the Republicans, we'd be doing much worse. The
Dow is at a two-year high. I understand that the jobs are not coming back yet; jobs are
always the last thing to come back. Let's wait. Health care. A lot of good things happened
with that health care bill. Terror. No one is talking about it, but Barack Obama has
done a good jobs in terms of the scares that we've had. I mean, some criticize him for
being slow with the Underwear Bomber response. He took three days to come back to talk about,
you know, failed powder in some guy's briefs versus Bush appearing to be comatose after
being told about 9/11. We could have that discussion. Louis: People love to say that
President Bush did such a great job, 'Oh, we haven't been attacked since 9/11 thanks
to Bush,' but no one says we haven't been attacked thanks to Obama. David: That's right.
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