Jerusalem bus station bomb explosion caught in phone call to police

Uploaded by MiddleEastNewsWatch on 23.03.2011

Shalom, Sharon speaking
Shalom Sharon I'm speaking from a Kiosk near HaUma buildings
There's a bag here. -What? Some bage near the station
(Explosion sound) (cries)
Hello? Hello?
Explosion was heard at the central station
Get there fast please! First to arrive report immediately!
Bomb attack, close the road
All who can get there, go there It is apparently a bomb attack
When I came close to the bag It looked suspicious to me
near the public phone and I moved the people
When I told them to move, I called the police
There was a strong explosion I was a meter away from the bomb and I fell
Emergency, Shalom
A bombing, There is a bombing!
-What happned? -Something exploded, people here...
What exploded? Listen, calm down.
A bus? A bus blew up, lots of wounded
52 you will get there first Multiple casualties event
Explosion heard, be safe keep radio contact.