How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Repair Holes in Drywall for Home Improvement

Uploaded by expertvillage on 10.05.2006

If you have damaged dry wall and the holes not too large, it’s very easy to fix for
yourself. What you want to do is get some fiberglass mesh tape, which is specifically
made for wall board joints, and just cut off a section of it, maybe a couple inches, three
inches longer than the span of the hole there. If you get the kind of fiberglass tape that
self-adheres, it’s even better and you don’t’ have to put a coat of joint compound down
first, which you would have to do if you got the kind that did not have an adhesive back
to it. And I’ll show you what I’m talking about in a moment.

And I would say square
it up and make it look as good as you can like that. And the next thing you want to
do is get some joint compound which some people call mud. And take a little bit of it on a
spatula or a putty knife and just skim a smooth coat over that. Now, it’s going to bubble
up on like this and look funny on the first coat but you want to let it dry and then once
you do let it dry, you can sand that down a little bit. And what you’ll is come back
and add at least one more coat a little further out- again, this is after it’s already dried-
you’re going to skim some on a little bit wider, sort of feathering out the edges which
will hide the small bump being made by the repair here. And then once again, sand it,
prime it, and paint it.