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Transcript:'s investment news you need Hot Off the Wire for Monday, May 24th, 2010.
Czech Republic Resource starts work with JEDI Energy Partners. BioSolar may be about to
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Look for CZHC on the Pink Sheets.
BioSolar may be about to bounce. We told you about BioSolar one week ago when
it started selling its BioBacksheet for solar panels.
The stock more than doubled in value before falling to about 23 cents a share.
Beacon Equity is now watching BioSolar. Beacon says a strong volume is likely to send
shares soaring again. Keep your eyes on BSRC on the bulletin board.
Homeland Security Capital Corporation is getting its hands dirty in the Volunteer state.
The security solution provider's subsidiary, Safety and Ecology Corporation, was just picked
to clean-up the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
SEC will remove all of the hazardous waste and demolish all of the existing buildings.
Stock Marketing Inc let us know about the deal and says Homeland Security Capital could
easily double or triple in value. Shares of HOMS are moving on the bulletin
Lux Energy is digging deep. The energy exploration company says one of
its tests wells could easily produce 300 to 400 barrels of oil every day once it's put
into production. A recent test produced more than 500 barrels
of oil in just 24 hours. Penny Trader let us know about the testing.
Shares of LUXE edged upwards on Friday.
I'm Amanda Powell. We'll continue bringing you the latest small
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