Pandemic - Gag Reel - TableTop ep. 14

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WIL WHEATON: Hello, internet.
There is no new "TableTop" this week.
But we do have an outtake reel from last week's episode,
How great was that episode, by the way?
I think it's one of our best produced episodes of the
entire year.
And I want to make sure that I publicly thank our editors for
their incredible, incredible work taking a game and
translating visually the tension that we feel
emotionally when we play that game.
It's a lot of fun.
And for parents out there who are interested in playing a
game similar to "Pandemic" with their kids, you might
want to look at a game called "Forbidden Island." It's the
same designer, it's the same basic play mechanics.
But instead of trying to stop disease from engulfing the
world, which some of us weren't able to do, you're
working together to rescue artifacts from an island
that's sinking.
It's got kind of an Indiana Jones feel to it.
It's a lot of fun.
It's very, very accessible for kids.
And also, it's a terrific infection vector if you're
trying to make new gamers.
So check that out, it's called "Forbidden Island."
And there will be a new "TableTop" next week.
And I want to show you something.

That's why I'm in a weird place, instead of usually in
my backyard.
We're getting ready to tape tonight's episode of "The Big
Bang Theory" where Evil Wil Wheaton is back.
So thanks a lot for watching.
And until I see you next time, play more games!
Most of the time when we play games, we are hoping to escape
the real world and just leave it behind for a few hours.
Some games are so much fun to play--
I'll be right back.

Escape the real world and just sort of leave it
behind for a while.
Little, little, little, little, little, little,
little, little, little, world, world, world, world, little.

Escape it and [BLEEP]
yourselves in the ass with our prehensile--
Some games are so much fun to play, we--

"Pandemic" is a cooperative game where we play a team of
research medical medishins--
So, will wes bes--
Special actions, like discovering a cure or using a
player's special, unique ability.
That looks ugly.
Come on, Wil, you've played poker
before, you can fix that.
It is unbelievably difficult and it is one of--
Epidemic cards--
these tell us where epidemics are spreading, where--
It contains the absolute worst cards in the games.
Cards we do not--
I can do it again, watch this.
I think I've done all my [BLEEP]
Oh, shouldn't have said it out loud.
Hey, guys traffic's not bad at all.
And I have something to say to Foreigner, by the way, you're
When you have a fever of 103, the last thing you want to do
is get on with somebody.
What you want to do is die.
Foreigner is full of [BLEEP].
MORGAN WEBB: People get incredibly competitive, and
sometimes it become a little bit less fun.
ROBERT GIFFORD: Give me your sheep!
I'm serious, give me your sheep!
I'm not kidding around now!
MORGAN WEBB: 17 sheep for your wool!
18 sheep for your wool!
I hate you, man!
I will never help you in the future!
WIL WHEATON: I will stab you in the face if you
don't give me lumber!
What was that, the "Back to the Future" car?
What the hell was that?
A glass of delicious bourbon with which to numb the pain of
losing the game.
However, YouTube has this rather interesting line in the
sand that says we're not allowed to drink actual
alcohol on camera.
So it's just carbonated iced tea that kind
of looks like bourbon.
MORGAN WEBB: It smells really sweet.
WIL WHEATON: Yeah, I would advise you not to drink it.
It's really disgusting.

He's drinking it.
Ed's drinking it.
WIL WHEATON: Morgan's drinking it.
What are you doing?
MORGAN WEBB: It's great.
WIL WHEATON: I can't believe you did that!
MORGAN WEBB: I'm hardcore, man.
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug.
Nicely done.

A bunch of pansies here!
A bunch of pansies!