Researching Breast Cancer Disparities

Uploaded by univoflouisville on 16.12.2011

For my dissertation I looked at genetic markers that are actually
associated with Type II Diabetes and Obesity
which are both risk factors for breast cancer.
Hispanic women usually have a higher prevalence of both Type II
diabetes and obesity so I thought it’d be interesting to see if this gene
increased the risk of breast cancer within this minority population
compared to non-Hispanic white women, and I did find that the genetic variation
between the two was different between the two groups of women and that the
breast cancer risk can differ based upon a particular type
of gene I have investigated.
With this work that we’re doing, we’re hoping to I guess decrease
the gap and help disparities if anything increase the knowledge of why
a breast cancer rates or risks differ in ethnic groups, how can this also lead to
more knowledge in terms of ways that we can change things such as
our diet or increase physical activity and how things can affect us differently
based upon our ethnic groups in the United States because breast cancer
instances and mortality rates do differ by ethnicity here.
So increasing knowledge is our biggest thing here.