Как вращать кубик / Rubik's cube finger tricks (subtitles)

Uploaded by IvanMakachev on 28.01.2011

A guy, whose record is 13 seconds (it is a TV legend)
How to turn Rubik's cube
This video tells you how to turn Rubik's cube (finger tricks)
First, I'll show you basic moves of the left and the right side
The upper side
The front side
We use this thumb move, for example, in the following R permutation
Here it is
Next will be double moves of the upper side
This is how we turn the bottom side
And double moves
This move is extremely necessary for the A permutation
So, the next is Middle side move (M clockwise)
And reverse (M counterclockwise)
Also, sometimes we use the Slice move (S clockwise)
[S counterclockwise]
[some examples]
Some more examples
First, this OLL algorithm. You must not to lose touch with cube while exection
We begin holding cube like this
Next OLL algorithm (my style)
I forgot to tell you about "sexy move"
Sexy move is a combination of moves. Doing it, you'll turn cube faster
Do it this way (basic sexy move)
And on the left side
Also, reverse sexy move
"Frontal" sexy move
The is one more exercise: (RU')x63
It'll also speed you up
To speak more about moves, I'll show you the Fw (Fw') move (frontal and slice sides together)
Example of use
The index finger makes the first move, then sexy move on the left and Fw with the thumb
However, the mirrored algorithm I execute the other way. It depends on you