84th Annual Academy Awards - Billy Crystal - Featurette

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Hello everyone from AC News,
let's see today's trailer
and cinema news is coming up!
The release for The Help is near,
adapted from the homonymous novel by Kathrym Stockett,
it's been a literary case in the top choices of The New York Times.
Directed by Tate Taylor the movie has received different Oscar nominations and
cashed almost 170 million dollars in the United States.
Casting Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain and Sissy Spacek.
The plot is about the relationships of rich women
in the south of America of the 60's with their Afro-american housekeepers.
Back in March 2012 Bradley Cooper affirmed that a sequel of A-Team
was never going to happen, at least for him.
It seems instead that the director Joe Carnahan
has different intentions and wants to produce one whatsoever.
The director, at the moment busy with the production of The Grey,
another movie with Liam Neeson, has at the same time some doubts,
specially because the first movie,
that costed 110 million dollars only gained 177 back from the box office.
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