Making a Ceramic Toothbrush Holder : Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Lip

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.10.2008

Okay now that we've got it to this point here, you’ve got it nice and dry. You're just
going to be able to take it, what you want to do is create a flange like that. Just like
that okay. Then take your nice rib, or a good sponge here, this isn't a rib, and strengthen
it up like that. Now that you've got it there, you want to put some holes in it. And in order
to do that, first of all you want to be real careful not to flop this over like that, but
you just want to dry your hands off real good, because you're going to be touching this thing
a lot. And you want to take and use our needle tool to make these holes. And I'm going to
show you how to do that.