Собака-блюзяка @_@ [the Blues Dog]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 26.12.2011

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov!
Internet weather is as always windless [connection stable]
New Year is moving into Russian territory.
And first vid is a kitty vid.
And kitties are mean [all kitties are assholes!]
And everyone knows that [did you?]
[later dumbass]
Aaaaaawwwwww, wasn’t it cute when he threw the second kitty to the basement full of broken glass bottles, light bulbs, nails and chainsaws!
Don’t you worry, he’ll surely land on all 4.
He wanted down - he got down [everything's by the book]
Once i was getting down from the attic...
I’m scared of cat ever since [>>--knee-->]
Cat’s having his laughs!
Sooo funny! [rofling]
Then he’ll decide that tripping his master in front of a bus also is ololo [ololo]
And pushing a president onto the Red Button - even more MWAHAHA!
[and so it begins, the end of the world]
This vid creates so many associations.
[Stas is developed association-wise]
Can’t even pin-point what it reminds me of more.
Maybe this
Maybe even this.
Warning! Nyan-cat launching in
BTW, master mentioned in the description that kitties are ok [with your prayers master]
Apart from the fat cat being fat [like a freight train]
And this is Horosho!
Second vid is sent by HeroOfGitar.
We all were little once, crawled under the table, pulled our baby teeth out [Stas even peed himself, imagine that!]
So many ways of getting it out, only 20 teeth...
This here guy didn’t waste his opportunity for a colorful childhood! [good job!]
Am i the only one who has the feeling that the kid will fly away with that arrow and the gun will stay? [YES]
[eat this!]
Click and done and trololo!
Didn’t even blink!
No fear whatsoever! [tiny balls of steel]
Not even bleeding! [WHERE’S DA GORE, aye?]
What the hell!
Dear, i have to tell you something. Our kid’s real father is Chuck Norris [Johnny Chukovich Norris]
BTW, Chuck himself did it with an RPG.
You know, took an RPG and simply threw it.
Yeah, pulling the tooth out with a big pink flying dildo [BPFD party]
Seems like a great idea!
- Hello doc, i need a tooth removed.
- Just a sec, lemme get my megakickass giga-crossbow.
- Oh, it's a miracle! It fell out by itself!
Wonder what fun way will the parents use to remove his appendix
Hello 911? We have two injured. One with a tooth, one with an arrow in the knee.
Crossbow, big deal!
Little Ozzy Osbourne lost his first tooth while biting a bat’s head off [urban legends, whut?]
And the scenario goes something like this.
This wonderful and possitive video was sent by TheParoxyzm.
And the scenario goes something like this.
Hey, that’s the Bluesdog! [Golden with a black soul]
You were nodding your head to the rhythm with that dog, right?
C’mon, say it! You were nodding! [cmoon]
You can’t resist it!
You may not even say it out loud. Just nod. Alrite? [nodding isn't a crime]
It’s the live version of those bobblehead car doggies!
Or maybe that’s him playng guitar? [dog i mean]
Oh, right, you can see the movements in the reflection [moving reflections]
You play guitar, quite poorly, you have no friends and maybe you’re a freak?
Don’t worry! You can always impress a dog!
Dogs are like schoolgirls. Give them beer and they become your fans [listen and don't say you didn't listen]
Damn, way to spoil my own ways... [busted]
Speaking of beer.
Of course, this vid is a viral Bud Light ad.
“Why” you ask?
I’ve no idea.
[yeah, i wonder why]
But the dog is so cool that i don’t care about it [at all]
Maybe that's why the vid got omg views in 2 days.
But if it was about pianists, it’d get only 12.
Coz noone loves pianists.
And this is Horosho!
And the question was sent to us byPasha26Galustov
There’s old man Mazay. But where are the rabbits? [reference to an old russian fairytale about and old man Mazay who saved rabbits from a flooded island]
Where are the rabbits, Lebowski? [where are da rabbitz?]
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So, what’s your birthday suit?
I am English. And i have NO Fucking idea how the FUCK to use google !!
It's a horned helmet and a Fus Ro Dah shout!
I wasn't born, they found me on google
Don't remember... was too drunk...
Russia =(