Interview with Eric Saade by Telia Sverige

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 03.09.2011

I could start by reading a bit about you because I have downloaded this song contest app, but really I don't need it,
no, actually, I don't need it. We see the Globe, anyone, anywhere, over there.
Yeah, right!
Where were you up last year and made the super hit.
Yes, but your brother beat me with, of course, a placement, so I don't know.
I don't know if it was a super hit. But yeah, it was fun, the absolutely most important thing was that people became aware of the music I want to do.
That is the most important thing for me.
How do you know? That was a fairly big hit, one can say, last year, and now you are back again. How do you do it?
I thought I’d probably be back so I could try to win, of course, but then is it the only performance or what to say.
The only requirements I have of myself is to do a better show and a better song than last year, then I have no requirements.
It is the Swedish people who actually vote, but I can't govern.
But how does it feel when people actually vote for you?
It's probably the best there is to make true these things, that there are actually people who vote for what the jury says.
I can say that this s**t, is pretty good in that it doesn't play us some role.
We want the people to like what we do and why I was so happy last year.
I think I came second among the Swedish people's voices and for me it was really the greatest of all!
When did you write the song, how does it work?
Eh it was written when I was on tour. I had to redirect the phone in principle.
I was on tour, Fredrik Kempe began writing the song later this fall, we have mixed with it and fixed the sound.
I've sat in the studio and pills and pills in the production of music and ....
Wait ... the tour bus, you sit and listen to the song simply from the studio?
Uh no, I never listened for so long, did they never did. We talk about how it would sound, quite simple and the type of song I wanted.
Now you have made it clear the track and everything is in full swing there and repetitions has certainly begun.
Last year it was water, what about this year?
No idea!
Hehe, you know that, right?
Yes but no, it's clear I wanted to do an awesome pop show and I love pop and I do pop and I will always do pop,
and then if there is water or if there is something else ...
but above all it is a cruel popshow and then there was the little extra stuff too, you see.
Ok... we shall see, fun, but it will have some extra stuff?
Yes, if you want to call it an extra thing so yes.
I think more when I sketched the idea this summer so I sketched more for it to fit into the show and convey something.
Good luck, it will be fun to hear, really!