[HD]Sad love story-Sad sonata ep 1 Eng

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- Good evening, everyone.
Today, for all you viewers at home. . .
I have some sad news to deliver.
A part of our Gaki No Tsukai team, ever since the second episode. . .
Yamazaki has decided that he will be leaving the show, as of today.
- Well, he said this was "THE END". - Ah, I see.
Well, let's bring the honored guess out. I would like to introduce Housei Yamazaki.
Today is your last day, correct? - Right. This is the end for me.
But, there's a really gloomy atmosphere.
- That's true, because what ever you did, there was always a joking air about it.
In actuality, something like this has a sad part to it as well.
Like when we did the "5 Rangers" skits, you always had to be the Yellow Ranger.
- Hmm? This was his choice. - It was his choice, I guess.
But neither Endo nor myself have heard any reasoning behind you leaving.
Like, what kinds of things made you decide to leave. - I don't understand the reasoning behind it either.
- Well, I managed to get a girlfriend.
I just listened to her opinions some. . .
She watches the show all the time. We're pretty deep in love.
- But still, you wouldn't have to leave, would you?
- When you watch the way I appear on shows. . .
I'm always a talk show guest or something.
I told that to the producers. "I'd like to appear on a few other shows," I said.
He basically said, "That might be impossible."
"Might be impossible?"
Why would he say "impossible" so plainly, Yama-chan?
- At that time, he probably wasn't thinking about the best way to put it.
- Maybe you should have said you weren't leaving. . .
- Right. Maybe if he'd added "I'm okay here, but..."
"No, it's okay. You can do all sorts of shows."
Then you could go all sorts of places. - Because the "Yamazaki flower" hasn't stopped growing.
Today, our own Housei Yamazaki has chosen some famous clips from his time on Gaki No Tsukai.
It seems he's chosen five of them. - Best Five.
Please watch the clips which Yamazaki's chosen.
- Housei Yamazaki. Age: 33 years old.
Ever since the second episode of Gaki No Tsukai, he's appeared as a regular on the show.
Over his 11 years on the show, he's made several memorable clips.
This March, he graduates from Gaki No Tsukai. He'll leave several bright marks on Gaki's history.
Number 5: Yamazaki attempts to be a "Super Yogore" entertainer
After reaching the status of a shock entertainer, Yamazaki looks to improve to "Super Yogore" rank.
Yamazaki and a dresser that we took to a love hotel, bathe and share a moving love story.
- Hmm? Really? You're collecting a lot of water here!
Wow. You're butt's exposed.
- That's dangerous!
- Cum!
- Number 4: Yamazaki and Jimmy Onishi's Feud
- What the hell is wrong with you?!
- While they were both employed by the Yoshimoto talent agency, Yamazaki and Jimmy did nothing but fight.
They wild fighting soon turned into a dogfight. Every time, it got more and more violent.
- This is yours, Yamazaki? - Yeah. - It's nice. - This is nothing to get excited about. - Be quiet.
*Note: This car is really Yamazaki's*
- Why did you kick your own car?!
- Why'd you kick my car? - Don't get all defensive about something like this.
A natural idiot like you deserves crap like this. - You're the "Natural idiot" around here.
*Yamazaki and Jimmy call each other natural idiots*
- What the hell are you doing? - I was about to ask you the same thing, asshole.
Number 3: "Yamazaki flirted with a scary man's girl" prank
- Eh! Say something, asshole.
- Yamazaki finds himself in trouble with the older brother of a girl writer Takasou introduced him to.
This prank will go down in Gaki No Tsukai history.
- It should be fine. - He sounds really scary.
He's here.
Who is it? - Open up.
*Yamazaki tries to escape through the kitchen window*
*Somehow, Takasou opens the door*
I'm the wrong guy. - What the hell?! Which of you is Yamazaki? - Him!
- I'm sorry. So sorry. - What the hell is wrong with you?!
- I'm different. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
*Yamazaki is quaking in fear*
- Sorry. Sorry. - Come on outside. I'll be waiting for you.
- Sorry. - You aren't getting out of it. - Sorry.
- Good afternoo~n!
- I was scared for my life!